listing: Updating an 80s or 90s House - 07/09/19 07:12 AM
I live and sell in a community where  A LOT of the homes were built in the 80s and 90s. As homes are turning over, there are some things that were done when these homes were built that are dated or ready to be replaced. I see, unfortunately, many folks who just want to leave all that for someone else. In this HGTV world, buyers are less enthusiastic than ever about taking on projects.
First on the list is updating kitchens and bathrooms. These are big projects and not everyone has the time or money to take them on prior to listing. If … (0 comments)

listing: What about that house? Will you stay there? - 10/15/18 12:12 PM
There comes a time in your life when conversations shift from soccer practice and school plays to vacations and places to retire.  It can be an exciting time for some, but it can also be overwhelming for many!
Once the kids have moved out (and moved back in and moved out again), you may begin to think about trading in the old house and getting a new one.The problem that many of us have is that, along the way, we have collected a lot of stuff!
Some of you may have made-do with a smaller-than-ideal home while you were raising your kids and now … (2 comments)

listing: Life--and real estate--transitions - 05/29/18 06:29 AM

Through the years, it has become evident that I attract a certain type of client. So often, my clients are undergoing a major transition. When I say 'major,' I mean they may be relocating to another country, selling a home that has been left behind as they have begun living full time in another state or maybe they are looking for a wholesale change of location or property type. What makes this type of sale exciting, and unique, is that besides selling their home, the contents of the home must often be disposed of, too. This makes the process a bit more … (1 comments)

listing: 5 Tips for Selling a Townhouse Quickly--and for the MOST $ - 04/09/18 12:13 PM

Northern Virginia has a lot of Townhouses. They are an affordable option to the sometimes very expensive single family homes in our area, so they are very popular with buyers. When you are ready to sell your townhouse, what are some easy things you can do to get it sold quickly--and for the most money?  Update fixtures. Often, people buying a TH are stretching their budget to purchase. If the property looks updated and contemporary, it will immediately be more attractive. Fixtures to include in your update: lighting, plumbing, cabinet knobs, and sometimes door hardware.  Paint. Inside: figure out what the most … (0 comments)

listing: 5 things to do to enjoy your home NOW! - 01/29/18 05:03 AM
One aspect of my job is to counsel home sellers about maintenance and upgrades that they need to take care of before listing their home for sale.  Often these tasks are completed, literally, days before the property goes on the market. It is a shame because many of these tasks are things that, had they done them in advance of listing, the homeowner would have enjoyed while they still live there. Here are 5 of the things that often get pushed out until just before it is time to sell:
  Clean out closets and drawers: chances are you have old coats, mismatched … (4 comments)

listing: 5 Ways Deferred Maintenance Can Affect Your Sale - 07/26/17 07:51 AM

When I am called in to discuss a potential listing, I often hear my seller's saying things like, "We are just getting tired of maintaining this house," or "Taking care of this house is becoming too much for me."   As a Realtor, that often means to me that there are some big ticket items that the seller knows they need to tackle and they just don't want to take them on. If you find yourself in this boat, this is what you might expect.  Buyers will notice the deferred maintenance and it will be reflected in the price. If they don't … (2 comments)

listing: OPEN SUNDAY, 5/21/17--VIENNA, VIRGINIA - 05/20/17 08:42 AM
OPEN SUNDAY 5/21/17 FROM 2-4 P.M.
Improved pricing! This wonderful Vienna townhouse is located close to popular Church Street and the W&OD trail and is now offered at $719,900! With the HOA doing a lot of the exterior maintenance (inquire for more information), you will be free to enjoy all that Vienna, VA has to offer(often makes the 'Best Places to Live' lists) . Located in the James Madison High School Pyramid and feeding into Louise Archer Elementary. This spacious, beautifully appointed end unit 2-car garage townhouse is freshly painted and move in ready!
131 Shepherdson Ln. NE, Vienna, VA 22180
Offered by Momentum … (1 comments)

listing: 5 Inexpensive Ways to add Value to Your Home - 03/02/17 02:27 PM
We all want something for nothing, don't we? Well, when it comes to improving your house, most improvements cost money, but here are some things you can do to inexpensively add value when you go to sell.
1. Clean up and clean out your landscape. Obviously, you want to remove dead leaves and tired flowers, but take it a step further and remove old bushes that you have been diligently trimming back. You will be surprised at how much this opens up your home and improves the curb appeal (and first impression!). You may need to put in some replacements, but the work … (3 comments)

listing: Would You Like to Know the Market Value of Your Home? - 02/06/17 05:12 AM
 'Would You Like to Know the Market Value of Your Home?'  You have probably been asked this by a Realtor®, or seen it in Realtor® advertising. I imagine you thought  'why do I need that? There are so many valuation tools available on line?'  But before you check on-line to decide what your home is worth, let me tell you why that information from a Realtor® will be infinitely more accurate.  Automated estimation tools are based on a pre-determined formula. They take into account tax information and title recordings (usually the result of a sale or refinance) and other pieces of publicly available data. As … (0 comments)

listing: Home Seller Advice: Don't neglect to Prep Your House! - 11/04/16 12:33 AM

