seller: Realistic Buyer Expectations of a Home Inspection - 05/24/17 03:54 PM
You finally found the perfect home! You are a little bit nervous, after all, someone else has been doing the maintenance (or not doing it, as the case may be). The Home Inspection is scheduled. What can you expect?  First of all, unless you are buying a brand new home, there will be items identified as needing repair by the home inspector (and even in a brand new home, you should expect some things). There is no such thing as a 'perfect' house. As a buyer, you should be interested in knowing the how much 'life' is left in the … (2 comments)

seller: 5 Things That Drive Buyers Crazy! - 04/08/16 07:18 AM
Spring is a great time to sell your home. A lot of buyers find that it is a good time to look for a new place to live and sellers agree by putting their homes on the market.
If you are thinking of selling, you owe it to your bank account to think like a buyer while preparing your home for sale. So what are some of the things that buyers hate to see?
1. Filth. This should go without saying, but I see it all the time. It is hard to have your house for sale, but it is even harder when … (4 comments)

seller: The new program that will wreck havoc on home sales! - 01/12/15 06:56 AM
On January 26, Fannie Mae will roll out a new program designed to facilitate appraisals. The problem is that it will do anything but make this process easier or more effective!   The theory is that rather than having the appraisers 'waste' their time finding the comparable sales, there will be an automated process that will provide them with comps.  That sounds okay unless you have ever had to price a property! Ken Harney, Washington Post, outlined this program in his article,Fannie Mae’s bid to boost appraisals’ accuracy draws fire.
Unless you are talking about a subdivision where no one … (5 comments)

seller: How Your Loan Can Help You Sell Your House - 02/24/14 12:27 AM
Assumable loans. Not really something we have been talking about recently--but something that you are likely to hear more about as interest rates begin creeping up.
Over the past couple of years, we have seen record low interest rates. Many folks have both purchased and refinanced homes during this time. Many of these loans are in the 3.5%-4.5% range. As rates creep up toward 5.5% a buyers purchasing power is decreased. In other words, the more you are paying in interest each month, the higher your payment will be on the same loan amount.
But what if you are a seller … (1 comments)

seller: Is this the best time to buy or sell? - 01/19/14 10:42 PM
Is this the best time to buy or sell?
As a. Realtor, this is the question that I hear most often.  Frankly, it is a fairly personal question.
Why are you asking? Do you need more space? Do you need to downsize to reduce your payments and maintenance? Have you experienced a life-event such as a marriage, death, divorce or new family member? Maybe you have a new job and are hoping for something larger or more grand? Maybe you need a different layout or a property closer to your office?
If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes,' … (1 comments)

seller: When you are both a Seller and a Buyer - 08/27/13 06:52 AM
 A lot of my clients are moving out of the area, or moving in, and may only need my help for one side of the transaction.

There are plenty, however, that I work with to both buy and sell their home.  This can be a particularly stressful combination. Not only are you buying a new home, but you are living in one that needs to be 'showing ready,' at all times.     But how can you structure both deals to minimize moving-week stress?   So often, settlements are delayed by financing not being ready or a transaction earlier in … (3 comments)

seller: It's a house, not your baby! - 07/17/13 06:49 AM
We are often blind when it comes to our children.  They are earlier to walk, to speak, to smile than other children. They are cuter and more precocious than anyone else can detect. Because we spend so much time with them, we fall in love and we fall in love hard! It is fair to say that a parent can easily lose their objectivity.   Our houses can be a little bit like children. Who hasn't puffed with pride when a neighbor admires your new paint job or your very green grass?   This pride, however, has no place in pricing your home. … (43 comments)

seller: FOR SALE in Herndon, Virginia: Single Family at Townhouse Price! - 06/22/13 07:09 AM

$423,500 , 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, 0 half baths, 2,100 square feet  

seller: Death of a Short Sale - 05/09/12 09:31 PM
RIP, Short Sale from Hell. It was inevitable that this Short Sale would die a long and painful death. The indicators have been there all along; multiple banks, a second that has been sold multiple times, deadlines that came and went, a real estate market that has continued to improve since last fall. And finally, today, the public announcement of the Trustee Sale on the steps of the courthouse. Could we have done anything differently? The very, very frustrating thing is that, no, we could not have done anything differently. We provided a solid contract with few contingencies. My client was … (4 comments)

seller: How Hard Can it Be? Selling Your House FSBO - 05/09/12 03:56 AM
I am well aware that the general public believes that Realtors are overpaid (I could spend a whole blog post letting you know how the commission we receive is divided and spent until we get a fraction of it to deposit, but I will save that for another day). Friends of mine are always saying, 'we might try to sell it ourselves.' My response is always, 'you should.' And then I go on to tell them how they should handle the security issues and how they want to be sure to get legal advice as they go through the contract negotiations. … (32 comments)

seller: Perception is Reality in Real Estate - 03/20/12 09:25 PM
Buying or Selling a home can be very stressful. Hiring a Realtor can help, but cannot entirely prevent, missteps along the way.
As a party to the transaction, you will be called upon to respond at different points in the transaction. How you react--and even when--can affect how the other side views your offer.  Does this matter? It can.  I recently worked with a move-up buyer. They found the house of their dreams and submitted an offer. The sellers countered. The buyers, understandably nervous, took some time to think about the counter and how they wanted to respond. The sellers interpreted … (5 comments)

