mold testing ocala: Organic Microbial /Mold fungi inside your home? Ocala, Florida - 03/28/20 09:05 AM

Organic Microbial /Mold fungi colonies are often found both indoor and outdoor. Outdoor it is acceptable, but once mold finds its way indoors, your family health and vitality are going to be compromised. There are common indoor molds that can easily manifest within your home. These common molds are Cladosporium, Aspergillus, Penicillium, and Alternaria. There are types of molds that should not be indoors such as Stachybotrys and Chaetomium these are water activity molds.
Mold sensitivity is common among individuals. Those who have weakened immune systems and people who take any medicine to suppress the immune system are more likely to be … (2 comments)

mold testing ocala: HOUSE Doctor (Mold Assessor): MOLD INSPECTIONS - 03/16/20 08:11 AM
HOUSE Doctor (Mold Assessor)
Think about a Mold Assessor as a Medical Physician. A Medical Doctor physical examination goal is to be able to determine is you are healthy or not. Do you need either treatment or you require specialized medical attention such as surgery among others from a specialized Doctor? We at INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST perform pretty much a similar role when performing a Mold Assessment on a house, Condo, Medical facilities or any commercial building.
Our Mold Assessment and Indoor Evaluation will specifically address the environmental issues identified inside the living space related to moisture intrusion, levels of airborne mold spores, … (2 comments)

mold testing ocala: IS MOLD GROWING INSIDE YOUR HOME? MOLD INSPECTIONS - 02/08/20 08:22 AM
Is there MOLD growing inside your Home Living space??
With every breath, we inhale not only life sustaining oxygen but also dust, smoke, chemicals, microorganisms, and other particles and pollutants that float in air. The average individual inhales about 10 cubic meters of air each day, roughly the volume of the inside of an elevator. Because people typically spend so much time indoors, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can greatly affect individuals and, more broadly, the public health and national productivity.
Fungi, especially filamentous fungi called mold, also lower air quality and cause public health problems though not typically as agents of infectious … (2 comments)

mold testing ocala: MOLD INSPECTIONS and MOLD ASSESSMENTS OCALA - 12/14/19 08:02 AM
A Mold inspection/screening is a non-invasive examination of the building to identify and report on conditions that have led to moisture intrusion, water damaged and conditions conducive to microbial growth (MOLD) or actual existence of microbial growth. If such conditions are present, sampling is recommended. Sampling may also be recommended in the absence of visible conducive conditions as a precautionary measure; such as a carpet sample, as such conditions may be concealed. A mold inspection is valid only for the date of such inspection and cannot predict future microbial growth. A mold inspection is a picture in time. The data results … (2 comments)

mold testing ocala: COMMERCIAL MOLD INSPECTIONS, OCALA FLORIDA - 10/26/19 07:02 AM
Most lawsuits allege that mold problems could have been avoided, so commercial real estate owners need to show due diligence by investigating any suspected mold problem. We can document your due diligence in investigating mold issues and determine whether they exist at all. We also can provide expert witness testimony.
Toxic molds, commonly referred to as black mold, are more dangerous than ordinary molds because their spores contain poisonous mycotoxins. In concentrated amounts, mycotoxins can cause skin blistering, nosebleeds, asthma symptoms, or chest pains, among other things. In extreme situations, they can even cause shock and death.
Unfortunately, there is no cure for … (0 comments)

mold testing ocala: MOLD INSPECTIONS and MOLD INVESTIGATIONS FLORIDA - 10/18/19 09:35 AM
INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST uses Infrared thermography commonly called infrared imaging or thermal imaging.  Infrared thermography is an advanced, non-invasive technology that allows an inspector to identify deficiencies in buildings that can’t be revealed using conventional visual inspection methods.
Thermographic cameras detect radiation in the long-infrared range of the electromagnetic spectrum and produce images of that radiation. The amount of radiation emitted by an object, called “Emissivity”, increases with temperature; therefore, thermography allows for variations in temperature to be identified.
In conjunction with our thermal imager, we use a TRAMEX Encounter moisture meters, IR Thermometer and Moisture detector among other instruments to identified conditions that … (0 comments)

mold testing ocala: Mold Inspections OCALA, Florida (Got Mold?) - 10/07/19 07:55 AM
Issues with Mold? Water leaks? Are you sick? Apartments, Condo’s, House, Medical Facilities or Office (Ocala, Micanopy, Gainesville & Newberry? Mold Inspections in Florida
Do you have an issue with Mold, musty odor in your home or office? Are you getting sick at home? (Ocala, Gainesville, Alachua, Waldo and or Micanopy, Florida?) Or do you have a client that has problems with Mold? Just give us a call and we will be glad to address the issue. I am state of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor and Licensed Home Inspector in Ocala and Gainesville, Florida. Visit us at:  INDOOR MICROBIAL SPECIALIST or call us at: (850) 814-3889

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