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So often we hear only the negative about our local government, so I thought it only fitting to post about a positive that recently has come to light about the City of San Marcos, Caltrans & The San Diego Association of Government. The above agencies have perform a humongous feat by helping with t...
The U. S. Postal Services new mail-sorting machine is coming to San Diego California debuting in May 2011. The size of this machine is about the size of 14 double Decker buses and it fast.   It can do the job of 26 humans working at full bore. Unlike its human counterpart -it can work non-stop 17...
Plans by SeaWorld San Diego to add a manta-themed roller coaster ride and exhibit have received the blessing of the California coastal Commission Staff. The manta themed roller coaster ride will include a 9,900 square foot loading and unload station, an aquarium viewing tank and ray pool. Also p...
Local Tree Climber Contest To Be Held At Balboa Park, In San Diego, Ca, this Saturday & Sunday, January 29th& 30th. Tree Climbing contest will be held at Balboa Park featuring arborists showing off their skills. Time 8:30AM located at Morley Field in Balboa Park.  Just the mention of tree climbin...
With the cold weather and chilly nighttime temperatures, its time to remind everyone of the safety tips that should be a priority in cold weather heating. Never use your outdoor barbeque range or oven to heat a home because these appliances are not designed for this purpose. If used indoors they ...
Buy downs and other discount are being offer at local new home builders in the San Diego community. With the local real estate market being sluggish, some local area new home builders are offering a variety of financial incentives to spur sales some of which sound almost too good to be true.  She...
Carlsbad, Ca Mineral Spa.   Population--- is approximately $125,000 give or take.   Miles of Coast line ---- Nearly 7 miles.   Median Age: 41   Total Square miles ---42   Average High Temperatures ---68 degrees in January (coldest month) and 84 in August (hottest month.)   Average rainfall---10 ...
Paying by credit card is coming to Chula Vista, Ca toll road Ca125 know as The South Bay Expressway. Starting this Monday - January 24,2011, this toll road first credit card machines will go into operation at the Olympic Parkway ramp booth. By mid-February, machines will be operating at all of th...
WaveJet Technologies, based in , Santee,  California, is debuting its most recent line of self-propelled surfboards. WaveJet employs a patented miniaturized jet drive that helps boards & other watercraft travel at a pace of 8 to 10 knots in still water about three times faster than paddling. Life...
The Port of San Diego has been awarded a $625,00 federal grant to implement waterfront shuttle service between the San Diego Convention Center & The Cabrillo National Monument. Local port official said the money will be used to implement the proposed Cabrillo Circulator Shuttle, which would take ...

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