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Real Estate in Baton Rouge can be a heavy topic just as real estate is anywhere else in the country. Here we discuss current events relating to the Baton Rouge real estate market. You may find listings, Baton Rouge real estate news, information about financing a home in Baton Rouge, or updates about our company, "Home After Home". *Licensed in Louisiana, USA*



Disclaimer: In order to get the full effect of the speed of multitasking you must read this post as fast as you can!  My day is riddled with multitasking.  Jumping from one contract, client, house to another.  I was talking with someone this weekend.  I said, "Allergy shots won't fit with my life...
Reading all the dialogue on my Safety? or Stupidity? blog entry, I realize that there's another arena to discuss.  Is it really necessary to conduct open houses or are open houses just an old way of conducting business?  Does the potential for a sale justify putting ourselves at risk?Why do we do...
The other day I was showing a $400,000 home which was under construction and about 90% complete.  The doors, windows, and locks were all in.  As I'm showing the 3500 SF home I came out of a room and saw a man in the house.  The guy was wearing jeans and a sweatshirt and didn't really look like so...
I have a client looking for a home that has a committment letter from her lender.  This is strong letter.  In fact, if you are one of those agents who do not know the difference in preapproval, approval or committment letters read the posting by Eric Hemmer.Ok, now that you know.  Can you tell me...

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