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                 For those of you that do not quite know what this is, its time to get up to speed. This is the newest thing since bar codes. It is called a QR code and you can get a QR reader free for your SMS phone and you can get a free QR code generator for your computer. For those of you tha...
If you're like me, you like to sit out in the evening when the sun and heat are disappating and a little breeze is blowing as the sun sets and the darkness slowly surrounds you.  Unfortunately the mosquito has awoken from the oppressive heat also and wants YOUR blood. And if you're like me, you h...
Don't you just get tired of cleaning out those outside night light globes?  I did and I thought 'what can I do to keep those bugs out and not have to clean them so regularly.  If your light globes are anything like mine, they don't fit real tightly against the base thus allowing bugs, spiders, et...
Do you have the problem I have? Keeping all those business cards in some kind of order?  Here is my solution. First put the information in your data base/phone directory or whatever. Next take the first 12, set them on the glass of your printer with space at the bottom of each. There is room for ...
  It has finally happened.  As of May 1, AlamoAreaVirtualTours has gone full time to better serve the San Antonio community and the surrounding area, including Uvalde, Del Rio, and Eagle Pass.  It has been a dream in the making to become my own boss in which I can make the decisions, and innovate...
ITS HERE!  Full screen virtual tours from the premier San Antonio Virtual Tour producer and includes the Hill Country, over to Del Rio and down to Eagle Pass, AlamoAreaVirtualTours.com.  As technology progresses, so do we.  This is one of the most dynamic product improvements yet for us.  You ask...
The other day I wrote about 'Life gets in the Way'. Check my blog past.  Now I want to talk about roundtoits.  I wonder how many of you already know what a roundtoit is?  Roundtoits are closely linked to 'Life getting in the way'.  Many people have roundtoits in their lives, some of them big, som...
Life just gets in the way!  Where am I going with that?  Most of us get in the comfort zone and tend to stay there as we know where we are at and what the reasonable outcome will be, if we continue as we are and have been. When something new comes along, we may look at a change, but unless we are...
Spring is just around the corner, well at least in Eagle Pass and San Antonio Texas it is!!!  And thoughts turn to romance?? no, no, no, they turn to the grill and having Barbecue etc. (Well OK, romance too).  However along with barbecue comes the cleanup of the grill in order to keep bugs etc ou...
While not being a Realtor, I can understand what it's like to get phone calls at the most inopportune times and or not being able to answer them.  And then in your mind you wonder if you've missed a potential buyer.  What happens when you're out of town, or with another client. You don't want to ...

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