Celebrate our Lord today, for He has paid the price for our sins, died and rose again!I wanted to post something for Easter, yet when I looked for free clip art, I was disappointed with what I found. Well, I decided to make my own and share with ya'll! These graphics have ALL been made by me and ...
This week, I will not be following my usual blog format.  Too much going on to think seriously!  I'll hop back on the bandwagon next week, hopefully.    For now, I'd like to share with you a simple remix.  Ever go on a job interview and get that HR folder about the company?  Sure, you have!  What...
 LINKS/InformativeDomino Magazine's Green ListDOE Consumer Energy GuideTreeHuggerIdeal BiteThings That Make You Go Green UPDATE:  Here are some new links.  I don't get any blog points for my snappy graphics since it's technically an imageand deems my content under 50 words.  Geez, these things a...
 FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE: FERNANDO ROSADOFernando fills Palm Beach homes with charming decor, sure to "wow" that home buyer.  Mucho gusto! Fernando's ProfileJACKSON WESTWith his knockout portfolio, Jackson is a contender for the title of Stager Idol! He stages in the Greater Vancouver area. Jack...
It’s March and I’ve got a Sweet 16 Lineup of home finds!Those of you with cash in hand (or in bank), may want to check out some of the sales going on at design-savvy chain store retailers’ online outposts:O N   T H E   S I D E L I N EThese side tables, in pairs or flying solo, are versatile and p...
If you don't live in Baltimore's Charles Village, you may be missing out on some great eats. City Paper just released a dining guide yesterday, so I suggest you grab a copy of the free paper (located on just about every Baltimore block it seems) before the week is out.  Okay, here's where Staging...
FEATURED IN THIS EPISODE:  KAREN OTTOKaren's wranglin' in unwieldy homes in the Plano, TX vicinity and does a might-e-fine job!Karen's ProfileSHERON CARDINSheron's a true veteran stager and needs no introduction, but she deserves one. She's RESA's National VP, and markets her own incredible libra...
You know That Guy (or Gal). They have an ego because at some point they have been successful (perhaps moderately, perhaps significantly). Right now, That Guy is living off his past success...but his marketing is stagnant. So many have the attitude, "Do what you've always done, get what you've alw...
A huge component of staging is organization and getting rid of clutter--and I figure, why not apply that to my blog? I've been blogging for just over a month now and the idea floodgate springs forth!  To keep it simple, for myself and readers, I'm going to start a "blog schedule" of posts. Basica...

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