home inspector newberry: MOLD INSPECTIONS & MOLD ASSESSMENT (GAINESVILLE, FL) - 09/02/16 01:53 AM
Mold Inspections in (Gainesville):  Gainesville, Newbery, Micanopy, Lake City, Wildwood, Ocala, The Villages, Lady Lake, Leesburg, High Spring, Archer, Florida visit HOME INSPECTOR USA. We are licensed Home Inspector and licensed Mold Assessor in Gainesville, Florida. Home Inspector USA services the following comunities: Haile Plantation, Cambridge Forrest, Oakmont, Gainesville Country Club, The Villages, among others close by.  For more information CLICK HERE.
We are a local "INDEPENDENT" professional Home Inspection, Mold Inspection and Commercial Inspection company working "ONLY" for your best interest. We do "NOT" participate in any Real Estate Company Vendor's Program List" nor do we have … (0 comments)

home inspector newberry: Attic Insulation (Gainesville Home Inspector) - 10/24/14 03:13 AM
According to the EnergyStar™ Program, heating and cooling costs can be slashed by up to 20% per year by properly sealing and insulating the home. Insulating the attic should be a top priority for preventing heat loss because as heat rises, a critical amount of heat loss from the living areas of the home occurs through an unfinished attic.  During the summer months, heat trapped in the attic can reduce a home’s ability to keep cool, forcing occupants to further tax the home's cooling system.
The aim should be to insulate the living space of the house while allowing the roof to remain the same temperature as … (0 comments)

home inspector newberry: Bed Bugs: "House Herpes" / Gainesville FL. - 09/27/14 01:24 AM
Bed bugs are small, flightless, rust-colored parasites that feed on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded animals. Inspectors should learn the telltale signs of these pests and be capable of providing information to their clients.  Bed bugs were diminished to an historical footnote after their near-eradication in the 1950s, but they are re-emerging in a big way. At the EPAs National Bed Bug Summit in 2009, researchers decided that the parasites revival is more appropriately termed a pandemic rather than an epidemic, noting its rapid spread across large regions and different continents. For those afflicted by the bug, humiliated and defeated … (5 comments)

home inspector newberry: HOME INSPECTION SERVICES (Gainesville Florida) - 04/24/14 10:42 PM
          *   John M. Acaron/Certified Master Inspector & Retired Engineer (BSME &  TDME)
          *   Former Residential Contractor (Large scale Homes)
          *   State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector: #HI-80
          *   State of Florida Mold Assesor: #MRSA-1895
          *   Free Mold Screening with any CHI
          *   Free 90 days Limited Home Warranty with any CHI
          *   Free Recall Check Service with any CHI
          *   Free "Home Safe Book" downloaded from our website
          *   Free " Now That You've Had a Home Inspection" Book
          *   Free Consulting for … (0 comments)

home inspector newberry: NEED A HOME INSPECTION? NEED A MOLD TESTING? Gainesville Fl - 04/03/14 12:11 AM
HOME INSPECTOR USA (John. M. Acaron) is a State of Florida Licensed Home Inspector, Licensed Mold Inspector/Assessor, former Contractor, Engineer and the "ONLY" Certified Master Inspector (CMI) in the Gainesville Florida area. 
What separates HOME INSPECTOR USA from the competition? 
HOME INSPECTOR USA has the "ONLY" Certified Master Inspector (CMI) in our area who has examined over thousands of properties (residential & commercial) for prospective buyers and sellers. John M. Acaron (Lead Home Inspector) retired Engineer (BSME &TDME) and former Residential Contractor. State Licensed Home Inspector: #HI 80 State Licensed Mold Assessor (Mold Inspector) : #MRSA1895 John M. Acaron is "TOTALLY UNBIASED" … (0 comments)

home inspector newberry: Moisture Intrusion (Gainesville Fl) - 01/25/14 11:56 PM
Moisture intrusion can be the cause of building defects, as well as health ailments for the building's occupants. Inspectors should have at least a basic understanding of how moisture may enter a building, and where problem areas commonly occur.  
 Some common moisture-related problems include: structural wood decay;  high indoor humidity and resulting condensation; expansive soil, which may crack the foundation through changes in volume, or softened soil, which may lose its ability to support an overlying structure; undermined foundations; metal corrosion; ice dams; and mold growth.  Mold can only grow in the presence of high levels of moisture. People who suffer … (0 comments)

