spokane real estate: I Must Be Crazy!- SEO Project - Week 2 1/2 - 04/05/08 04:21 PM
Just another quick update. I have spent about 1 hour adding post to other sites to get a few more backlinks going. Everything that I do now is becoming more focused. I am taking more time to get my keywords in every post. Example: I posted an ad in Craigslist. In the ad I made sure that my keywords, Spokane Real Estate, buyers rebates , and Real Estate Rebates were all used several times. Since that ad is good for 45 days I put a reminder in Outlook to resubmit the same ad. I am now working on 44 other ads … (3 comments)

spokane real estate: SEO for Mobile Sites - 04/03/08 03:01 PM
I was reading a tutorial on mobile website programming and I read that Google placement for mobile pages is totally separate from non -mobile websites.  Is this true?  Does anyone know.  I did a search from my phone for the big key words in Spokane and all the sites That were on Google were non-mobile.  Does this mean that I can put a mobile Spokane real estate web page on the Internet and get a good ranking right off the bat?  Does anyone know the answer to this. … (1 comments)

spokane real estate: I Must Be Crazy!- SEO Project - Day 2 - 03/25/08 01:54 PM
Before I start getting into the process of working on SEO I want to let those of you who are reading this where I am at presently.  I have 2 web sites MelMiller.com and TheRebateRealtor.com .  Both are new sites and have had very little promotion.  For this project I am going to focus on TheRebateRealtor.com.  The site is functional but has many issues as it relates to SEO.  Here is a partial list of the problems as I see them.  ( I know that I have more then this and I as I become aware of them I will keep … (6 comments)

spokane real estate: I Must Be Crazy!- SEO Project - Day 1 - 03/24/08 01:22 PM
I Must Be Crazy!- SEO Project - Day 1It is easy to get online and blog every now and then but I have decided to take on a long term commitment to this project.  For some of you that would be no big deal but I have one major flaw - I am not a writer.  So As I have been contemplating this project I have ask my self several time "I Must Be Crazy!"  
This is just the first of many blogs that I plan to write on my journey through the maze of SEO.  After reading a lot about … (5 comments)

spokane real estate: Spokane Real Estate Home Buyers Rebates - 03/21/08 07:13 AM
Get the facts about Home Buyers Rebates.  The Rebate Realtor offers up to a 2% Buyers Rebate for Spokane Real Estate and Washington Real Estate.  See how a rebate on your next home purchase might benefit you.  There is a lot of misinformation on this subject so get the facts.
Futher reading on Real Estate Rebates: 
Department of Justice
Mel Miller
The Rebate Realtor - The first an only Realtor offering up to a 2% rebate on your Spokane Home Purchase
Realteam Real Estate 

spokane real estate: Spokane Real Estate Washington Real Estate and Spokane buyers Rebates - 03/21/08 06:35 AM
If you are looking to purchase a home in Spokane or in the state of Washington you might look at getting a Buyers Rebate.  Get up to a 2% rebate when you buy a home using The Rebate Realtor.  What that means is that if you purchase a $200,000 home in Spokane, Washington you could get up to $4,000 back.  The Rebate Realtor is the only Realtor in Spokane that is offering a 2% rebate.
Mel Miller
The Rebate Realtor
Realteam Real Estate

spokane real estate: Why I Own SpokaneReal Estate - 03/17/08 02:13 PM
I can still remember the first time that I saw Spokane.  My kids, wife and I were coming to Spokane to visit freinds who had recently moved back to Spokane.  Neither my wife or I had ever been to Spokane so we did not know what to expect as we crested the hill coming into Spokane on I-90.  We were amazed.  My first thought was "Spokane is Big."

My wife and I lived in Hockinson, WA. when we decided to make the trip out.  I had just accepted a new job in Portland, with substantial pay increase, prior to coming to … (1 comments)

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