san diego county: Up For Local Auction 224 Properties---San Diego,California County's Public Auction! - 02/06/12 11:45 PM
Up For Auction 224 Properties --- San Diego, California County's Public Auction!

Are you scouting for a home that is a bargain? You may want to try San Diego County's You may want to try San Diego County's annual public auction. The tax-treasure collectors office on February 24, 2012 is schedule to sell more than 200 properties belonging to people who have been in default for five years. The county is attempting to recover more than $3.4 million in property  taxes. That figure includes penalties and fee's. The owners still have a chance to keep those properties as long as … (0 comments)

san diego county: Poway, California "Los Penasquitos School" Gets National Blue Ribbon Award! - 09/30/11 01:48 AM
The U. S. Department of Education recently recognized Los Penasquitos Elementary School as the only public school in the San Diego County to receive a Blue Ribbon award. It is an honor for Poway United School District to have Los Penasquitos Elementary School be recognized with, this prestigious award for student achievement. This reflects on the strong focus of the students. Teachers, staff and parents to ensure students success.
The Blue Ribbon Schools program recognizes public and private schools that have high achievement levels or have made significant progress and helped close achievement gaps, especially among disadvantage and minority students. … (1 comments)

san diego county: The Three Stages of Local Gas Grief In San Diego, California. - 04/16/11 02:50 AM
On Friday-April 15, 2011, the average price of gas in the San Diego  community was $4.18 -- $1.07 more than we were paying a year ago. Prices have been escalating upward for weeks and show no sign of stopping. We've been here before. Often enough in fact to recognize that motorists travel through at three stages while absorbing bad news at the gas pumps.
Stage One: Fretting.
Called the fretting state, in the past the first response might have been fury. Consumers organized boycotts of certain oil companies or demanded action fro lawmakers." We are there yet"! If your looking for … (3 comments)

san diego county: San Diego, Ca. County Clerk Offers Valentine's Deal - 02/07/11 12:08 AM
San Diego County recently announced extended office hours for couples looking to tie the knot or renew their wedding vows on Valentine's Day. The office at 1600 Pacific Highway will be open from 8AM, to 5PM, for licenses and ceremonies.
Valentine's Day wedding reservations are filling up quickly. Couples will be accommodated who want to be married by staying open later and assigning additional staff to help couples that do not have an appointment.

 A $100.00 "Sweetheart Deal" will be offered with no blood test or mandatory waiting period required. Mementos and various other souvenirs will be available to commemorate … (0 comments)

san diego county: Three Homes Up For Auction In San Diego, California All Under $150,000. - 04/22/10 01:38 AM
There are three homes up for auction in San Diego County. Two in San Diego, California and one in Oceanside, California, all under the price point of $150,000. These are HUD/Bank owned properties.
3574 Sunset Lane --- San Diego, California. $ 98,000 is a Two Bedroom - 2 Bath home. Blue Haven Ct, ----San Diego, California    $145,000 is a 3 Bedroom - 2.5 Bath home. Estata Rd, Oceanside, California----$120,000---Two Bedrooms 1 Bath.  
Bidding is now taking place, and to place a bid on any of the above homes one needs to work with a HUD certified broker. These … (0 comments)

san diego county: Local San Diego County Residents On Notice To Pay Delinquent Taxes or Homes Go Up For Auction. - 01/20/10 07:57 AM
Pay up, property tax delinquents, or San Diego County will auction off your property, the county treasurer-tax collector's office said Tuesday.
The county's 330 property tax delinquents who are five years overdue owe a total of $1.5 million. They have until Feb. 25 to get caught up.
California law allows property owners five years to get up to date, but after that the county can sell the properties. In December, the Board of Supervisors approved 400 properties for auction, up from 211 in 2008. Since then, 70 people have paid their back taxes.
In 2008, 103 property owners got caught up … (4 comments)

san diego county: San Diego Chargers versus New York Jets, today in San Diego, California. - 01/17/10 02:36 AM
San Diego County has Chargers Fever; the upcoming challenge between the New York Jets and the Chargers today has everyone filled with anticipation. Yesterday the local grocery stores were jammed with shoppers loading up with goodies for Sunday's/todays game. The local transit district is planning out routes that can be taken by using the bus or train, and leaving your vehicle at home. 
The weather is as close to an autumn day as it can get. Going into this game the Jets have the No. 1 rushing attack in the league and will look to continue their dominance up front in … (0 comments)

san diego county: $576,000 In Refunds Due To Residences of San Diego County, California. - 08/28/09 03:55 AM
Dan McAllister, who is San Diego County tax collector is asking that you contact his office or go to the website, and check and see if the county owes you money. Your search must be done and the request for the refund be in the county's hands before 10/19/2009 that is the deadline. The smallest amount this is unclaimed is $10.10 and the largest is $86,064.76 (relatives of Ruben Hernandez) its your lucky day.
Most of the unclaimed funds/fees are from overpaid fess collected by different county agencies, or property tax refunds. So, call or check on the website and … (0 comments)

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