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Today is the last day of January 31, 2020. These past 31 days probably flew by fast. You just might find yourself thinking where did the month go? Now is the time for reflection and any course corrections to ensure 2020 is as good if not better than 2019. So what where your goals for this month? ...
Regardless of industry, sales professionals talk with other sales professionals. With Realtors per the Code of Ethics, they cannot name names but they still talk in general terms about the professional Realtors and the not so professional ones. Here are five “You” sales obstacles which maybe limi...
According to one site, the median duration of homeownership in the US is 13.3 years. A lot of home improvements can be made over several years less along a decade or more. Maybe be it is time for a home improvement diary? This could be a simple composition book where the property owner makes diar...
There is an old saying garbage in and garbage out. This is quite true for real estate sales and marketing where there continues to be an overdue reliance, in my humble opinion, on technology. Take for example, our local MLS technology program provides limited information by offering three (3) com...
Once again during a real estate association new member orientation I heard a new Realtor state he was working real estate part time. Funny I had that same part time sales illusion when I first discussed entering this industry. After a very direct conversation with my now broker, Judith Ritter co-...
Mornings for me are my best sales productivity time. With few disturbances I can complete 4 hours or more work in two or less hours. This work ranges from real estate marketing to client communication to sales follow-up. Each morning presents new opportunities regardless of the weather. Though I ...
Possibly you may remember Doris Day singing Que Sera, Sera. This particular song was written especially for the movie The Man Who Knew Too Much. For me, the chorus can be viewed as two sides of the same coin. Que sera, seraWhatever will be, will beThe future’s not ours to seeQue sera, seraWhat wi...
Funny thing about time management you cannot manage it. The reason is simple. Time is a constant. A constant cannot be managed. Yes there are books, articles, trainings, speeches and courses all on something, time management, that can’t be done. And, people pay millions of dollars each year to so...
So you belong to a local Realtor Association. My question is do you have your big toe in it or your entire foot? The reason for this question is I have once again discovered a lot of big toes and very few entire feet. Each year Realtors pay hundreds of dollars to belong to their local Realtor Ass...
Recently I had a sales transaction that was cancelled because the buyers had a loan denial. I immediately let the Listing Agent, Title and my broker know of this unfortunate circumstance. Unfortunately, this was on Christmas Eve. The listing agent finally reached out to me 10 days after being not...

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