selling: Updating an 80s or 90s House - 07/09/19 07:12 AM
I live and sell in a community where  A LOT of the homes were built in the 80s and 90s. As homes are turning over, there are some things that were done when these homes were built that are dated or ready to be replaced. I see, unfortunately, many folks who just want to leave all that for someone else. In this HGTV world, buyers are less enthusiastic than ever about taking on projects.
First on the list is updating kitchens and bathrooms. These are big projects and not everyone has the time or money to take them on prior to listing. If … (0 comments)

selling: What about that house? Will you stay there? - 10/15/18 12:12 PM
There comes a time in your life when conversations shift from soccer practice and school plays to vacations and places to retire.  It can be an exciting time for some, but it can also be overwhelming for many!
Once the kids have moved out (and moved back in and moved out again), you may begin to think about trading in the old house and getting a new one.The problem that many of us have is that, along the way, we have collected a lot of stuff!
Some of you may have made-do with a smaller-than-ideal home while you were raising your kids and now … (2 comments)

selling: Life--and real estate--transitions - 05/29/18 06:29 AM

Through the years, it has become evident that I attract a certain type of client. So often, my clients are undergoing a major transition. When I say 'major,' I mean they may be relocating to another country, selling a home that has been left behind as they have begun living full time in another state or maybe they are looking for a wholesale change of location or property type. What makes this type of sale exciting, and unique, is that besides selling their home, the contents of the home must often be disposed of, too. This makes the process a bit more … (1 comments)

selling: 5 Inexpensive Ways to add Value to Your Home - 03/02/17 02:27 PM
We all want something for nothing, don't we? Well, when it comes to improving your house, most improvements cost money, but here are some things you can do to inexpensively add value when you go to sell.
1. Clean up and clean out your landscape. Obviously, you want to remove dead leaves and tired flowers, but take it a step further and remove old bushes that you have been diligently trimming back. You will be surprised at how much this opens up your home and improves the curb appeal (and first impression!). You may need to put in some replacements, but the work … (3 comments)

selling: Home Seller Advice: Don't neglect to Prep Your House! - 11/04/16 12:33 AM

By the time you are ready to sell your home, you are sick of pumping money into repairs and maintenance. Chances are you are ready to move on--preferably to a house that isn't so 'needy.' Before you paint a couple of rooms, change some fixtures and prepare to list your home, consider why making some of the 'less sexy' repairs is so important.   You will get all types of people through your home when it is listed. Some of those folks will only care about your light fixtures and paint choices, but there will also be those who care about maintenance and … (0 comments)

selling: Sellers: Think Like a Buyer! - 06/27/16 02:26 AM

You are ready to sell your house. It has been a great house for you! It is just the way you like it: super comfortable and relaxing to come home to each night. Does that mean it is ready to go on the market? You need to check out your competition!   Sellers are sometimes surprised at the things that I suggest that they update before listing their home. I don't just throw out things and I have no interest in having my sellers waste their hard earned money. The biggest driver in getting your home ready to go on the market is to make … (2 comments)

selling: Ready to sell your home? - 02/16/16 05:36 AM
Let's face it, following New Year, we are all less patient about the things we have been putting off doing.That includes, for many, selling your home.
If you are ready to sell this spring, what is the best way to get started?
First off, interview some local Realtors®. This is not as hard to do as you would think. Your friends, family members and neighbors will be more than willing to share their experiences (and some names!) with you. Contact these Realtors® and set up some meetings. You can interview one or a dozen (although probably 2-3 is the right number).
What should you … (2 comments)

selling: Projects That Will Help You Sell Your Home - 11/15/15 12:32 AM
Each year, The National Association of Realtors®, in conjunction with Remodeling Magazine and Realtor® Magazine does a study of which projects are most in demand by buyers and how much of the cost a seller is likely  to recoup  when they sell their home. If you are concerned about over-improving or even under-improving, this is a great study to review. Here is an article that outlines the findings of the report: 2015 Remodeling Cost vs. Value: Less is More.
If your focus is resale, knowing what other homes in your price range have done will be critical for you as you plan … (2 comments)

selling: Sellers: Get What You Pay For With Photos - 05/06/15 06:27 AM
It is very tempting when you are signing a listing agreement to negotiate the commission way, way down. You will always find some agent who will agree to your super low offer. Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you understand how that will affect your sale.
  The number one way that buyers find homes today is on the Internet. They might use an independent site, a famous site, their Realtor®'s site or they might use email links from their Realtor®. But what is the one thing all of these ways have in common? Yes, they all feature photographs.   … (3 comments)

selling: How my Clients Sell a Home - 03/19/15 04:51 AM
Last week I wrote a post, How My Clients Buy a Home, and so this week, I thought I would write a similar one about how I work with sellers.
  When someone contacts me about selling their home, our first step is to sit down and discuss their objectives. I also provide them with information about me, my background, my techniques and local market data.   Often, we do a 'walk around,' so that I can get a sense of the property at the same meeting.   Once I have been given the listing, we do a more detailed walk … (0 comments)

selling: A Brutal Apology to Consumers from the Real Estate Industry - 09/16/14 01:42 AM

