sellers: Who Pays For What In A Standard San Diego, California Real Estate Transaction. - 07/24/12 12:49 AM
Who Pays For What In A Standard San Diego, California Real Estate Transaction?
The Seller (Generally Pays for in a Traditional/Standard Real Estate Transaction). Real Estate commission. Escrow Fee (50%). Document preparation fee. Documentary transfer tax ($1.10 per $1,000 of sale). Any City transfer conveyance tax (per real estate contract). Any loan fees required by buyer's lender (government loans). Payoff of all loans in seller's name. Interest accrued to lender being paid off. Termite inspection and or termite work per real estate contract. Home warranty (per real estate contract). Any judgments, tax liens -child support, IRS etc, against seller. Tax pro-ration. … (0 comments)

sellers: New Housing Tax Will It Affect Sellers In 2013. - 07/18/12 08:24 AM
New Housing Tax Will It Affect Sellers? Flying all over the Internet has been the statement --- "Did you know that if you sell your house after 2012 you will pay a 3.8 percent sales tax on it"? When did this happen? It's in the health care bill. Just thought you should know. Once litigation challenging the law's constitution-ality surfaced in federal courts the email warning subsided. But with the law schedule to take effect less than six months from now questions are being raised again: Is there really a 3.8 percent transfer tax on real estate coming in 2013? Does … (1 comments)

sellers: Do I Need To Take The First Offer That Comes In? - 10/27/11 01:05 PM
Do I need to Take The First Offer That Comes In?

You're under no obligation to accept the first or any other offer (except in a few states where you must accept a full price offer that has no contingencies). In fact, offers, even very attractive ones, are rarely accepted as written. More typically, you will negotiate to accept some, maybe even most of the offer terms, while also proposing certain changes for example:
Price--you want more money. Financing--you want a larger down payment Occupancy---you need more time to move out. Buyers sale of current house --you don't want … (2 comments)

sellers: Seller Choices When Selling Their Home In Today's Real Estate Market! - 10/18/11 09:15 AM
Sellers Choices when Selling Their Home In Today's Real Estate Market.

Sellers in today's real estate market have a myriad of choices to select from when deciding on selling their home. They can choose to go For Sale By Owner, select a full service, discount service brokerage, real estate auctions or to run out and get their real estate license and try to sell their home themselves when they pass the real estate exam and hang their license. As a real estate broker I have seen and heard most every unbelievable choice a seller can make in selling their home … (2 comments)

sellers: How Is The Real Estate Market In San Marcos, California Doing In September 2011?? - 09/07/11 05:23 AM
How Is the Real Estate Market In San Marcos, California.

That truly is a great question and it all depends if your are a buyer, seller or investor.

For buyers/investors that are interest in purchasing a home, business or commercial piece of property-- San Marcos, California is one of the fastest growing communities in North San Diego county per the most recent census taken in 2010. San Marcos offers an array of well priced homes starting in the low 100"s up, new home builders abound in San Marcos and some really spectacular incentives are being offered. HUD, … (0 comments)

sellers: Reverse Auctions (What Most Seller's Are Using) - 03/08/10 03:05 AM
In today's real estate market, many sellers unbeknownst to themselves are using a Reverse Auction: Here is a description of a reverse auction.
A reverse auction is a type of auction in which the roles of buyers and sellers are reversed. In an ordinary auction (also known as a forward auction), buyers compete to obtain a good or service, and the price typically increases over time. In a reverse auction, sellers compete to obtain business, and prices typically decrease over time..
Here is a typical example, lets say that a seller has his home on the market for sale at the … (1 comments)

sellers: On Line Bidding More & More Homes Are Being Sold. - 11/28/09 12:22 AM
 As technology provides more and more advantages to the real estate professional, I have witness the next futurist approach to selling homes and that is ON-Line Bidding.
It is becoming a fast growing segment of the real estate market, and has proven to be a successful weapon for those agents wanting to create buyers urgency. Establishing a sense of urgency has help sell homes in less than 90 days.
This might very well be considered a sub-niche in the selling of real estate; the results are starting to be amazing. Homes that were languishing suddenly have 20 offers. Yes, there is … (8 comments)

sellers: What Are The Advantages To The Seller In An Auction Situation? - 11/14/09 11:15 PM
Efficiency.  Buyers come prepared to buy.  "Lookers" are eliminated because most often bidders are required to pre-qualify with a bank prior to the auction.  There is a sense of immediacy at auction.  Sellers get maximum exposure for their properties.  The auction marketing strategy differs from conventional advertising.  It is more concentrated over a shorter time and therefore more intense and visible.  High carrying costs are avoided.  Through auction, the seller is in control and knows that if the reserve is set correctly, his/her property will sell on a certain day at a certain time and close usually within 30 days … (0 comments)

