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Housing Recovery Predicted To Take Place In 2013-2014 In California. Home sales are hot and labor market continue to see steady gains, but could positive indicators like these be too good to be true, possibly a mirage. That's what economists at UCLA, concluded in their 2012 economic forecast for ...
Landlord/Tenants In California. I own an apartment complex, and I have one tenant who has failed to pay rent. What steps should I take to evict this tenant?  The first step for eviction is to serve the tenant with a three-day notice to pay or quit. The tenant then has three days (excluding weeken...
Proper Etiquette For Videoconferencing! The hierarchy of communication in descending order of effectiveness: talking in person, yelling in person, talking on the phone, yelling on the phone, videoconferencing (while talking or yelling, take your pick). Videoconferencing is one of those things tha...
Meet The Robots' At Tri-City Wellness In Carlsbad, Ca. The community is invited to come and learn about the latest advances in robotic surgery and to talk to the doctors who use the technology during a day long Health & Wellness Robotics Expo at the Tri-City Wellness Center, 6250 El Camino Real, ...
Are "As Is" Sales of Real Estate Property Legal In California?   How do you handle home inspections duties for such properties?  Sellers generally use the term "as is" to mean they will not be responsible to buyers for the condition of the real property being sold. although its not illegal to mer...
What is Liquidated Damages Clause In A California Real Estate Contract? A liquidated damages clause is a provision included in some contracts allowing for th the payment of a specified sum of money should one of the parties breach the contract. In Real estate sales, the most common liquidate dama...
Probate In Sales In California Real Estate. A general description of what you need to know about doing a probate sale in California. A probate estate is a deceased person's estate administered under the jurisdiction of the probate court. The process of listing, marketing, and selling a property i...
Hiring An Assistant That Is Not License In Real Estate In California! Hiring an unlicensed real estate assistant, what kind of tasks can this person handle on my behalf?  Unlicensed assistants can provide a great deal of help to you: however it is important to be aware of the activities an unlice...
Do I Need to Disclose A Death On A Property to Potential Buyers, In California? No. If the death occurred more than three years ago. California law sates that occupants and their agents are not required to disclose a death on a property if the death occurred more than three years prior to receivi...
San Elijo Conservancy Offering Evening Walks In San Marcos, California! As the sun begins to descent over the ocean, some animals that live in San Elijo Lagoon, emerge from day-time slumber. Explore the estuary as day becomes dusk with San Elijo Lagoon conservancy docents. Enjoy the fragrance of ...

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