vacant land: Hiring a Vacant Land Listing Agent Who Protects and Promotes Part 7 - 05/17/24 06:14 AM
Professional is the umbrella that covers all aspects of any role.  In real estate, one can have signage, know and share the directions, be accurate in the information, be local, undertake due diligence, show competency and still not demonstrate professionalism.  So what does it mean to be a professional when looking at actual behaviors?
I defined being a professional as one who:
Combines and applies experience with ongoing learning Committed to delivering outstanding customer service beginning promptly answering the phone  Exemplifies and applies emotional intelligence Behaves with the highest integrity and respect Demonstrates appropriate humor Builds trust  Displays a positive attitude … (6 comments)

vacant land: Hiring a Vacant Land Listing Agent Who Protects and Promotes Part 6 - 05/16/24 06:55 AM
Hiring a vacant land specialist is a major undertaking. The reasons for this have been discussed in previous parts and all intersect with "protect and promote" through this one word – Competency
Part 1 - Does the agent physically place signs on the property?
Part 2 – Does the agent physically visit the property and take “on the ground” actual photos of the property?
Part 3 – How accurate is the information in the MLS that feeds to other real estate websites?
Part 4 – Is the real estate local meaning lives in or nearby the vacant land parcel and surrounding areas?
Part 5 – What … (5 comments)

vacant land: Hiring a Vacant Land Listing Agent Who Protects and Promotes Part 5 - 05/14/24 07:02 AM
Yesterday and today I am in class taking the class for real estate Seller Representative Specialist (SRS) designation.  What is interesting is that this class covers what a listing agent should do before actually listing a property.  The curriculum titles this area as research.  I call it due diligence.
The online Cambridge Dictionary defines due diligence as “action that is considered reasonable for people to be expected to take in order to keep themselves or others and their property safe.”  From online The Economic Times has a somewhat different definition that being “the process of examining al the material facts of a … (5 comments)

vacant land: Hiring a Vacant Land Listing Agent Who Protects and Promotes Part 4 - 05/12/24 07:38 AM
Years ago there was an ad in print and on television for the Yellow Pages with these words “Let your fingers do the walking.” These words are probably not a good strategy when hiring a vacant land listing agent.
Licensed real estate agents may work any place in the state in which they are licensed. Some agents carry real estate licenses in multiple states.  Often for residential properties within the city limits, this may not be as detrimental to the seller; however, with rural vacant land a non-local agent can be very detrimental.
A potential seller who is considering hiring a vacant land … (2 comments)

vacant land: Deed Fraud Can Happen to You! - 05/07/24 01:08 PM
Deed fraud can happen to you as the rightful owner of real estate property and you may not even know the fraud happened until it is too late. Unfortunately, there are no national statistics on deed fraud or what is also known as title theft.  However, the FBI’s 2023 Internet Crime report tracked 9,521 complaints of cyber related real estate and rental fraud with losses exceeding more than $145 million. (Source New York Post) 
Per an October 2023 survey conducted by CertifID, 54% of real estate professionals reported having experienced at least one seller impersonation fraud attempt within the last six months. … (21 comments)

vacant land: Drove through Dust, Dirt, Running Washes, All In a Day’s Work - 05/05/24 08:42 AM
This past week I drove through dust, dirt, running washes and climbed questionable roads all in the search of real estate for my clients.  My 2020 4x4 Ford Ranger added another 500 plus miles in 5 days. 
Selling real estate either as a listing agent or a buyer’s agent or sometimes both is different here in the high desert of Mohave County, AZ. There are so many common features that are not so common in the cities and suburbs.
Take for example a shared well agreement?  Then how about water haul or wind power? Add in legal fences, open range (cattle have rights), … (8 comments)

vacant land: In NW AZ Why A.S.K. for Leanne Smith as Your REALTOR® - 05/04/24 08:27 AM
In NW AZ, real estate agents are currently as plentiful as the blooming poppy fields here in Golden Valley, Mohave County, AZ. Finding a true licensed professional real estate agent or REALTOR® is often like “pulling hen’s teeth.”
Yet. there are still a few professional real estate agents who understand rural property be it a residential home either stick built (site built) or manufactured home along with vacant land (think dirt).  I will share why to A.S.K. for Leanne Smith the Grit and Gratitude Agent.
Selling real estate requires “Attitudes.”  Zig Ziglar stated “Attitudes are habits of thought.” I would revise Zig’s definition … (7 comments)

vacant land: Motivational Monday – Be Responsive - 04/08/24 01:14 PM
Years ago, I read some research conducted by Pitney Bowes about response time respective to making initial contact with sale leads.  Those who responded quickly within 5 minutes secured a greater likelihood of converting those sales leads to  customers. Further more as the minutes clicked by or grains of sand dropped sales success diminished at a rapid rate.
The reason I share this is because a potentially new client told me yesterday she called a real estate agent recommended by a local lender (not me) and left a voice mail. This potential client called back a few days later and left another … (2 comments)

