florida: Keeping Your Summer Fun, Safe, and Lawsuit-Free - 05/29/09 05:43 AM
When it comes to summer, thoughts turn to pools, cookouts, and fun in the sun. With the season quickly approaching, we thought you may be able to use a few quick tips on keeping your summer safe, sunny, and healthy.
If you're fortunate enough to own a swimming pool, there comes with your fortune a lot of responsibility - especially if you plan on hosting parties or allowing your children to. You may consider removing your diving board. If you don't, be sure every bolt is tightened and the base is secure. The same applies for pool slides. Remember to remove pool … (1 comments)

florida: State Farm & Florida Insurance Regulators Out Of Court Until June - 05/15/09 08:14 AM
Recent news reports say that insurance giant State Farm and Florida insurance regulators have called a cease-fire on going to court as negotiations continue over how State Farm can follow through with their withdrawal from the Florida property insurance market.
The two opposing sides have agreed that there is no need for a hearing until their talks continue, on June 15.
This January, State Farm, which is Florida's biggest property insurer, announced their plan to pull out of the Sunshine State's property insurance market, meaning that some 1.2 million policies will be dropped over the next two years - 700,000 of … (1 comments)

florida: Hurricane Season Just Around the Corner – Are You Ready? - 05/03/09 06:20 PM
With Florida's hurricane season right around the corner, it's important to prepare your home, insurance-wise. Now is a great time to review your policy and make sure you're covered for the things you're concerned about.
For example, are you covered for flood damage? Flood coverage is not included in homeowners insurance policies, but many people - even native Floridians! - often believe that it is. If you're worried about damages that floods can cause, you may want to invest into a flood insurance policy.
Also be sure that windstorm damages are covered in your homeowners policy. Hurricanes obviously come with a … (1 comments)

florida: Common Mistakes When It Comes to Purchasing a Fire Policy - 04/15/09 04:24 AM
When it comes to purchasing a (much-needed) fire insurance policy, the more you know about your options, the better your decisions will be when it comes to choosing the right one. Many people make the same mistakes when buying a fire policy.
Here's a rundown of these common mistakes.
Assuming that the fire insurance policy is going to cover the replacement expenses of personal property items. Some policies do cover this - but you shouldn't assume. Ask your agent.
Some fire-related situations may not be covered in your policy, so you should ask. Some common disasters that are not typically covered … (1 comments)




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