reston realtor: 5 Things to Consider When Setting Your Listing Price - 03/30/16 12:34 AM

Choosing the right sales price for your home is challenging, but very, very important.  Homes that are overpriced from the outset often take longer to sell and sell for less than their correctly priced counterparts. Why? It might be that buyers perceive that the seller is out of touch with the reality of the market or it could be that the buyer never even sees the home listing because it is above their price threshold. Whatever the reason, it is critical to a quick and easy sale that the listing price is set correctly from the beginning. There are a couple of items that … (21 comments)

reston realtor: What to do if your home isn't sellling... - 08/10/13 08:07 AM
August in the DC area is often a fairly quiet time in the real estate market. This is a town that vacations!   That said, if you have your house on the market, there are people looking. What can you do to help the odds that they will decide to buy your home?   When you first listed your home, you probably met with one, or more, Realtors. They likely walked around your home and pointed out things that you should have considered taking care of before you listed. Think back to that conversation. Did you do the necessary work? If … (5 comments)

reston realtor: They are buying your house, not your life! - 01/31/13 10:45 PM
We humans are a curious bunch. We are always trying to define our surroundings and figure out what we can about those around us.
It is really no different when you show your house. The buyers will be trying to figure out who you are and what motivates you.
When you get your home ready to go on the market, your Realtor may ask you to remove some personal effects. In some cases it will be to make your home look larger and more spacious, and in other cases it will be to depersonalize your home.
You may be wondering why … (1 comments)

reston realtor: It is time to sign up for 2013 Summer Day Camps in Reston, Virginia - 01/29/13 09:59 PM
It is time to sign up for 2013 Summer Day Camps in Reston, Virginia.
If you have young children, summer can be a hard time to keep them busy. When my kids were little, I found that mixing some structured time in with plenty of downtime was a great formula for happy days.
  The Reston Association has begun (January 28, 2013) registration for it's popular Day Camps. They offer a variety of different camps and also offer some extended care options for working parents. You can find out more information at the Reston Associations RA Camps page. This is always a … (0 comments)

reston realtor: Out Come the Haters! - 01/14/13 07:56 PM
This weekend I received some hate mail.  I occasionally write for a local paper about real estate issues (who doesn't love free publicity?). Last week, I had an article published about how Realtors®, in addition to helping people buy and sell homes, work to protect property rights through our association memberships in local, state and the  National Association of Realtors®.   I received a hate-filled diatribe, via email, explaining to me why Realtors® are such awful people.  The author had taken time to think out his/her (non-sensical) arguments and present them to me in what, I suppose, was a case designed to get me … (80 comments)

reston realtor: 10 Ways to Sabotage Your Sale - 01/09/13 01:18 AM
If you are thinking of selling your house, no doubt, you are preparing to have people in to view your most personal space. You are likely cleaning out closets, touching up paint and cleaning carpets. Despite all your work, you may be unknowingly sabotaging your own sale by doing, or not doing, some simple things.   While, granted, some of these things might seem petty, it doesn't take much to leave a buyer with a sour view of your home.    Here is a list of 10 things that I have seen leave a bad impression with my buyers:   Too … (2 comments)

reston realtor: Get Out There And Do It!! - 01/07/13 10:48 PM
This is the time of year that Realtors begin getting calls about listing homes for the Spring market. Often, the listing is delayed while we send the homeowner back to get  contractors in to deal with deferred maintenance.  Because everyone is trying to get their house fixed up for Spring (whether or not they are selling), and also because the weather does not always cooperate, it is often difficult to get these appointments scheduled.   If you are planning to sell your home this Spring, you should be getting it fixed up now.  All of those items that you planned to 'deal … (8 comments)

reston realtor: Most and Least Expensive, Reston, VA Listings, 1-4-2013 - 01/03/13 08:54 PM
Reston, Virginia is a suburb of Washington, D.C. It is no secret that the D.C. Metro area real estate market has recovered more quickly than many other areas.  
Located 20 miles west of D.C., Reston, Virginia is a dynamic business and residential community. With the Silver line Metro Reston station slated to open in 2013, the community will be more connected than ever before. 
Reston is the original planned community, with homes at all price points and in all  styles.  There are rental units, condominiums, townhouses, single family homes, urban style living, lakefront living and golf course living all in … (1 comments)

reston realtor: My New Years Re-Commitment - 01/01/13 09:48 PM
I believe in New Years Resolutions. The older I get, the more I realize, that my resolutions are the same from year to year.They usually look something like this:   Exercise more consistently Eat more carefully, adding in new foods to my diet, along the way Be more organized in my marketing  Keep my family first As this list has remained largely the same for many years, I realized that I am not making 'resolutions,' but rather 're-commitments.'   I start each year thinking that I did okay on my resolutions from the previous year-- and I know this  is different from the … (8 comments)

reston realtor: Things to do in Northern Virginia: Santa Arrives on the Potomac - 12/23/12 09:47 PM
Many federal employees got a special gift from President Obama last week when he gave them an extra holiday by closing the Federal Government on Christmas Eve.
If you are left looking for something fun to do today, December 24, 2012, why not head to National Harbor and greet Santa as he water-skis on the Potomac River? This year he will be joined by his reindeer, as well as the Grinch, Frosty the Snowman and, of course, Santa's Elves.
We took our kids to see this uniquely Washington Tradition a couple of years ago, and it is a lot of fun. … (2 comments)

reston realtor: Friday Funny: Is the Tree Too Big? - 12/20/12 10:04 PM
You may have seen this photo on the news yesterday; it got a lot of play on the local and National news stories. If you didn't, take a look (even if you did, it is just as good the 2nd time around!).
Tree goes through the roof
Our family LOVES the Griswold family, in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation,  and, truth be told, I think my husband would love to deck the house out like Clark Griswold. Seems that this Seattle architecht has the same fantasy.
I hope you like this as much as I did.
Merry Christmas!