sellers: Short Sale Rules Are Changing-- Are You Up To Date? - 10/15/09 02:51 AM
The Making Home Affordable program is being managed by Treasury and Fannie Mae.  It covers more than 85% of mortgage loans, including loans owned or guaranteed by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac, FHA loans, and loans managed by about 50 of the major servicers.  For these loans, the new MHA policies and processes are mandatory.   Good news and bad newsThere's good news and there's bad news associated with the MHA changes.  The good news is that it is actually an attempt to simplify and standardize the short sale process, rules and paperwork.  The bad news is that there are tens of … (4 comments)

sellers: Myths and More Myths about Selling Your Home Auction Style. - 09/08/09 04:29 AM
Myths abound around selling a home using the auction method ----some of them are as follows:
•1.       Selling a home auction style means giving it away.
•2.       It means that as a seller I am desperate.
•3.       I will be not get my price.
•4.       I am uncertain as to why my home did not sell traditional style  so why would it sell auction style?.
•5.       Why auctions are not used more to sell homes?
Auctions are one of the most equitable methods of selling or buying a home, one of the features that separate the nontraditional from the traditional … (1 comments)

sellers: Who Pays For What In a Real Estate Transaction in California? - 08/07/09 03:04 AM
The Seller Generally  Pays For:
Real Estate Commission Escrow Fee's (50%) Document preparation Fee Documentary Transfer Tax ($1.10per $1000 of sale) Any loan fees required by Buyer's lender on Government loans. Payoff of all loans in Seller's name. Interest accrued to lender being paid off. Termite Inspection (according to contract). Any judgments, tax liens, etc. Against the seller. Tax pro-ration. Any unpaid homeowners dues. Recording charges to clear all documents of record against seller. Any bonds or assessments (check contract) Any and all taxes that are delinquent. Homeowners' title insurance policy premium Homeowner's association transfer fee - doc fees. Zone Disclosure … (0 comments)

sellers: Sellers Who Rather Go Into Foreclosure. - 05/29/08 02:41 PM
It is becoming a common theme with some sellers that are facing foreclosure not to care any longer and just let the home go into foreclosure. It seems these sellers are facing obstacles that they think are too insurmountable to handle. It is heart wrenching when you discuss the ramification with a seller that is on the ropes about foreclosure and all they say is that they want out --- they do not care any longer. It seems that these sellers have had all the wind taken out of their sails.
I for one have given many sellers pep talks that are on the … (5 comments)

sellers: Sellers Carry Back--Yea or Nay? - 03/06/08 02:05 AM
A friend of mine got into a discussion the other day about Sellers carrying back notes on homes in this real estate market. Here is her point of view.
•1.     It attracts more potential buyers.
•2.     Seller wants to defer taxes.
•3.     Creates more flexible terms and payment schedule.
Owner-financed notes can be very different, but always include an agreed-upon term, interest rate, payment amount and payment date which the buyer of the property must pay the seller. The conditions are formally and legally written in a note, also called a promissory note or installment note, similar to what is done with a bank loan. … (1 comments)

sellers: Why Agents Fight Over Escrow, Title and Lenders Etc? - 01/18/08 12:22 AM
I was working with a very savy buyer that had purchase about seven homes in the span of his life, as we explore all the possibilites that were avaliable in his price range we finally narrow it down to the home that he thought would be the right one. Spending a huge amount of time on getting to the point where he felt comfortable making an offer on this home (after reviewing comps and factoring in what the market is currently like) he was getting excited about this home. I call the listing agent up and let her know that we … (7 comments)

sellers: 10 Commandments of Handling Objections. - 10/22/07 09:53 AM
 Don't take objections personally. Easy to say hard to do. When so much of a Realtors ego gets involved. Just remember that no one can make you feel less unless you give them permission.Handling objections is simply changing their perceptions: Your vision and your prospect's vision of what's possible are what creates your reality. Do not let an objection such as; will you take less commission? Become a road block, just focus on all you bring to selling their home. Re-emphasis the quality of your service.Look at objections as an opportunity to improve your skills. The more objections that you get, … (2 comments)

sellers: How to help your seller/buyers select paint colors the E-Z Way! - 09/17/07 04:01 AM
How many times have you dealt with a buyer or a seller that just can't see past the fact that the color of the walls the home has is such a minor issue to the purchase or the selling of their home. I recommend the following: Give them the option of going to BetterHomes& and on this website is a option: how to decorate your home done as a virtual room's. It is a great tool, the homeowner and or buyer gets to see what the change in color(there are many to select from) would offer and it gives that feeling of being … (0 comments)

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