historic home interior: The Victorian Society in America - 03/29/10 05:19 PM
I wanted to bring your attention to a great resource for those among you who are Victorian Period enthusiasts. The Victorian Society of America is an organization that promotes the understanding of the American Victorian Historical context through preservation, education, promotion and generally the enjoyment of the Victorian period.
This organization was founded as a sister organization to the British Victorian Society in 1966. Since then the society has grown to be THE word in all things Victorian in America.
On the organization’s website you will find a very large resource list, important books about the period, summer schools for … (0 comments)

historic home interior: Welcome Heritage Lace Into Your Home - 02/03/10 11:49 AM

We are so pleased to announce the addition of a wonderful company to our Featured Artisan's page. Heritage Lace has been around for awhile providing beautiful lace products for the home for over 50 years.  I love companies that are based in long standing traditions of community and customer service and this is one of them.
Our site has a wide timeline for historic interiors from 1680-1930 and as such has only a handful of artisans and companies that have products that can span all the periods from Early American Colonial to Art Deco.  Heritage Lace does this … (0 comments)

historic home interior: What to suggest to clients buying an older home with "awful" floors. - 01/11/10 12:08 AM

Front Hall

Family Room

Refinishing your floors in your historic home may not be an option at first. You may have more important renovations to take care of and certainly floors are the last to be redone as you would not want to have to redo them yet again if a careless contractor spilled paint or scratched them. My problem was that our floors in our Dutch Colonial had never been restored since the house had been built in 1930.I was faced with the problem of floors that were stained, scratched and worn with the traffic … (2 comments)

historic home interior: Reach out a helping hand while celebrating your historic home - 12/13/09 03:32 AM
Sharing the season with friends and family is what this time of year is all about. Many of us know someone that have neither friends or family or are alone because of distance and /or circumstance. Those of us who are lucky to own a historic home can do much to make those who are alone or needy have a Happy Holiday and Merry Christmas.Most of us who have a historic home have decorated it to the hilt. Sponser a tour of the first floor of your home for the local Senior ‘s home or organization, especially if you do not … (2 comments)

historic home interior: Using pewter in your historic home - 12/07/09 11:21 AM
One of our most talented and celebrated artisans is Tom Hooper of ASL Pewter in Louisiana, Missouri. His work is very beautiful and can be found in homes of any historic period from Early Colonial to Arts and Crafts. Assisted by his lovely wife, Pat, the Hoopers have carved out a niche for themselves that is to be envied by anyone in the historic artisan field. They make their own molds and use them for casting pieces unique to ASL Foundry. They have also acquired and use a collection of historic and antique bronze, aluminum and steel molds. Using traditional lathe … (2 comments)

historic home interior: A Historic Civil War Thanksgivng - 11/27/09 02:40 AM

A Historic Civil War Thanksgiving
With the 1864  proclamation by President Abraham Lincoln making a day in late November as a day of national thanksgiving, he gave the nation  a unique holiday found only in America. One that is based on a nation that though in bitter conflict , wanted to celebrate the blessings of the gift of America that most felt was a gift from God.
We are a nation that is hemmed in prayer and hospitality. This day which is so truly American  is one that gives us a glimpse of the true American spirit. One that is … (2 comments)

historic home interior: Historic Home Interior - Where Do I Start? - 01/15/09 04:17 AM

You have finally settled on the home of your dreams.  You knew from the moment you walked into the front parlor that you had to buy it.  After weeks of stress you finally walk into the home.  The walls are bare, the furniture is gone, and all of a sudden you realize what a leap you just made.  Where do you start?
First let's talk research.  Those of you who have just purchased a house with "history"  may already be lucky enough to have the homes past already documented. Most  of us though are not so fortunate.  You must think … (0 comments)


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