This is a great post by Bryan Robertson! Hire an agent who is willing to work for you...and has the experience to know what they are doing.
Dear Home Buyer or Seller,
You've been so patient with the real estate industry and for that, those of us who know what we're doing, are eternally grateful. You've been suffering through poor performance for so long that you now trust a website more than the agent you meet at an open house. We understand, really, that it's hard to put a major financial and legal decision in the hands of someone who … (1 comments)

selling: 5 Reasons to Sell Your Northern Virginia Home This Fall - 09/03/14 12:53 AM
School is in session here in Northern Virginia and the crazy summer schedule is settling down for everyone--kids or no kids! If spending more time at home has got you considering a move, it isn't necessary to wait until Spring to sell your home. Fall can be a great time to sell!   Here are 5 reasons to consider a Fall home sale: Serious buyers: In the Spring, we get a lot of what we call 'Lookie-Loos' making the rounds. Everyone else seems to be looking at homes and so they jump on board and start looking, too. It seems like, while … (0 comments)

selling: My take on the Northern Virginia Real Estate Market--6-3-2014 - 06/03/14 05:56 AM
This morning I met my sellers to sign their side of a settlement  and then went on to tour 4 Broker's Opens for some other clients.
Now I find that Realtors® are generally fairly optimistic in their view of things; after all, who wants to work with a negative Realtor®?  When you ask them 'how is the market?' you have to be prepared for 'busy' and 'crazy' whether the market is, in fact, those things or not. Of course the only thing worse than a negative Realtor® is one who hasn't been hired to help a client--so no one wants to … (4 comments)

selling: 10 Ways to Sabotage Your Home Sale - 02/09/14 07:03 AM
If you really don't want to sell your home, here are 10 things that you can do to sabotage the sale (based on my real world experience working with buyers).
1. Make it difficult to see your home. If you really want to turn off the buyer, agree to a time and then don't show up (no lockbox, obviously). 

2. Don't clean off the front walkway and front porch. This is especially a deterrent if it has been snowy or icy.
3. Keep your Holiday decorations up all year round. 
4. Don't remove the dead trees and shrubs on your … (82 comments)

selling: Home value is in the eye of the buyer, right? - 01/23/14 06:41 AM
If you are thinking of selling your home, you may have been seduced by neighborhood talk about how sought after the homes in your neighborhood are by potential buyers.  With that level of interest, isn't it just a matter finding a buyer who is willing to pay top dollar?
Not so fast…
After the recent real estate meltdown, banks and the government went back to basics and have made the appraisal process more critical in establishing the final sales price.
You can list your home and name your price, find a buyer who agrees to pay the price--and  you may still … (1 comments)

selling: Will you buy a new home in 2014? - 12/30/13 09:57 PM
The New Year often means a reevaluation of our personal goals and objectives. We might want to improve our diet, work out more often, volunteer with more consistency--or maybe we just want to like where we live a little bit better!
If your 2014 goals include selling your home and buying a new one, here are some things to think about before you jump in.
Mortgage rules have changed. Don't begin the process without having an in-depth conversation with a mortgage lender.  A good lender is going to want to have a solid understanding of your financial position. Do not be afraid … (2 comments)

selling: Please sell my house, but, first, I have a bunch of rules - 10/29/13 10:29 AM
I went to preview a home today at the invitation of the Realtor.  It took me a while to find it because there was no sign. I finally located the house number and saw the lock box on the door.
  When I opened the door, I was met with a basket of shoe covers. I removed my shoes and continued on through the house.   The owner had opted not to do too much modification to the house prior to going on the market. It was a nice house, but not necessarily set up to appeal to the most number … (6 comments)

selling: What would it take for you to sell your house? - 10/28/13 07:29 AM
What is the one thing that woudl get you to sell your house? Would you have to get a certain price? Would you have to net a certain amount? Would you have to haveidentified your next new home? Would your kids have to have graduated from college? Would you have to have earned that next promotion? Would you have to have had a major life event? Are you unsure?   We all have one thing that would be enough to have us list and sell our home. Usually, by the time I get in the door to discuss a listing, … (0 comments)

selling: There will be no sign on my property! - 09/13/13 06:42 AM
 When I list a home, there are many tools at my disposal to get it sold. Some of these tools include:
  MLS: Obviously, the biggest and most important tool Marketing materials: website ads, print media, social media, brochures Word of Mouth and Networking: Including distribution of the information at office, association events, networking events and neighbors and friends of the sellers talking about the listing The Sign Now I know that it gets confusing for sellers because that sign is also good advertising for the listing agent. But the truth is, unless you live in a very rura,l or out-of--the-way, location letting your … (4 comments)

selling: Will I Sell My Home This Fall? 4 Things You Must Do - 08/19/13 04:13 AM
I wrote a post last week, Advice for Sellers, where I outlined some important advice for Sellers intent on selling their homes. Preparing your home for market is important.  If you aren't getting people in there, it is either priced to high, or it was on the market for too long before you dropped it to the proper price.     There is a perception that when a Realtor®  tells you not to over price your home, it is because they want to add another 'quick sale' to their list. While there may be some bad apples out there who … (3 comments)

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