seller: The right to turn down a listing...or discrimination? - 11/06/11 09:24 AM
Prejuidice? Discrimination?  I am sure there are unsavory agents who have turned down listings for the wrong reason, but what about turning down a listing because you don't want the media coverage?   I ran across this article, Octomom Real Estate Agency REFUSED to Sell My Home.  Nadya Suleman is contending that the brokerage's refusal to list her home is discrimination against her, as someone who gave birth to 8 babies. Wow.    People should not throw around the word discrimination so lightly.     We have all turned down listings--or at least found ways not to list properties we believed would be difficult to … (30 comments)

seller: Sell Your Home: A Series of Posts, Part 4 - 10/09/11 06:21 AM
You've done the hard work and the heavy lifting. Your house is on the market and you may be getting anxious because you did not get a contract on the first day.  Here are some posts that can help you understand things you might consider to improve your chances of getting a contract and how buyers who are looking at your home are reveiwing the information that is available to them.
An informed seller is a seller who is in a good postion to get a solid contract with a  high chance of getting to settlement. Make sure YOU are an … (0 comments)

seller: Don't Underestimate the Power of Good Will in a Sale - 07/03/11 04:36 AM
When the market is down and you need to sell your house, it is easy to feel pretty 'put out' by the low-ball offers and never ending  buyer requests. Sometimes, by the time you accpet an offer, you feel like you have really compromised. Rather than behaving like you are doing the buyer  big favor, however, I would recommend you try to keep your 'reasonable' hat on and work through your issues without taking them out on  your buyers. When buyers make simple requests, such as asking if they can get back into the house to measure, try to be accommodating. … (2 comments)

seller: Be the Best Seller You Can Be! - 06/07/11 07:54 AM
It isn't easy having your house on the market. It feels like a constant series of intrusions into your private life. You can't live they way you normally do, your schedule is constantly being adjusted and the kids and/or pets are out of sorts. Keep your eye on the prize. It isn't easy being a buyer either! As Realtors, we are often the mediators between buyers and sellers. They both, ultimately, have the same objective; for the Seller to sell the house to the buyer. We end up facilitating exactly how that takes place.  Emotions are raw and, sometimes, feelings are … (4 comments)

seller: FSBO--Are Your Emotions Getting in the Way of Your Sale? - 03/25/11 08:49 AM
When it comes time to sell a house, many of us consider doing it ourselves. After all, who knows and appreciates our home better than the person who has been tending it all these years? There are many technical reasons that I would encourage you to seek the professional guidance of a Realtor® (pricing, preparation, safety, marketing just to name a few), but there are a couple of emotional reasons, too.
No one, least of all a buyer, cares how much money you need to get out of the transaction It is very difficult to be objective about your own … (5 comments)

seller: Sellers: You Owe It To Yourself to Ask This Question - 03/23/11 02:53 AM
You have prepared your home for sale. Your Realtor® listed it in the MLS. People come to see it, so you feel like it is priced reasonably, but after several weeks, there hasn't been any serious interest. Is it something you are doing or just a slow market?This fall and winter, I saw perfectly good homes that were well prepared and well priced sit on the market. The truth is that it is very competitive out there and there are fewer serious and well-qualified buyers out there than we saw in the past. Those who are out there are both serious … (1 comments)

seller: Interested in Northern Virginia Market Statistics? - 01/13/11 11:15 PM
Interested in Northern Virginia Market Statistics? I can provide you with a quick Market Snapshot of what is currently for sale in, and around, your home or the area where you are considering a purchase.
Understanding comparable home pricing is more important than ever, and the information provided in this Market Snapshot will provide invaluable data as you begin to determine either the sale price for your home or the purchase price of your next home. Simply enter your information in the box below and within a couple of minutes, you will receive a fantastic interactive Market Snapshot. It will show … (3 comments)

seller: Hard work is the new BUZZ! - 11/09/10 03:51 AM
For those of you who do not live with a  14 year old boy, you may not know that Call of Duty: Black Ops went on sale at midnight. My son, thankfully, did not push to be one of those in line (so I did not have to say 'no'), but he told me last night that he is sure that at least one of his friends (and likely more) were in line!Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows  will be released on November 19, 2010. My son HAS asked to go to the midnight show. Like any good parent, I responded … (0 comments)

seller: We've Seen the Bottom and It Looks Like We Are Leaving - 09/18/10 04:14 AM
All real estate markets are local. I know there are plenty of places that are still trying to dig out from underneath the burden of foreclosures and shortsales, but in the Reston area of Northern Virginia, and many other parts of NoVa, we seem to have come through the worst of it.Prices appear to have stabilized in Northern Virginia with the Spring Market. The NVAR Monthly Report for June 2010 shows that from June 2009 to June 2010, prices were up 11%. This, of course, was likely to be impacted by the Home Buyer Tax Credit and increased demand. Inventory is … (4 comments)

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