panama city: Green Lumber = Wet Lumber "New construction" - 10/01/09 01:02 AM
"Green lumber" is another term for wet lumber, which is wood used in construction that has a moisture content of more than 19%.   Moisture Content  
Green lumber is more commonly used in arid regions of the United States, such as Arizona and parts of California, because the wood will dry more quickly. Damper regions often require kiln-dried wood, which must have a moisture content of 19% or less. The additional expense of kiln-dried wood is the reason it is used in only a small portion of construction.
Freshly cut wood will gradually lose moisture until it reaches equilibrium with its surroundings, which … (0 comments)

panama city: Home Inspector Santa Rosa Beach - 09/25/09 12:42 AM
 We are the Right Choice:
We are experienced, seasoned professionals (Degree Engineers) and Certified Professional Home Inspectors who have examined over thousand of properties (Residential & Commercial)  for prospective buyers and sellers in our local area.  We are a local "INDEPENDENT" Professional Home Inspection & Environmental (Mold testing) company working just for you and your best interest before the investment is finalized. HOME INSPECTOR USA does NOT belong to any REALTOR's Association. HOME INSPECTOR USA sets the standard for HOME INSPECTORS, MOLD INSPECTORS, COMMERCIAL INSPECTORS & MOLD testing / ALLERGENS testing Inspectors in the Panama City Beach, Rosemary Beach and Mexico Beach area. Distinguished by … (0 comments)

panama city: 15 Tools That Every Homeowner Should Own - 09/13/09 01:28 AM
 The following items are essential tools but this list is by no means exhaustive. Feel free to ask an InterNACHI inspector during your next inspection about other tools that you might find useful.   1.  Plunger A clogged sink or toilet is one of the most disturbing problems that you will face. With a plunger on hand, however, you can usually remedy these troubling plumbing issues relatively quickly. It is best to have two plungers -- one for the sink and one for the toilet. 2.  Combination Wrench SetOne end of a combination wrench set is open and the other end is … (2 comments)

panama city: Green Lumber = Wet Lumber - 09/02/09 03:31 AM
"Green lumber" is another term for wet lumber, which is wood used in construction that has a moisture content of more than 19%.   Moisture Content  
Green lumber is more commonly used in arid regions of the United States, such as Arizona and parts of California, because the wood will dry more quickly. Damper regions often require kiln-dried wood, which must have a moisture content of 19% or less. The additional expense of kiln-dried wood is the reason it is used in only a small portion of construction.
Freshly cut wood will gradually lose moisture until it reaches equilibrium with its surroundings, which … (0 comments)

panama city: No Home is Perfect. - 09/01/09 06:51 AM
Anything from major damage to minor maintenance issues are often found. Even new homes are not immune – they could have problems with the plumbing, electrical system, heating and cooling system, or the roofing system just to name a few. For buyers, a Home Inspection vital to uncovering issues a home may have but are invisible to the untrained eye. Even if the home inspection finds more problems than you’re comfortable with and you move on to a different home to start the process all over again, it is money well spent.
 A Home inspection will give you the opportunity to … (1 comments)

panama city: Inspector Safety Equipment - 08/23/09 02:04 AM
Inspectors should always bring with them gear that can protect against the hazardous situations inherent in inspections.  
Ironically, the process of inspecting for safety defects can itself compromise the safety of inspectors and their clients. Inspectors can use the following types of equipment to help ensure that inspections proceed problem-free.
Coveralls: Coveralls are made from a variety of materials, often canvas or Tyvek®, a tear-resistant, flexible plastic widely used to make items such as postal mailers, banknotes and even DVDs. While canvas is puncture-resistant, Tyvek® is disposable and lightweight, as well as anti-static, breathable and chemical-resistant.  However, it should not be used near … (2 comments)

