money: Let San Diego Gas & Electric Help You Save Energy & Money! - 02/11/12 03:34 AM
Let San Diego Gas & Electric Help You Save  Energy & Money!

We've all heard the saying "age is nothing but a number." Words to live by --except when it comes to your appliances. For example a refrigerator built before 1990 uses up to 50% more energy than a newer model. Consider swapping out your old fridge or freezer through San Diego Gas & Electric Appliance Recycling Program and get cash back---plus free pickup. To schedule your pickup, visit Other programs and services designed to help you save energy and money include.

Incentives for energy-savings upgrades. If your … (0 comments)

money: Interesting Trivia About Escondido, California. - 07/28/10 03:44 AM
Escondido, California is a community that is tucked away in North San Diego County and is about 20 minutes inland from the Pacific Coast, OK, OK, I will get to the intriguing trivia that I recently learned about Escondido, Ca.
Back 100 years ago in Escondido, California the city printed its own money. Yes, legal tender that if you have in your possession today is worth mucho. The bank of Escondido issue one half million dollars worth of $5 & $10 dollar bills each was personally  signed by the president of the bank and his wife. Fred & Helen Hall.
This is a … (0 comments)

money: Money $$$ Saving Tips When Heating & Cooling Your Humble Abode! - 01/30/10 04:23 AM
1. Find better ways to heat and cool your house. 
As much as half of the energy used in homes goes toward heating and cooling. The following are a few ways that energy bills can be reduced through adjustments to the heating and cooling systems:
Install a ceiling fan. Ceiling fans can be used in place of air conditioners, which require a large amount of energy. Get a check-up by your local heating and cooling provider's in your area, the cost should be minimum and many run specials. Periodically replace air filters in air conditioners and heaters. Set thermostats to an … (1 comments)

money: Mike Ferry's New Sales Talk Workshop. - 08/30/08 12:11 PM
Mike Ferry rolled out his new workshop up in Newport Beach, California the week of August 19-22 2008. He charges $295.00 for the four days, and Mike did the first one and the room was packed with agents, and brokers, I attended and was surprised at the change in stance Mike has taken on the subject of buyers, pricing listings and how much longer we could be in a down market.
I have know Mike Ferry for many moons. and he has never really like buyers, it has always been about listings. He did a survey of his top 250 agents … (11 comments)

money: Home Seller Quandary: Fix Up House Or Offer Credit? - 02/28/08 11:51 PM
Sellers who anticipate losing money if they sell their home may wonder why they should spend a dime fixing the place up for sale. isn't this throwing good money after bad? Even sellers with plenty of equity in their home often figure the way to get the most out of the sale is to cut sale costs to a minimum.
Everyone has been on listing appointments where you can see that spending money on replacing the carpeting, painting and or upgrading appliances would increase the showings and the potential of getting a better offer.
 What to do with so many housing … (5 comments)

money: When To Tell An Agent Its Time to Quit? - 02/27/08 11:52 PM
A close friend of mine came to me the other day, ranting about how hard she is working and not getting the results that she had hope for in real estate. She lamented on about the cost and the amount of time she has invested in trying to get business, when all is said and done I know that this person has not treated real estate like a hobby.
She needs to see some results for the effort that she had put into real estate, and I definitely see her self-confidence level being eroded. She is praying for a miracle.
As … (4 comments)

money: Designing a Successful Real Estate Business Plan for 2008! - 11/28/07 02:34 AM
A business plan in selling real estate is a must. A successful business plan is no longer an option. It is extremely simple to design a very useful business plan, it will take the following ingredients.
What is your monthly debt personally and professionally.How many real estate transactions must you have to not only survive but thrive in real estate.What is your return on your investment. (ROI) Analyse each transaction, as to cost, time and return.Establish a budget for expenses. Adhere to this budget at all times.Be a good steward of your money.I knew a local top producing agent that had his … (6 comments)

money: Power Tips! - 11/14/07 05:24 AM
Everybody likes to buy, because buying is fun. If you don't believe this, try to find a parking space at a shopping mall, or a seat at an auction this weekend. However, while buying is fun and exciting, nobody likes to be sold.  Here are power tips to use in your business:
Get emotional: When presenting your services do not attempt to appeal strictly to the buyers rational mind with a list of perfectly logical reason to buy. Instead, fire their imaginations, and appeal to their emotions. Stress the benefits and reward of using you as their real estate agent. Use colorful verbal … (3 comments)

money: Accountability, Accountability, Accountability; As a Real Estate Agent. - 10/17/07 12:02 PM
I just got off the phone with a high profile real estate motivation-coaching company. The program is  to help you sell more and to reach your goals, for a mere $1,000 dollars a month with a year non-negotiable commitment to this program. The coaching company is well known. Every week I am given an assignment and I will then receive a once a week call from my coach to see how well I did on that weeks assignment and the call is to last approximately one hour. The issue I have with all these coaching programs, is that they all are … (2 comments)

money: Sellers and Buyers Doing Home Improvements. - 09/27/07 02:50 AM
As an agent many times you will be ask about making a recommendation on who to use for home improvements projects. Here are a few suggestions:
Keep in mind that your reputation as well as the referrals that you are making for the home improvement projects will be sending a strong message to the buyer or seller. So choose wisely.Give and get references before your recommend.Be proactive about offering at least three contractors for the buyer or seller to select from.Here is a list of questions to ask when interviewing a home improvement contractor.
How long have you been in business?Are you licensed … (2 comments)

money: How Many Websites Are To Many ? - 09/19/07 05:03 AM
Yesterday I went to a local seminar where three of the top producing agents in the area spoke about how they are dealing with this real estate market. It was being sponsor by a company that will help you with getting a website up and running. Cutting to the chase, the numbers went like this:
Top producer # 1 has closed 158 transactions this year with 45 in the pipe line. He has 58 websites. With seven members on his team. He intends to sell the leads he is unable to work with to a lead generating company.
Top producer # 2 has … (3 comments)

money: Prospecting, Prospecting Your Way to Real Estate Success! - 09/07/07 05:03 AM
I attended a well known motivational real estate trainers seminar here in San Diego, who pointed out that prospecting is the life blood of staying in business with this current market. Unless you are averaging at least a minimum of X amount of hours you will be out of business. So, that spurred me to thinking what would you say your average per week investment in prospecting is?  How many hours do you dedicated to this way of generating business. I am very interested.

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