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HOME INSPECTOR USA sets the standard for HOME INSPECTOR, and MOLD INSPECTOR in the Leesburg, Lady Lake, Mount Dora, Ocala, Gainesville, Newberry & The Villages. We are distinguished by our background in Engineering, Chemistry/Biology and Residential & Commercial construction and by our extensive theoretical experience with intricacies of structural & environmental issues. We are the Lady Lake Home & Mold Inspector. Home Inspector The Villages, The Villages home inspections, The Villages Florida, Realtor The Villages, Mold inspector The Villages, Ocala home inspector, home inspections Ocala, Gainesville home inspector, Gainesville Mold Inspector, 4 Point Insurance Inspections, wind mitigation, Mold Inspections, mold testing, home inspector, home inspections, Newberry home inspections, Newberry, Sumter County, Lake County, Marion County, Alachua County, Home Inspections, Mold Inspections, home inspections Gainesville, micanopy



         HOME INSPECTOR USA has earned the continued loyalty of many praised business and numerous residential and commercial clients who rely on us to meet their needs, and trust in our tradition of delivering complete, accurate, and reliable results. Allow us to earn your trust and business as ...
How do I know if MOLD is growing in my home? Should I get the MOLD tested to find out what kind it is? If you can smell a musty odor or see mold, you have a mold problem. Reliable sampling for mold can be expensive since it requires special equipment and training. Testing is not generally recomme...
         The word foundation is a timeless metaphor of strength and security, and people quite naturally have genuine concerns about the foundations on which their homes rest. For this reason, people need to be educated about foundations in general and specific types in particular, and I include ...
In a world where litigation is the preferred method of resolving even the most minor conflicts, it should come as no surprise to real estate agents that they are increasingly finding themselves named as defendants in law suits wherein purchasers of residential real estate are claiming damages as ...
HOME INSPECTOR USA What does a comprehensive visual Home Inspection cover?  The visual Home Inspection and report will cover components and areas to include the following: exterior, foundation, garage, water heater, kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, roof, chimney, electrical, living areas, laundry, s...
Buying a Home?  Why you need a visual Comprehensive Home Inspection? The inspection is a visual analysis to detect major defects and deficiencies associated with the property on the time and day of the inspection. The process can be stressful. A Comprehensive visual Home Inspection is supposed to...
Specializing: Single and Multi-family Home Inspections Commercial, and Light Industrial Property Inspections New Residential & Commercial Construction Condominium Inspections Engineering Assessment & Site (lot) Evaluation Residential Construction Management 4-Point Insurance Home Inspections Cons...
Water may be essential to life, but as a destructive force, water can diminish the value of your home or building. Homes, as well as Commercial buildings, can suffer water damage that results in increased maintenance costs, a decrease in the value of the property, lowered productivity and potenti...

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