panama city: Polybutylene for Inspectors - 08/21/09 12:19 AM
 Polybutylene (PB) is a plastic manufactured between 1978 and 1994 for use as piping in home plumbing systems. It offered plenty of advantages over other materials such as flexibility, ease of installation, resistance to freezing, and it was inexpensive. Pipes made from polybutylene were installed in 6 to 10 million homes in the Unites States during that period. Despite its strengths, production was ceased in 1994 after scores of allegations surfaced claiming that polybutylene pipes were rupturing and causing property damage. In the homes that still contain this material, homeowners must either pay to have the pipes replaced or risk a potentially … (4 comments)

panama city: Wind Mitigation - 08/18/09 12:51 PM

Wind mitigation is the implementation of certain building techniques in order to limit damage caused by intense wind.
A few facts about windstorms and wind insurance:
In 2006, Citizens Insurance, one of the largest property insurers in Florida, requested a 45% rate increase for wind insurance. Other insurers took similar actions. In Florida, the portion of a homeowner's premium covering wind damage can be up to 70% of the total, depending on location. Wind mitigation benefits homeowners, private insurers, and all levels of government.
Incentives for Wind Mitigation
In some states, homeowners can benefit from reduced insurance premiums. The Gulf Coast states, which … (0 comments)

panama city: What is a Professional Home Inspection? - 08/12/09 01:15 AM
An inspection is essentially a "visual snapshot" of a home's condition as it exists at the time  and date of the inspection, and that condition is described in a comprehensive written report.
An inspector will check the roof, heating system, water heater, air-conditioning system, structure, plumbing, electrical, and many other aspects of buildings looking for improper building practices, those items that require extensive repairs, items that are general maintenance issues, as well as fire, safety, and health hazards. Think of a home inspector as a detective searching throughout the house for clues that lead to a conclusion of the home's overall … (4 comments)

panama city: Window Bars - 08/10/09 06:25 AM
Window bars (also called safety bars and security bars) are metal bars that are installed to prevent intruders from entering a building. As an unintended consequence, window bars can slow or prevent egress during an emergency.
Roughly 25 people die or are injured annually in fires where escape is hindered by window bars. According to the National Fire Protection Agency, the number of deaths caused by fire related to security bars is on the rise. The fear of burglary, theft and/or physical attack presents a greater perceived risk than the threat of fire.  Seventy people died in a hotel fire … (0 comments)

panama city: Meth Labs - 08/10/09 02:35 AM
Methamphetamine (also known as "crystal meth" or "meth") is a highly addictive and illegal stimulant. A meth lab is an illegal drug-manufacturing site, often a house or apartment, containing equipment and potentially toxic chemicals required to produce meth.
Facts and Statistics About Meth Labs:
In 2003, more than 17,000 meth labs were seized by police in the United States. Seizures in recent years have been significantly fewer, but authorities estimate that tens of thousands of homes may be contaminated by toxic chemicals from meth labs. Far fewer meth labs per capita have been seized in Canada than in the United … (1 comments)

panama city: Vinyl Windows - 08/07/09 07:51 AM
 Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), commonly known as vinyl, is a popular and useful plastic. One of the most common applications for vinyl is in windows, where the material offers a number of advantages and disadvantages.   A few facts about vinyl and vinyl windows:
Vinyl is the second most produced plastic by volume worldwide (after polyethylene), and the most produced plastic for building and construction products. The first vinyl windows were manufactured in 1954 in Germany in response to post-war wood shortages and the rising price of aluminum. Thermal Industries introduced the first vinyl windows in the United States in 1964. They … (0 comments)

panama city: Inspected Once, Inspected Right! Anyone Else, is Just Looking Around! - 07/20/09 07:22 AM
How many times we have had this coversation with many of our fellow REALTOR's? I will say countless....The fact of the matter is that a Home Inspector must spend the necesary time to uncover all the deficiencies that might exist in the house he is inspecting. Understanding, that is just a visual inspection and you can only do so much on the date and time of the field work. But, you should have the correct type of tools to make a sound judment regarding the condition of the house. We at HOMEINSPECTORUSA we tell it how it is! Regarless wether the … (0 comments)

