mohave county az: Motivational Monday – Excellence - 05/13/24 05:39 AM
Sometimes the quote from one individual will create a cascade of thoughts such as this one by Brooker T. Washington:
“Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”
For some reading this quote, they may think of quality control or continuous improvement process In the efforts to improve a routine common action.  Others may ponder by wondering what common actions can be improved in an uncommon way, a unique way.
At the end of the day, Washington’s statement is about both creative problem solving and differentiation.
“Life’s like a play: it’s not the length but the excellence of acting that matters.”
Lucius … (8 comments)

mohave county az: Hiring a Vacant Land Listing Agent Who Protects and Promotes Part 3 - 05/11/24 08:11 AM
Accuracy in listing any real estate property, especially vacant land, is essential not only to promoting the seller, but protecting the seller as well as the general public.  For example, parcel numbers should be accurate and if two or more parcels are being sold together all parcel numbers should be listed.
Then there are the driving directions. I could write volumes about all the bad, inaccurate driving directions I have read from wrong north, south, east and west directions to presuming roads actually go to the property. Reading directions is usually the first clue the real estate agent has never been to … (5 comments)

mohave county az: Deed Fraud Can Happen to You! - 05/07/24 01:08 PM
Deed fraud can happen to you as the rightful owner of real estate property and you may not even know the fraud happened until it is too late. Unfortunately, there are no national statistics on deed fraud or what is also known as title theft.  However, the FBI’s 2023 Internet Crime report tracked 9,521 complaints of cyber related real estate and rental fraud with losses exceeding more than $145 million. (Source New York Post) 
Per an October 2023 survey conducted by CertifID, 54% of real estate professionals reported having experienced at least one seller impersonation fraud attempt within the last six months. … (21 comments)

mohave county az: Selling Real Estate Is Not the Years, It’s the Mileage, No It’s Both - 05/05/24 07:26 AM
In one of the Indiana Jones adventure movies, Indy made this rebuttal remark to Marion (Karen Allen), “It’s not the years, honey. It’s the mileage.”
This is only part of the truth about selling real estate because both the years and the mileage count when working with a professional real estate agent or REALTOR®.
Years do count because no real estate transaction is the same.  Yes, some real estate offers and purchasers are easier than others, however most will have at least one glitch as the transaction moves through escrow until the final close of escrow day.  
Then, as in any industry, there … (13 comments)

mohave county az: What Real Estate Agents Bring Behind the Curtain - Part One - 04/29/24 11:21 AM
Sellers and buyers often ask this valid question:
What do you do for the money (think fees) you earn?
Unfortunately. due to home improvement television shows, web sites, social media and broadcast media, what professional real estate agents and REALTORS™ actually do is rarely detailed outside of showing the home or that piece of vacant land.  There is so much more behind the curtain so to speak.
Hiring a Professional REALTOR® or real estate agent brings to that hidden selling or buying table behind the curtain added value through actions that support the selling or buying of the property.  A real estate agent or … (10 comments)

mohave county az: A Funny Thing Happened on a Rural Dirt Road - 04/09/24 06:52 AM
Imagine my surprise and out loud laugh when I saw this sign posted on a rural dirt road.  Golden Valley, AZ for the most part is zoned "Agricultural and Residential."  What this means is livestock is allowed.
Over a year ago I spoke with a potential rural property buyer who really loved a home  located on over an acre on a rural dirt road and in an area zoned agricultural and residential. The buyer after touring the home told me “I don’t want any horses near me.”
Again, I informed the buyer Golden Valley, AZ as well as much of Mohave County, AZ … (4 comments)

mohave county az: Will You Be There? A Revealing Question - 04/05/24 02:02 PM
Imagine my surprise when a potential residential home buyer asked me this question relative to the showing or the tour of a local residential property here in Mohave County, AZ:
"Will you be there?"
My response was:
“Yes at Dirt Road Real Estate we are physically at all residential showings and often at vacant land showings as well."
I then made this statement and ask this follow-up question.
“Your question took me by surprise. May I ask what prompted this question?”
The potential buyer said he has called real estate agents in the past (not in Mohave County, AZ) and requested showings.  What often happened was … (5 comments)

