increase sales: Removing Sales Obstacles Is a Positive Strategy - 07/11/20 06:09 AM
Many sales professionals understand sales objections. These are reasons justified or not when buyers object to making a purchase. Sometimes these sales objections are really stall decisions which a sales professional can address.  
Two examples of sales objections would be:
The property is in a Homeowner’s Association (HOAs) The property is on septic  
For real estate agents, there are sales objections, but also sales obstacles. By identifying these roadblocks and removing them, the purchase or listing of the house or vacant land can move forward.
Possibly, the best example for buyer’s agents is the pre-qualification letter. In AZ, there is an actual … (2 comments)

increase sales: A Must Attitude if You Wish to Increase Sales - 04/28/20 05:58 AM
Funny thing about sales, sometimes it is the simplest attitudes that increase sales. One must sales attitude I have discovered is “time is of the essence.”
Having 20 plus years in corporate inside sales long before email, texts and yes even faxes, the most important sales attitude was being timely. If you didn’t return calls quickly, you lost the inquiry and usually the sale. With profits back in the 1980’s at a significant low, securing every sale was critical.
Today now some 40 years later, quickly responding to calls still remains an essential sales attitude. Now in my third full time year of … (7 comments)

increase sales: Improve the Sales Relationship with this Fact-Finding Question - 04/09/20 08:42 AM
As Realtors and as sales professionals, we ask important questions to improve the sales relationship to move the sales lead from the initial property inquiry to an accepted offer to hopefully close of escrow. However, there may be one fact finding sales question we may fail to ask. That question is simply:
What is your preferred method of communication?
Not being a text person, I have had numerous clients who prefer texting. I have learned to text them if I have sent them an email to esign document.
Then there are those who wish to be personally called. This has provided another learning moment … (59 comments)

increase sales: Infusing Your Story into Your Sales Conversations - 04/07/20 09:12 AM
So often we fail to utilize the obvious in our sales conversations. If we believe sales is the transference of feelings, then stories build and strengthen the relationship selling bridge between the Realtor and the client.
Now with some free time, why not develop your personal story? Of course, as your have sales conversations, you infuse your story into the communication. This infusion is not the entire story, but rather snippets of your story relative to what is being shared between you and your client.
For example, here is my story which answers the main questions I have received during my numerous real … (2 comments)

increase sales: Time to Look Beyond this Word to Increase Sales - 04/02/20 06:38 AM
Do you want to increase sales? Then this one word should not be in your thoughts or your actions. And that word is complacency.
Complacency is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as “a feeling of calm satisfaction with your own abilities or situation that prevents you from trying harder.”
Historically people tend to retreat to this behavior after their fight or flight response has kicked in. During this retreat, they potentially embrace fear and this only solidifies their complacency.
Now in this time of economic turbulence, high performing salespeople continue to do what they need to do. Trying harder is their “modis operandi.” These folks … (4 comments)

increase sales: Excuses Fail Every Time - 03/31/20 06:34 AM
With the current situation, lots of people are making excuses within the real estate industry. Removing those Realtors, financial institutions, title companies that are not considered necessary business by their state governments, using the excuse of this situation is truly not acceptable.
Funny thing many people look to embrace the latest excuse for not doing what they need to do. No wonder 87% in real estate fail in the first five (5) years. (Source NAR 2014)
We truly don’t need a pandemic to showcase this behavior.
Many of my sales leads are because the sales leads called other realtors who failed to answer the … (3 comments)

increase sales: Monday’s Musings: Do You Have Grace? - 03/30/20 06:15 AM
Have you ever considered having Grace within your real estate business? Grace is typically a word associated with religions. Yet, maybe we are missing key opportunities to increase sales and further strengthen existing relationships especially during trying times.
Sourcing out the origin of the word grace provides us with different languages. Both Latin and Greek define grace differently. One reference source indicated grace is from the Greek word “Charis.” There are numerous sites which define the word “Charis” differently from meaning kindness to gratifying in manner. Latin defines grace from “Grati” to meaning to show favor.
Today grace is defined in the … (15 comments)

increase sales: I Want You to Want Me - 03/27/20 07:56 AM
As I was driving to an inspection (yes we kept our social distance) I was listening to the Cheap Trick song “I want you to want me.” These six words are the essence of all real estate actions. We market to buyers or sellers with the goal for them to want us more than they want another realtor.
Zig Ziglar said “Sales is the transference of feelings.” Having potential clients want you is a feeling.
The question in front of you as you look to increase sales is:
“Are you actions pulling clients closer to you or
pushing you to them?"
Imagine for a … (6 comments)

increase sales: 6 Proven Steps to Increase Real Estate Sales – Step 6 Keeping - 02/03/20 06:36 AM
With the 97.7% of U.S. businesses having fewer than 20 employees, salespeople are now also responsible for keeping customers. These small firms including real estate do not have the financial wherewithal to maintain dedicated customer service departments. Salespeople are customer service people because research continues to show the cost of keeping a client is far less than acquiring a new one.
Additionally within this sixth step, there is an incredible opportunity to increase sales. After the sale is delivered and the real estate salesperson verifies all went well, he or she can return at a later date and ask for three referrals. … (4 comments)

increase sales: 6 Proven Steps to Increase Real Estate Sales – Step 5 Selling - 02/03/20 06:35 AM
Selling only happens after you are speaking with a potential ideal customer. If the marketing has been executed well, you should be speaking with a qualified ideal customer.
What happens as other noted sales experts have written salespeople in their desire to increase sales waste a lot of time with tire-kickers, sales leads without decision making authority or who lack allocated budgets. (Think qualified sales leads)
In real estate, the pre-qualification from is a great tool to discover the actual buying budget. The AZ real estate offer/contract requires the AZ Pre-Qual form with submission if a loan is involved.
Ideal customers are those … (5 comments)

increase sales: 6 Proven Steps to Increase Real Estate Sales – Step Three Execute - 02/03/20 05:53 AM
The assessments have been completed. Clarity is now reality. This third step is strategic execution. Research suggests the super majority of strategy execution fails. (2015 article by Candido and Santos in the Journal of Management & Organization). Many of the reasons for failure of strategic execution return to no or poor assessments to ongoing lack of clarity.
Ram Charan and Larry Bossidy in Execution succinctly summed up the essence of execution by these words:
“Execution is a specific set of behaviors and techniques that companies need to master in order to have competitive advantage. It’s a discipline of its own.”
Successful strategic execution comes … (8 comments)

increase sales: Weekend Wisdom – Remove the “You” Sales Obstacle - 01/25/20 09:39 AM
Regardless of industry, sales professionals talk with other sales professionals. With Realtors per the Code of Ethics, they cannot name names but they still talk in general terms about the professional Realtors and the not so professional ones.
Here are five “You” sales obstacles which maybe limiting your sales referrals or deals.
#1 – Ignoring the Code of Ethics: This is a major obstacle as to why you are not receiving sales referrals from other Realtors. Remember people buy or refer from people they know and trust. Unethical behavior fails to build trust. This also applies property deals. As a Realtor, one wants … (16 comments)

increase sales: Want to Increase Sales? Got Processes? - 01/03/20 08:03 AM
Amazing how many salespeople including realtors engage in "spray and pray" marketing and selling. They spray their actions all over the place and then pray something sticks. I have observed these marketing and selling behaviors for over 30 plus years. These folks do not believe in having any processes.
The online Cambridge English Dictionary defines process as “a series of actions that you take in order to achieve a result.” The more consistent you are in these actions provided the actions deliver the desired results the greater your success. Nowhere is this more evident than in the goal to increase sales.
For the … (4 comments)

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