HVAC: Energy efficiency can mean a right-sized HVAC unit or a geothermal system. Green - Heating & Cooling system correct sizing for the size of the home. Greener - Geothermal Pump. Uses the ground temperature to regulate the temperature of your home.   Structural Framing: Using engineered lumber...
For a less environmentally destructive way than air-conditioning to stay comfortable in the heat, choose a portable or ceiling fan. Fans use 90% less energy than central air, and often make rooms feel seven to ten degrees cooler. We all know that central air feels great, and, yes, it can help sav...
One: Ditch the Paper Towels!Instead, pick up machine washable micro-fiber cloth towels to use all around the house. Thousands of tiny little fibers literally grip and hold onto the dirt and bacteria. Two: Java ScrubDon't toss your used coffee grinds into the trash. First, spoon some warm grinds i...
It still amazes me that homes and condos in my area sell for as much as $1200 per square foot. That was unheard of in Waukesha Wisconsin where I spent the first 25 years of my life. Then I came across this article about expensive real estate...$6000 per square foot! Maybe this is where more of ou...
 I have found that many of my friends, family, neighbors and other community members know very little about renewable energy and how it can truly benefit all of us. With the cost of utilities rapidly rising and our air quality decreasing, there is an increased amount of concern and more of us wan...
My partner and have been working hard to be the listing agents for a development in town and recently it looks like we will be given the opportunity to list the project. This is familiar territory as we had done the same thing in late fall of 2007 on another development. We ended up turning down ...

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