mohave county az: Being Sweet Is Part of Being a Professional Real Estate Agent - 03/14/24 06:58 AM
Yesterday when walking a 40 acre parcel with a buyer, we exchanged numerous laughs as we looked for the ribbon markers at the property corners.  Unfortunately, we only found one, but it was sooo tiny we would have missed it. We both laughed together wondering if the listing agent could have made the ribbon any smaller. Being able to laugh with a client and have that laughter acceptable is very gratifying.
The word sweet has synonyms which include pleasant, pleasing, agreeable, delightful satisfying, gratifying, acceptable, entertaining, and inviting.
Thinking of past experiences many of these words have always been present.
My goal as a … (8 comments)

mohave county az: Not All Sunsets or Real Estate Agents Are the Same - 03/08/24 07:57 AM
Here in Golden Valley, the sunsets over the Black Mountains change on a daily basis. Some evenings the sky is filled with bright orange and yellow colors while other evenings just blue to gray.  The lack of sameness is also prevalent among real estate agents or REALTORS®. NOTE: Not all licensed real estate agents are REALTORS®, but all REALTORS® are licensed real estate agents.
After being a licensed real estate professional for eight years and a salesperson for over five (5) decades, I once again realize the significant and rather obvious differences between real estate agents or REALTORS®. Living here in the … (10 comments)

mohave county az: Who Do You Love in What You Do - 03/03/24 07:38 AM
In any business, the customers or clients differ.  This difference is called demographics.  In real estate there are a plethora of “WHO's.” There are real estate certifications and designations that address the specific "WHO" do real estate agents love.
For example, retiring or relocating military personnel are one “WHO.” I have a Military Relocation Specialist (MRS) designation because here in Golden Valley, AZ we have a very large population of retired military personnel as well as veterans. Many of these veterans including my husband served during the Vietnam conflict. (Officially, the military effort in Vietnam was never declared a war.)
With many individuals … (2 comments)

mohave county az: Knowing This Distinction May Be of Help - 03/02/24 07:07 AM
A recent article in Inman (a real estate industry website) made this statement:
“Real estate agents are bound by their professional ethics..”
The article had a link to another article which referenced the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Code of Ethics.
This statement “real estate agents bound by their professional ethics” is in error because not all real estate agents are REALTORS®. Only those who belong to the NAR are mandated to uphold this Code of Ethics.
When real estate agents join the NAR and often this means the state real estate associations as well as many of the multiple service organizations, these new REALTORS® … (8 comments)

mohave county az: Dreams Continue to Change and Evolve - 02/29/24 07:16 AM
This month's Active Rain Challenge by Wanda Kubat-Nerdin - Wanda Can!  was to share one's dreams, one's vision of the future via a Dream Board or Vision Board.
What I now to be true after all these years on this year,  when one is much closer to the end of life’s path, dreams continue change and evolve.
My first dream and vision is to have my incredible husband with me for as long as possible. We have just shared 33 years of married life without one loud, very vocal fight. Of course, we have had our differences but those differences were discussed … (12 comments)

mohave county az: Where Do You Do What You Love to Do? - 02/28/24 10:34 AM
Licensed by each state, real estate agents can practice their craft in any area of the state. However, for REALTORS® this would violate Article 11 of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice.  In Article 11, the following is written:
“REALTORS® shall not undertake to provide specialized professional services concerning a type of property or service that is outside their field of competence unless they engage the assistance of one who is competent on such types of property or service or unless the facts are fully disclosed to the client.”
My area of competence is “I love selling dirt” in Mohave County, … (7 comments)

