real estate sales: Are You a Big Toe or Entire Foot Member? - 01/04/20 02:56 PM
So you belong to a local Realtor Association. My question is do you have your big toe in it or your entire foot?
The reason for this question is I have once again discovered a lot of big toes and very few entire feet.
Each year Realtors pay hundreds of dollars to belong to their local Realtor Associations. Yet their participation is dismal except for possibly 20% who do 80% of the work. (Pareto Principle).
This leaves this old Swedish brain rather befuddled. Why would anyone pay hundreds of dollars and not:
Be active in the association? Read the weekly communications? Attend free events … (23 comments)

real estate sales: Be the ACE of Real Estate Sales - 12/28/19 06:37 AM
Over the radio, I heard the classic “Snoopy’s Christmas and the Red Baron." Suddenly visions of the two ACE pilots zooming in and out of the clouds filled my head.
What does it take to be an ACE? For me, I believe an ACE in any role especially for Realtors takes these actions:
A = Assess
C= Clarify
E = Execute
Assess – Not only must you assess your market place, current real estate trends such as millennials, you must also assess the previous years (note I wrote years) as well as your own talents. For example, how consistent are you in achieving personal goals? If … (3 comments)

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