FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE: SHARON TARAAn organizational wiz, Sharon has the magic touch when it comes to transforming New Hampshire homesSharon's PageMELISSA MARRO 2007 RESA Stager of the Year nominee, Melissa exudes Southern charm and is a self-proclaimed design addict responsible for decking man...
 Feng Shui is getting a lot of fanfare these days, but it’s nothing new.  Pronounced “Fung Schway,” (in the Mandarin dialect of Chinese; differs for Cantonese but the characters are the same) it translates as “wind water.”  This ancient art is said to bring creativity, prosperity, good health and...
If you’re not familiar with, you should be. It’s a great tool for consumers in the real estate market. One of its best features is Trulia Voices, a Q&A forum.I recently answered a question from a home owner asking about staging for their home. They live in a different state and are not...
Today I was busy dealing with a case of the Mondays (so much to do, so little time!), and didn't get my daily dose of rain until after 6 PM.  That's when I umped on my email and blog and discovered....I'D BEEN DISCOVERED!  Okay, to my credit, I am a published writer and was almost a television st...
I remember a CitiBank ad that read, "Invest in the occasional Get-Happy-Quick Scheme."  It featured a guy holding a dozen or so balloons on an elevator.  For my own Valentine's Day gift to myself, I was thinking about getting a humidifier.  I actually need one (the gift is just a nice way to put ...
                                    STARRING IN THIS EPISODE ELAINE MANESIn addition to being  Staging Girl's hero, Elaine is also a staging guru serving the Denver metro AUDREY V. HOFFMANStaging Girl resides in Baltimore city and helps dress to impress spaces thr...
I get it all the time: “You seem older,” or “I just knew you were older. Oh, no, not the way you look, it’s the way you act (carry yourself, behave, insert other verb here).” After the initial chagrin wears off (they must really think I LOOK old), I do accept this as a compliment. How did I end u...
Stagers and Fans of Good Design,I read a blog asking whether or not to remove family photos from a home on the market.  My take is to edit, use moderation.  Some are gifted in artful photo display and other just appreciate being surrounded by loved ones and treasured memento.  I'm a fan of clever...

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