mohave county az: Motivational Monday – It’s Just Another Day - 02/26/24 06:46 AM
How often do we think of Monday or any day as “It’s Just Another Day?” Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney wrote these lyrics, Another Day, which Paul sang.
The meaning of this song by the songwriters is about the drudgery and sadness of a single women’s life.
Yet these four words, “It’s Just Another Day,”  are relevant to most of us because that day could be Monday or any other day of the week. How we approach just another day is 100% in our control.
"When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all days."
Ella Woodward
"Creativity is a  highfalutin word for … (7 comments)

mohave county az: The Six Words that Are Music to My Ears - 02/22/24 05:11 AM
In sales and especially in real estate, the goal is to have the potential clients aka as sales leads to pull you to them. Using the often-witnessed push sales behaviors does not really work very well. Hence, the often heard comment "He was a pushy salesman" or "She was a pushy salesperson."
Yesterday, I scheduled a tour of five vacant land parcels here in Golden Valley, AZ with a potential cash buyer client. Until I actually invest some time with a potential client, I do not know if I want the individual as a client.  Not all individuals who want to list … (2 comments)

mohave county az: The Standard of Practice or Lack Thereof Surfaces Again - 02/21/24 05:45 AM
Another real estate copycat suit emerged with this comment in the filing:
The complaint alleges that “most” buyer agents will steer clients away from listings that offer a lower commission.
My brain thought “really, most agent will?”  Did those who filed the complaint actually survey real estate agents? My sense is this is an assumption about human nature. And we all know about what happens with assumptions.
In my now eight years in selling real estate as well as listing mostly vacant land (Remember, I love to sell dirt), I know of a few real estate agents who may look first at the cooperating … (0 comments)

mohave county az: Motivational Monday – Brand New Day - 02/19/24 02:11 PM
Monday is a new day for a new week. Some of us may embrace this day with enthusiasm, others with not so much enthusiasm and some just glad the weekend guests have left.
There is a song by Asoredee that is truly motivational. Maybe this is how we should approach each new day?
Wake up it's a brand new day
Make a brand new way
It's a really nice morning
Don't stress chase the pain away
Hear the little birds say it's a really nice morning
This the day that everything change
And u never gon say I hate it in the morning
Wake up it's a brand new day … (11 comments)

mohave county az: Do You Really Love What You Do? - 02/16/24 06:23 AM
When I read this quote by Katherine Graham,
"To love what you do and feel that it matters – how could anything be more fun?,"
once again reaffirmed what I tell potential clients to clients to even colleagues,
I Love Selling Dirt!
Sure, here in Mohave County, AZ and surrounding communities such as Golden Valley, Yucca, Chloride, White Hills dirt is usually much less expensive than selling homes.  Going the extra mile, I am not looking to make six figures.  And if I did, my husband who is a Vietnam Veteran would be quite upset with me as he doesn’t want to pay the … (10 comments)

mohave county az: Often A 10 Gallon Hat Is Not Large Enough for a Real Estate Agent - 02/15/24 06:05 AM
Real estate agents and REALTORS® wear different hats. For me being located here in the high desert of Mohave County, AZ, the image of a 10 gallon hat came to mind.
Not only is that hat very large, the hat becomes heavier as the relationship between myself and the clients continues to grow. Then when an offer is accepted, more items are added to the hat and soon it is so heavy I feel it may crush me with its weight.
Here are some of the items though not necessarily all:
Completing real estate purchase contract and all necessary addenda from septic to … (12 comments)

mohave county az: To Disclose or Not to Disclose That Is the Question - 02/13/24 06:21 AM
When selling a home, many states require real estate property disclosure. This requirement usually happens because of lawsuits where the sellers failed to disclose known property defects or what are also identified as known material facts.
In AZ, the AZ Association of REALTORS® has a copyrighted, eight page disclosure document that has been approved by lawyers. This document, Seller's Property Disclosure Statement (for homes) or Vacant Land Seller's Property Disclosure Statement   is alignment with current state statues as well as outcomes from past lawsuits.
Years ago, I had the opportunity to list a manufactured home. This residential listing opportunity was a referral from … (11 comments)