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Today is the last day in May of 2020. A lot has happened in our real estate world not to mention each state, our country, and the world. Much of these happenings statewide to worldwide will impact the real estate industry. NAR from my understanding suggests a 10-20% loss of current Realtors in 20...
With all the talk about a "new normal" how to pivot in these turbulent times of uncertainty, those savvy small business owners and yes that means you as a realtor or real estate agent have already returned to their strategic plans. They are researching, analyzing, and making the necessary course ...
Funny things about real estate licenses as well as mortgage broker and NLMS licenses, embracing these licenses have far greater importance than many realize. Here in AZ, our real estate offer to purchase becomes a legal contract upon acceptance. Within this contract are specific requirements for ...
“So what’s it worth?”  How often have we heard this question? Sometimes the backdoor question is “Knowing the market as you do, what do you think the property is worth?  The worth of property many times resides in the eyes of the appraiser or lender. The value of property resides within the eyes ...
Earlier this past week I had a conversation with Anna Banana Kruchten Arizona's Top Banana! We discussed expectations of and frustrations with the real estate industry and real estate agents. By the way if you haven't personally spoken with Anna, it would be worth your while to invest the time to...
Did you know an earth driller requires an average of 704 hours of instruction while a cosmetologist requires an average of a 372 hours? Yet the real estate education requirements with the real estate industry to become licensed real estate agents average only 70 hours with one state only requirin...
Funny thing on the way to the forum, Zoom that is, I learned of the 20 participants on the video call/chat, had either heard, but never read the D.A.N.G.E.R. Report or had never even heard of this real estate industry comprehensive survey published in 2015. I sat back in total, unbelievable amaze...
In a recent webinar one of the moderators made this statement about Realtors who avoid risk by “skimming the cream” These individuals or skimmers look for the easiest sales or listings and potentially ignore risker sales leads even if they are qualified buyers or sellers. The more I pondered this...
Maybe it’s me, yet one of the most consistent and continual communication frustrations is the inability of people to read. Just this morning I sent out an email to our local realtors who participate in a monthly informal learning session entitled “Breakfast Breakout.” The focus of this one hour m...
Driving the other day with the radio playing, I heard this song Another One Bites the Dust by Queen. Many of my fellow colleagues and Realtors are seeing their real estate listings bite the dust due to the COVID situation. Then there are those sales leads or those accepted offers where financing ...

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