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Some agents think it’s the other guy who gets caught. According to an editorial in Real Law Central,District of Columbia Broker Owner Richard Jenkins became aware of  a property whose owner had Alzheimer’s disease and that would need to be sold in order to pay for the owner’s extended care requi...
)   In case you want or need a score card, the 80+ list of lenders that have closed, been sold or otherwise gone under:  ***************************** Correction!  In the Wall Street Journal's Sub-prime Scorecard below, it shows a NetBank Funding Services entry, announcement dated 5/21/07, with N...
I hope I don’t step on too many toes with this topic, but I say yes!  Too many new and experienced Realtors are clueless about pre-qualifying, assessing whether or not their buyer (client?) is being offered the best range of products; have no idea when or how to pinpoint that the loan is going d...
Did you know that more than 50,000,000 people have Capital One Credit cards? I have two of them. After many years of refusing to disclose, Capital One has now agreed to report borrower balances and limits. So what’s the big deal? For some people, it could mean the difference between having a 6.59...
On the last two days of July fundings did not occur. One of my favorite lenders, a competitor of AHM, sent me the above headline this morning. It certainly got my attention and no, thank goodness, I don’t have any deals dependent on AHM for a mortgage. On July 31, shares in American Home Mortgag...
Looking at events yesterday and over the last decade, we have seen some very devastating events from a major bridge collapse to hurricanes to cities hiding in fear of being shot. I remember very well a few years ago in the fall of 2002, when we were going through the DC Area Sniper shootings. Du...

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