reston realtor: How to Make Your Clients Happy--And It is Easy! - 12/07/12 06:59 AM
Any Real Estate professional who wants to remain in business will be interested in keeping their clients happy; happy clients are repeat and referral clients! There is a really, really easy way to make your clients happy. Here is the secret--wait for it, it is coming, here it is...give them what they want!   It is human nature that we are happiest when we feel like we have gotten what we want. I saw a story on the news last night that said people are happiest with their gifts when they receive the gifts they ask for. That is not a surprise. This … (7 comments)

reston realtor: It is never to early to think SPRING! - 12/06/12 07:34 AM
At this time of year, most of us are running around preparing for the holidays and trying to make sure the year ends up successfully. Most of us can't think about new chapters and next steps.
But this is a great time of year to start thinking about buying or selling a home.
If you are a buyer, right now is the time to contact lenders and start getting your financials in order. Remember not to go overboard with gift buying; racking up debt is counter productive to your goal of purchasing a new home.  Remind yourself that it is the … (1 comments)

reston realtor: The Fiscal Cliff and the D.C. Metro Housing Market - 12/02/12 08:54 PM
I have watched people say, for the past several years, that the trend is for smaller, more functional homes. I believe this is true; I just don't believe this is true in every market. With the infamous 'Fiscal Cliff,' talks on-going, there is a possibility that this trend will take hold whether it is by preference or not.
  Frankly, much of my work with buyers has to do with folks who are 'moving up.' That can be defined in a number of ways. Sometimes 'moving up,' means getting more space to accommodate a growing household. It can sometimes mean purchasing a new home … (66 comments)

reston realtor: Get Ready for Old Man Winter in Virginia! - 12/02/12 07:02 AM
Here in Northern Virginia, we have had our share of storms and weather events lately!
  This winter is forecast to be a tough one, so in preparation, Governor McDonnell has proclaimed this week (Dec. 2-8, 2012) Winter Preparedness week.   Most of us are familiar with the idea of having enough food, water and prescription medicines on hand (and if you are not, refer to the State's checklist at, but might not have thought yet this season about some of the other things we can do to prepare.   Here are some ideas:   Check your snow removal equipment. Make sure you … (0 comments)

reston realtor: Wolf Trap Holiday Sing-a-long - 11/29/12 08:40 PM
Saturday, Decmeber 1, 2012 (tomorrow!) is the Wolf Trap Family Sing-A-Long! This event is a great way to get your family in the spirit of the holidays.
Featuring the United States Marine Corp band and choir and vocal groups from the metropolitan Washington area, the Sing-A-Long features Christmas, seasonal and Hanukkah songs.
The Sing-A-Long begins  at 4:00 p.m. , at the  Filene Center at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, 1551 Trap Road, Vienna, Va. Best of all, it is free!
If you are going, be sure to bundle up, wear a holiday hat (Santa hats are everywhere), bring a candle to light and don't miss … (1 comments)

reston realtor: Aging in Place? A New Option - 11/26/12 06:40 AM
Sooner or later, if you work in Real Estate, you will have a client who is looking for one level living. Sometimes it is for their own health or convenience and sometimes it is in anticipation of an older parent coming to live with them.   In Northern Virginia, there are a fair number of one level-living homes--unfortunately, many of them seem to be in the older (and more expensive) communities. In the newer communities (further outside of the city), it is harder to find a rambler or single level home; many of the builders went 2 stories up, figuring that … (1 comments)

reston realtor: Thinking of Vacation Property? - 11/24/12 09:29 PM
Owning a vactaion home can be a great way to invest in real estate and, at the same time, have a great place to get away.
If you have considered buying a vacation property, your timing can make a difference in your purchase price.
A beach house can sell for slightly less in the off season (when it is not generating income) than it will in the summer when it is probably paying for itself. The same goes for a ski chalet; if you buy during ski season, you will probably pay a premium.
Being willing to carry the costs of … (2 comments)

reston realtor: Support Small Business Saturday, November 24, 2012 - 11/22/12 09:34 PM
Saturday, November 24, 2012 has been set aside as 'Small Business Saturday.' It is a day where people throughout the United States are encouraged to take their business to small businesses, rather than the big-box stores.
As a small business owner myself, I think the awareness that Small Business Saturday brings to the entrepreneurs among us is fantastic.  It isn't easy to compete against the 'big guys.' I find that even in the real estate business; there are some people who are just more comfortable with the big names.  
According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, 2 out of every … (19 comments)

reston realtor: A Happy Thanksgiving to All! - 11/22/12 12:30 AM
The Turkey is cooking, the potatoes are mashed, the pies are ready and the tables are set.   In this little respite before our family and guests arrive, I wanted to take a moment to wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving!   The past several years have been a challenge for everyone. There has been a lot of uncertainty for many people. All indicators show that our economy is improving and I feel confident that, if they haven't already gotten better for you, things will get better soon!   Enjoy this special day of Thanks as you celebrate with friends, … (3 comments)

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