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Before you “help” a prospect or client enter into a contract to participate in a 1031 Exchange, be certain both of you understand what you are about to do. Taxpayers use Internal Revenue Code (IRC) §1031 tax deferred exchanges to defer paying capital gain taxes. Frequently, a taxpayer may consid...
A Missouri court became the second court to enter an injunction against Ryan Swanberg (“Caller”) and ordered him to pay approximately $20,000 in damages and attorney fees. The Caller had threatened real estate brokerages across the country with litigation last fall for allegedly not complying wit...
A California court has considered the appropriate level of damages that a buyer could recover after he was misled by broker. In July 2001, John Warren (“Buyer”) became interested in purchasing a property listed for sale by real estate broker Hildegard Merrill (“Broker”). However, the Buyer had a...
Tennessee has enacted a law which bars a real estate licensee from “giv[ing] or pay[ing] rebates, cash gifts or cash prizes in conjunction with any real estate transaction.” The law also gave the state’s real estate commission the power to regulate this practice by licensees. The new law followe...
 Over the next couple of decades, we are all going to see a lot of seniors coming into the real estate market for assistance, some involuntarily or very reluctant. Sometimes they will seem kindly and easy to get along with while providing the assistance. Other times, they will seem knarly, irasci...

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