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If you are a “farmer”, do you get annoyed when an outsider lists a home in a subdivision or area you would like to consider your turf? You’ve been sending out CMA’s and area sales data for months and then, they go and list their home with someone you know is considered the village idiot by peers...
I have been told by many folks on this blog - "I never pay for leads!" So this post is not for you.If you happen to be part of the minority who invests in alternative Internet and web site strategies as an additional way of generating leads, please be aware that one of the providers just went und...
I asked this question a little over a year ago and, to my dismay, too few agents. I continue to marvel at the ever evolving technology that allows us to see just about everything in and around the property, but which cannot replace the feel, smell and ambiance that you take in when you physically...
I have a new agent who’s not afraid of anything! She started working with a buyer just one day after receiving her license and, is now getting ready to sit down with a builder’s representative and prepare an offer for purchase. I have offered to be there with her, but she insists she will learn m...
Our good friends at the IRS are wanting people to know that there are some new guidelines that may help offset any additional tax due as a result of a short sale of foreclosure. Technically, any amount of debt forgiven should result in a 1099 being issued at the end of the year. This happens most...
Thanks to a less than optimal listing agent, two Michigan sellers, David & Susan Henning now have $28,126 less in their savings account. According to today’s issue of RealLawCentral, the buyer toured the property with the listing agent. During the tour they discussed the condition of various par...
Recently, one of my newer agents was told by her buyer that he really wanted to get a good deal through a housing auction. She had no experience and asked for guidance. Auctions can be a good thing, but a buyer can also end up paying more than he might otherwise. In our area, most auctions happen...
They just keep coming! With Internet access most buyer and sellers can findjust about anything they want about the housing market. With HomeGain andZillow, they can do their own CMA's, with most agent web sites, they canliterally find every property that is on the market in a given area. Thereare...

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