home inspector newberry: HOME INSPECTIONS (Gainesville, Alachua, Florida) - 01/24/14 01:59 AM
Had to do a re-inspection yesterday. Buyers hired a cheap inspector in town to perform their Home Inspection. When the appraiser came to the house noticed cracks on the tiled flooring. Guess what?? Bank said: Need to hire a professional to perform an assessment on the tiled flooring. Who did they call? HOMEINSPECTORUSA. Guess what? Structural cracks were found running from North to South on the concrete tiled flooring/foundation. (Fracture). Just finished the report (done deal). Who to blame?? Clients paid twice and double the cost of the home inspection to me. Lesson learned; hiring a cheap, clueless, inefficient home inspector … (0 comments)

home inspector newberry: Lighting Quality (Gainesville Fl / Home Inspection) - 01/18/14 11:28 PM
Color RenderingIndex (CRI) Efforts to enhance home energy efficiency have spurred a growth in a variety of alternative lighting sources that use less energy than conventional incandescent bulbs. With this improvement comes a greater variety of light quality, although this latter property has become obscured amidst the excitement generated by energy savings. How well do these new, “green” lighting sources actually render color to the human eye? They can illuminate a room at a lower cost, but is it necessary to forfeit the ability to tell whether your clothes match just to save money and energy? Many consumers and inspectors should … (0 comments)

home inspector newberry: Don't Lower The Price, Raise It and Sell Faster - 01/14/14 07:14 AM
Absolutelly! The same goes for Home Inspections. You get what you pay for. For more information relative to home inspections in the Gainesville metro area visit: HOME INSPECTOR USA
We are experiencing a very hot sellers market in Frisco Texas. We have a low inventory of homes and the demand to live here continues to remain the same or increase. That is why when I see a house on the market for what I perceive as too many days I get ready to check on the expiration of the listing.
Pricing Many real estate agents and their clients will resort … (0 comments)

home inspector newberry: HOME INSPECTOR USA (Gainesville Home Inspection Company of Choice) - 01/12/14 11:16 PM
We at HOME INSPECTOR USA are experienced, seasoned professionals (Engineers/BSME & TDME) and Certified Master Inspectors (CMI) who have examined over a thousand properties (residential, commercial & insurance) for prospective buyers and sellers. Our principal, John M. Acaron, has a bachelor's (BSME) & a (TDME) in Mechanical Engineering and is a State of Florida Licensed Home & Mold Inspector and Certified Home (CHI) and Mold Inspector (CMI). John M. Acaron has worked with the Department of Defense (DOD/NAVY/MARINE CORPS) in the capacity of Project Engineer (PE) and Project Manager (PM) in the design, development, and construction and outfitting of large-scale military … (0 comments)

home inspector newberry: Backflow Prevention - 12/23/13 08:52 AM
  Backflow is the reversal of the normal and intended direction of water flow in a water system. Devices and assemblies known as backflow preventers are installed to prevent backflow, which can contaminate potable water supplies.
  Why is backflow a problem?
Backflow is a potential problem in a water system because it can spread contaminated water back through a distribution system. For example, backflow at uncontrolled cross connections (cross-connections are any actual or potential connection between the public water supply and a source of contamination or pollution) can allow pollutants or contaminants to enter the potable water system. Sickness … (0 comments)

home inspector newberry: Pilot Lights (Gas Equipment) Gainesville & Newberry Florida - 12/15/13 12:14 AM
A pilot light is a small flame that is kept alight constantly in order to serve as an ignition source for a gas burner. They are used on many natural gas and propane appliances, such as water heaters, clothes dryers, central heating systems, fireplaces and stoves.
The pilot light is fueled by a small amount of gas released from the gas pipe. When the appliance is turned on, a valve releases more gas, which is ignited by the pilot light. The light may need to be re-lit from time to time after being extinguished on purpose or by accident. Modern alternatives … (0 comments)

home inspector newberry: Ant Inspection (Gainesville, Florida) - 12/09/13 08:53 PM
 HOME INSPECTOR USA Ants are among the most prevalent pests in households, restaurants, hospitals, offices, warehouses, and virtually all buildings where food and water can be found. While mostly harmless to humans, ants (especially carpenter ants) can cause considerable building damage.  Inspectors can expand their knowledge base by being able to identify some of the telltale signs of ant infestation.   Ant Behavior   Ants are social insects that live in colonies divided into three castes: queens, males and workers. Most of the ants you may observe, which are responsible for gathering food, are sterile female workers. Winged males and females will leave the nest … (1 comments)