vacant land: Shotgun Rider for Real Estate Agents’ Safety - 04/06/24 08:23 AM
Remember the old westerns with the shotgun rider sitting next to the stagecoach driver?  His presence was to protect the stagecoach passengers as well as valuables from robbers.
Today, real estate agents also require protection from nefarious individuals. What this protection looks like depends on one’s market.
Here in the high desert of Mohave County, AZ if I have not met someone be that person male or female in a public place, I take along my own shotgun rider aka as my husband as my safety tip, my insurance.  He truly doesn’t mind accompanying me as he is retired and former military (US … (7 comments)

vacant land: Specific Property Directions Avoid Dangerous Situations - 04/02/24 09:41 AM
Yesterday, I had to show some last minute, unscheduled vacant land rural property. Here is what the direction said about this very large subdivision, a former ranch, east of Kingman, AZ just to the west of the Yavapai County Line. In this subdivision the parcels are zone 35+ acres.
“Travel for a little ways”
Imagine you are a consumer looking for this property and read “travel a little ways.”  What does "travel a little ways" actual mean?
Additionally, the directions failed to note the two forks in the cited road directions along with another turn and no street signs.  Finally, the directions should have … (5 comments)

vacant land: Going Beyond the Top Two Reasons to Buy A Home - 03/07/24 08:57 AM
For many moving to NW AZ, Mohave County especially Golden Valley there are 5 other major reasons for buying a home:
Building wealth because owning a home and even vacant land is an investment Hankering to have elbow room and not see into your neighbor’s bedroom window Needing to have less government restrictions and policies Desiring warmer weather and without all that white stuff aka snow Having lower taxes allowing limited incomes (usually retirement) to go farther For Veterans being around other military retirees and veterans especially Vietnam Veterans Moving to NW AZ is becoming more and more popular for citizens … (5 comments)

vacant land: Sellers and Buyers Do not Confuse Reputation with Brand - 02/23/24 04:58 AM
Seth Godin provides this definition of brand that being:
“A set of expectations, memories, stories, and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.”
I agree yet there is something else that needs to be addressed.
Vacant land or home sellers along with real estate home buyers may select a franchise real estate brokerage because of the marketing of its expectations, memories, stories, etc., but that does not necessarily equate to the real estate agent's reputation within that or any brokerage.
People buy from people they know and trust.
The “brand” that being “REALTOR® … (8 comments)

vacant land: The Six Words that Are Music to My Ears - 02/22/24 05:11 AM
In sales and especially in real estate, the goal is to have the potential clients aka as sales leads to pull you to them. Using the often-witnessed push sales behaviors does not really work very well. Hence, the often heard comment "He was a pushy salesman" or "She was a pushy salesperson."
Yesterday, I scheduled a tour of five vacant land parcels here in Golden Valley, AZ with a potential cash buyer client. Until I actually invest some time with a potential client, I do not know if I want the individual as a client.  Not all individuals who want to list … (2 comments)

vacant land: Time and Knowledge Equal Worth Equal Fees - 02/06/24 05:09 AM
Yesterday I received an award from the AZ Association of REALTORS®. This award is given annually to those REALTORS® who achieve 36 hours of continuing education each year. Since the inception of this award, I have earned it every year.
Yes, attending continuing education classes are an investment of time and dollars.
Yes there is knowledge given.
What some fail to realize the amount of worth within those classes.  The worth is not just knowledge, but also connecting with other agents throughout the state.
From that worth, a real estate agent realizes the value of that worth respective to the fees they charge and/or receive.
Let … (4 comments)

vacant land: Buying Dirt in Mohave County AZ? What to Know for Out of State Buyers - 01/18/24 04:55 AM
Mohave County AZ offers thousands of acres of vacant land as it is the fifth largest county in the Country. (Fact #1). However much of this acreage is either mountainous or in some cases land lock without any legal access.
Then there are other issues facing buyers especially out of state buyers such as county codes, CCRs (covenants,conditions and restrictions), flood plains, zoning and well depth, etc. If crime is a concern, then calling the Mohave County Sheriff's Office is the next action. Given recent changes by the FBI how crimes are reported, this often skews the crime numbers against a rural … (4 comments)

vacant land: Four Reasons Why Quality of MLS Listings Are Essential- Part 4 - 01/05/24 08:08 AM
One of the often ignored areas within MLS listings is utility information. This is very important for potential buyers who may not be familiar with the areas. For example, in some areas within the city limits of Kingman, AZ, city water is available, but the properties are on septic. Additionally, just because a property has a city address, doesn’t mean the property is within the actual city limits.
Even though real estate agents are licensed throughout the state, often agents will step outside their field of competency specific to local utilities and fail to provide quality information on the MLS. I recently … (6 comments)