panama city: Older Homes - Knob-and-Tube Wiring - 07/17/09 02:37 AM
Knob-and-tube (K&T) wiring was an early standardized method of electrical wiring in buildings, in common use in North America from about 1880 to the 1940s. The system is considered obsolete and can be a safety hazard, although some of the fear associated with it is undeserved.
Inspectors should always disclaim knob-and-tube wiring during their inspections.
Facts About Knob-and-Tube Wiring:
It is not inherently dangerous. The dangers from this system arise from its age, improper modifications, and situations where building insulation envelops the wires. It has no ground wire and thus cannot service any three-pronged appliances. While it is considered obsolete, there … (1 comments)

panama city: Increasing Home Energy Efficiency - 07/15/09 12:26 AM
Energy-efficient homes require less energy to perform household functions as homes that are less energy-efficient. There are many adjustments that homeowners can make to reduce the amount of energy required by their homes.
Interesting facts about energy consumption in the United States and Canada:
The United States is the world's largest consumer of energy, and the world's seventh largest consumer of energy per capita. Canada consumes more energy per capita than the United States. Buildings account for 72% of all energy consumed in the United States. Why make your home more energy-efficient?
Federal, state, utility and local jurisdictions' financial incentives, such … (0 comments)

panama city: Bat Infestation - 07/14/09 02:46 AM
Bats are nocturnal mammals found in most inhabited places throughout the world. Bat infestation in homes, especially in attics, can be a health hazard, as well as a nuisance, for homeowners.  Interesting facts about bats:
Due to its high levels of phosphorous and nitrogen, guano (bat feces) is an effective fertilizer and gunpowder ingredient. Guano has been such a critical resource that in 1879, a war between Chile and Bolivia, called the Guano War, was waged over rights to the guano-rich western coastline.  Despite how large they appear in flight, bats are remarkably small. Some can fit through openings smaller than ½-inch wide. Even … (0 comments)

panama city: Lead Facts - 07/09/09 06:01 AM
 Lead is a poisonous metal that was once commonly used in the manufacture of paint, gasoline, and plumbing. While U.S. law has banned the use of lead in new construction, existing lead-based paint and plumbing in homes may present a significant health hazard, especially for children. Inspectors who are not trained in lead detection should not perform lead inspections due to potential liability issues. They can, however, learn the basic facts about lead so they can answer questions from concerned clients. A few interesting facts about lead and lead poisoning:
Before 1955, paint in homes was composed of up to 50% … (0 comments)

panama city: Supra Lock Boxes (Inspector's nightmare) - 07/09/09 01:26 AM
Also called electronic locks, these lock boxes are opened by a portable keypad that emits an infrared signal. Inspectors can lease an electronic keypad by joining their local Board of Realtors as an affiliate. Some boards require affiliates to obtain a Call Before Showing (CBS) code from the listing agent, although requirements for this code vary by Multiple Listing Service (MLS) jurisdiction. Supra lock boxes are manufactured by General Electric (GE). Although they were introduced relatively recently to the inspection and real estate industries, they are now common across most parts of North America. Supra lock boxes are generally considered to … (0 comments)

panama city: House Numbers - 07/08/09 06:08 AM
House numbers should be clear enough so that police, the fire department, paramedics, etc., can quickly locate properties in an emergency. House numbers are often the only way that first-responders can identify their intended destinations. A number of jurisdictions have begun enforcing laws through strict fines for homeowners who do not comply with laws that impose requirements for house numbers.  Local Regulations
Many municipalities and counties have implemented ordinances requiring property owners to standardize the display of house numbers on buildings. The city of St. Martinville, Louisiana, for instance, is considering requiring its citizens to display street numbers in block numbering that is at … (0 comments)

panama city: Home Service Grounding Electrodes - 07/05/09 12:20 AM
Electrical grounding systems divert potentially dangerous electrical currents by providing a path between a building's service box and the earth. Lightning and static electricity are the most common sources of dangerous or damaging charges that can be dissipated through a grounding system. Grounding electrodes are connected to the building's electrical system through grounding electrode conductors, also known as ground wires. A number of different metal alloys can function as grounding electrodes, the most common of which are the focus of this article.     Requirements for electrodes and ground wires:
Aluminum has a tendency to corrode and should not be used in … (1 comments)

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