respect: R-E-S-P-E-C-T...Time to Bring It Back! - 09/14/09 01:43 AM
Congressman Joe Wilson shouts out, 'You Lie' from the floor of the house while the President addresses the nation Serena Williams shouts obscenities at a line judge during the US Open resulting in her loss and strict penalties Kanye West jumps on stage during Taylor Swifts acceptance speech at the MTV VMAs, grabs the microphone and says that Beyonce should have won the award What kind of role models are these people for our kids? A Politician, a professional athlete and a music superstar all behaving badly. This is in no way a judgment of the opinions that these protesters hold.  … (13 comments)

respect: We May Not Be Respected, But We are Happy! - 11/26/07 03:09 AM
Constantly reminded that Real Estate agents are down at the bottom of the pile with regard to professional respect, I was thrilled to see the report in Time (p. 43, November 26, 2007) reporting that we are a pretty happy group.  In fact, we were right up there with School Administrators, Physicians and Dentists! Although there were still a number of professions ahead of us, there were were MANY below us!!!  It is nice to get some good news once in awhile about a profession that I love, but which is constantly disparaged in the press.  … (0 comments)

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