By the time you are ready to sell your home, you are sick of pumping money into repairs and maintenance. Chances are you are ready to move on--preferably to a house that isn't so 'needy.' Before you paint a couple of rooms, change some fixtures and prepare to list your home, consider why making some of the 'less sexy' repairs is so important.   You will get all types of people through your home when it is listed. Some of those folks will only care about your light fixtures and paint choices, but there will also be those who care about maintenance and … (0 comments)

listing: Sellers: Think Like a Buyer! - 06/27/16 02:26 AM

You are ready to sell your house. It has been a great house for you! It is just the way you like it: super comfortable and relaxing to come home to each night. Does that mean it is ready to go on the market? You need to check out your competition!   Sellers are sometimes surprised at the things that I suggest that they update before listing their home. I don't just throw out things and I have no interest in having my sellers waste their hard earned money. The biggest driver in getting your home ready to go on the market is to make … (2 comments)

listing: 5 Things That Drive Buyers Crazy! - 04/08/16 07:18 AM
Spring is a great time to sell your home. A lot of buyers find that it is a good time to look for a new place to live and sellers agree by putting their homes on the market.
If you are thinking of selling, you owe it to your bank account to think like a buyer while preparing your home for sale. So what are some of the things that buyers hate to see?
1. Filth. This should go without saying, but I see it all the time. It is hard to have your house for sale, but it is even harder when … (4 comments)

listing: Ready to sell your home? - 02/16/16 05:36 AM
Let's face it, following New Year, we are all less patient about the things we have been putting off doing.That includes, for many, selling your home.
If you are ready to sell this spring, what is the best way to get started?
First off, interview some local Realtors®. This is not as hard to do as you would think. Your friends, family members and neighbors will be more than willing to share their experiences (and some names!) with you. Contact these Realtors® and set up some meetings. You can interview one or a dozen (although probably 2-3 is the right number).
What should you … (2 comments)

listing: Projects That Will Help You Sell Your Home - 11/15/15 12:32 AM
Each year, The National Association of Realtors®, in conjunction with Remodeling Magazine and Realtor® Magazine does a study of which projects are most in demand by buyers and how much of the cost a seller is likely  to recoup  when they sell their home. If you are concerned about over-improving or even under-improving, this is a great study to review. Here is an article that outlines the findings of the report: 2015 Remodeling Cost vs. Value: Less is More.
If your focus is resale, knowing what other homes in your price range have done will be critical for you as you plan … (2 comments)

listing: 5 things to expect when you list your home - 07/23/15 04:59 AM
Listing homes is one of my favorite parts of real estate. I love helping people figure out the best way to prepare their homes, I love pulling together the marketing, I love guiding them through the process and I love going to settlement with them.
  With all the exciting things I enjoy about listing a home, for the seller, there are some really specific 'not fun' aspects to listing your home. The more you understand this ahead of time, and come to terms with the challenges, the easier the process will be for you. Inconvenience: Having your home for sale is not … (2 comments)

listing: PRICE IMPROVEMENT: 1635 Stowe Rd, Reston, VA 20194 - 06/12/15 06:59 AM

$699,000, 5Bd/4Ba Single Family House, 2532 sqft. 

listing: 1635 Stowe Road in Reston, Virginia--For Sale - 05/27/15 07:33 AM
Great Home in Popular Neighborhood!
1635 Stowe Rd, Reston, VA 20194$699,000, FX8635570
Year Built: 1983
Sq Footage: 2330 sqft.
Bedrooms: 6 Beds
Bathrooms: 4 Baths
Floors: 3
Parking: 1 Garage
Laundry: In Unit
Lot Size: 6203 Square Feet
HOA/Maint: $642
Property Type: Single Family House
Stowe Road is one of North Reston's prettiest neighborhoods! This wonderful Cambridge model has been enlarged to include a main-level master (which would also make a great main-level office, den or playroom) and 5 additional bedrooms upstairs (this home is a great option if more than one family member needs a home office).

Besides the enlarged living space, an over-sized one-car garage was added, too. This … (5 comments)

listing: Sellers: Get What You Pay For With Photos - 05/06/15 06:27 AM
It is very tempting when you are signing a listing agreement to negotiate the commission way, way down. You will always find some agent who will agree to your super low offer. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you understand how that will affect your sale.
  The number one way that buyers find homes today is on the Internet. They might use an independent site, a famous site, their Realtor®'s site or they might use email links from their Realtor®. But what is the one thing all of these ways have in common? Yes, they all feature photographs.   … (3 comments)

listing: How my Clients Sell a Home - 03/19/15 04:51 AM
Last week I wrote a post, How My Clients Buy a Home, and so this week, I thought I would write a similar one about how I work with sellers.
  When someone contacts me about selling their home, our first step is to sit down and discuss their objectives. I also provide them with information about me, my background, my techniques and local market data.   Often, we do a 'walk around,' so that I can get a sense of the property at the same meeting.   Once I have been given the listing, we do a more detailed walk … (0 comments)

listing: Why you have to spend money to sell your house - 10/22/14 06:14 AM
You have decided to sell your house (your very nice house, by the way) and the Realtor® comes in and starts itemizing all the things that you need to do and all the money that you need to spend. You become quickly frustrated. Why should you have to spend all that money to sell your house?   The hardest thing for sellers to do is stop thinking of their house as their home and start thinking of it as a commodity. For a commodity to sell, there must be something about it that causes a buyer to choose it over … (3 comments)





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