home energy audit: The Snow has provided a Great Opportunity to evaluate your home! - 01/27/11 01:13 AM
The Snow has provided a Great Opportunity to evaluate your home! Northern Virginia got socked with 8-12 inches of snow last night. I hope all of you reading this got home safe and sound last night (and without too much of a delay).  Right now begins the big dig-out, but it also provides a great opportunity to see how well sealed your home is. A well-sealed house will not release as much warm air as a house with less insulation and sealing. As you clear the driveways and sidewalks in your neighborhood, pay attention to how quickly the snow melts on … (4 comments)

home energy audit: Ardently Green: A Resource for Metropolitan Washington D.C. (Maryland & Virginia) - 02/03/10 05:24 AM
Ardently Green is a company based in the Washington  D.C. metropolitan area. They serve Maryland, Virginia and D.C. with Home Energy Audits and Energy Saving improvements. Their mission statement is:
Ardently Green is committed to providing homeowners in the Washington, DC metropolitan area with the solution to reduce energy costs and improve air quality and comfort. Collectively, we strive to help reduce the region’s carbon footprint, serving as a national model of positive change.
If you are interested in getting a Home Energy Audit, check out the coupon on the website, as well as other local incentives,  and call today … (0 comments)

home energy audit: A Chance to Chat with President Obama - 12/15/09 10:27 PM
Yesterday, December 15, 2009, my husband had a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet with President Obama as the 'Cash for Caulkers' program was annonced in Alexandria, VA . This new program will offer homeowners financial incentives to weatherize thier homes. The government program is designed to help homeowners save money on their monthly bills, but also to take steps to reduce the amount of energy used in our country to heat and cool our homes. My husband, BobWeatherwax , owns a company called Ardent 360,  in the D.C Metropolitan area, which is comprised of several home building/remodeling companies, one … (6 comments)

home energy audit: Home Energy Audit: Does it Help or Hurt the Sale? - 11/12/09 12:58 AM
As a Realtor and EcoBroker, I have been giving a lot of thought to what the role of  a Home Energy Audit should be in the process of selling a house.  Unlike a Home Inspection or a Radon Inspection, a Home Energy Audit does not affect the safety of living in a property, but improvements resulting from an audit can also have immediate impacts on health and safety as well as comfort and energy savings. So how should a Home Energy Audit be considered in the sales process?
You may or may not have heard of a Home Energy Audit.  While … (7 comments)

home energy audit: Ardently Greening Northern Virginia - 06/27/08 08:20 AM
Today, two local Northern Virginia papers came out with articles about 'green' remodeling companies which both featured my husband's company, Ardently Green!  My husband, Bob Weatherwax, along with his partners started this company in response to many homeowner requests to help them make their homes more energy efficient. Their primary company, Ardent Homes, does home remodeling in the Northern Virginia area.
The first article was published in the Washington Business Journal and was written by Vandana Sinha. The link to the article is:
The other article appeared in the Washington Examiner and was written by Whitney Blake. the link to … (2 comments)

home energy audit: Buying Green - 04/18/08 06:21 AM
There has been a lot written lately about the importance of ‘greening' your home--but it is mostly geared toward remodeling. But buying a new home is a wonderful opportunity to work towards protecting the environment, too.  There are some simple things that you can ask about a house that you are considering that can help you to evaluate how ‘green' the house is and what you can do to improve its carbon emission footprint.
The government has provided a really great website to help you understand the right questions to ask and to find tools to evaluate your current, and future, house.  … (0 comments)

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