home inspector newberry: Happy Thanksgiving day!! - 11/27/13 11:51 PM
May you have a joyful Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year 2014.
2013 has been a blessing to my company (HOME INSPECTOR USA) and to our family. Our dedication and commitment in assisting our fellow REALTORS and clients has been our number one priority. Making sure that our cliets are getting the their best bang for their money. HOME INSPECTOR USA is the premier home inspection, commercial inspection and mold inspection company in Gainesville, Florida.
Here is a gift for you all. Just click the site below on the Safe Home and download the file.
Brought … (2 comments)

home inspector newberry: Insulation R-Value (Gainesville Florida) - 11/20/13 10:48 PM
  As energy efficiency has become an increasing concern among builders and homeowners, the attributes and performance of building materials and components are being scrutinized more closely.  In order to maximize levels of efficiency by examining the details of how each individual component of a house performs on its own and as part of a dynamic system, very specific properties are measured and taken into account.  This can be especially helpful when trying to select the best building materials for a given application.  R-value is the measurement used when quantifying a specific material’s level of thermal resistance, which is the inverse … (0 comments)

home inspector newberry: Soils and Settlement (Gainesville Florida) - 11/17/13 09:06 PM
Exterior hairline cracks???   Soil is a naturally-occurring mixture of mineral and organic ingredients with a definite form, structure, and composition. It’s composed primarily of minerals which are produced from parent material which is broken into small pieces by weathering. Larger pieces are stones, gravel, and other rock debris. Smaller particles are sand, silt, or clay. Since the original materials vary from place to place, the exact composition of soil varies according to location. A common example of soil composition by volume might be:
45% Minerals (clay, silt, sand, gravel, stones). 25% Water (the amount varies depending upon precipitation and the … (0 comments)

home inspector newberry: Another Sink Hole (Florida) - 11/13/13 09:40 PM
  Sinkholes are ground-surface depressions that result when a subterranean void weakens support of the overlying earth.    Why are Sinkholes a Concern for Inspectors?
They threaten water supplies by draining unfiltered water from streams, lakes and wetlands directly into aquifers. They kill and injure people. A person can be harmed when stepping into an existing sinkhole or when the ground beneath gives way during a sinkhole’s collapse. Sinkholes can cause structural damage and instability under buildings, roads and bridges. Repairing them after collapse is expensive and requires specialized knowledge. The underlying cause of the sinkhole must be addressed first, or the repair may prove to be only … (1 comments)

home inspector newberry: Wallpaper Inspection (Gainesville Florida) - 11/11/13 10:03 PM
   Wallpaper is a material used to cover and decorate interior building walls. It is typically sold in rolls and applied using an adhesive. Wallpaper can be plain (so that it can be painted), textured (such as Anaglypta and vinyl), and with patterned graphics.  InterNACHI inspectors should be aware that wallpaper can be used to mask structural as well as cosmetic defects, and it can also pose a fire hazard, depending on how and where it’s installed.  A Brief History of Wallpaper
The earliest known form of wallpaper originated during the Renaissance. Depicting exotic landscapes and pastoral subjects, Renaissance-style wallpaper was hand-printed using carved wooden … (2 comments)

home inspector newberry: Hot Water Recirculation Systems (Gainesville Florida) - 11/07/13 09:11 PM
 Winter is here! A hot water recirculation system is a plumbing system that moves hot water to fixtures quickly without waiting for the water to get hot. Rather than relying on low water pressure, common in most water lines, recirculating systems rapidly move water from a water heater to the fixtures.   System Types dedicated loop:  The circulation pump for this system is mounted on a pipe connected to the water heater tank down low. This is the cooler side of the loop, or the return.
The hot water pipe is installed in a loop throughout the home, passing near each plumbing fixture. … (2 comments)

home inspector newberry: Wind Mitigation Gainesville Florida - 11/02/13 11:04 PM
Wind mitigation is the implementation of certain building techniques in order to limit damage caused by intense wind.
A Few Facts About Windstorms and Wind Insurance
In 2006, Citizens Insurance, one of the largest property insurers in Florida, requested a 45% rate increase for wind insurance. Other insurers took similar actions. In Florida, the portion of a homeowner's premium covering wind damage can be up to 70% of the total, depending on location. Wind mitigation benefits homeowners, private insurers, and all levels of government.  
Incentives for Wind Mitigation
In some states, homeowners can benefit from reduced insurance premiums. The Gulf Coast states, which … (0 comments)

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