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With California being #4 in foreclosures in the United States, many homeowners that are being foreclosed on are turning to some very unbelievable solutions. People in desperate times will due desperate things, with the foreclosure rate up many families are reporting that their home has been burgl...
I happen to be one of those agents that loves numbers, so the other day while I was listening to the third time the story of the agent that is being sued locally play out on TV, I thought I would look at how the sales are doing in my own backyard.San Marcos has two zip codes and that is how sales...
REDC came to town Saturday 1/26, with 222 homes that they put up for auction, starting at 9:30AM.They started auctioning off 222 homes at 9:30AM, and were done by 5PM.Each home took approximately 3-5 minutes to sell, depending on how much the auctioneer stressed the price. (Many times auctioneers...
In a national news article that came out recently about how an agent is being sued because he did not show the buyer all the homes in the area that were available and they purchase one that they felt was over market value Vs those that were for sale. I am aware that as an agent/broker we run the ...
Knowledge is power, a quote by Sir Frances Bacon. When dealing with a real estate auction it is important that you know the lingo. Auctions Styles! Reverse Auction:This type of auction is when the seller starts at the highest price he would like to obtain for the item that is up for bid. Example;...
I was working with a very savy buyer that had purchase about seven homes in the span of his life, as we explore all the possibilites that were avaliable in his price range we finally narrow it down to the home that he thought would be the right one. Spending a huge amount of time on getting to th...
It's been a rough day. Hours of prospecting have yielded zilch and you're staring at a helium filled quota number that's floating farther out of your grasp by the minute. Paging through your tickler system, looking for the member of the 20% club of your prospecting base that represents 80% of you...
I like to update my resume every year, its a tool I use when working with buyers and sellers, and as I was about to update this very vital piece of information I went on AR to see if I could get any pointer's about writing a great real estate resume and did not see any info on this subject: So, h...
It should be manadory that any agent that intends to baby sit an Open House should be prepared for the unexpected. There has been a rash of robbery's and attacks on agents in our area that have held Open House solo. When holding an Open House following the suggestions below will be helpful. 1. Le...
Knowing How To Bid At a Real Estate Auction, Can Mean Money In or Out of Your Back Pocket.  You've read the ad in the paper or seen the promotion on TV, and signs are up in your neighborhood-- upcoming real estate auction, Open House this weekend. So you go and take a look, and what you see you l...

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