realtor in dayton: Exactly Why Tap the Services of a Real Estate Agent When Buying a Property - 10/06/13 08:15 PM
Buying yourself a brand new house is pretty much a huge decision to render as it would undeniably have a great impact on your financial situation in the years to come. Assuming you finally decided to buy the property, it would be vital to seek the services of a real estate agent. For instance, if you want to acquire a Dayton property in Ohio, get hold of an agent who knows the place pretty well, is very knowledgeable in the current market condition of that particular area, should be able to give professional help providing you with accurate facts and figures, … (0 comments)

realtor in dayton: Tax Tips for Dayton Homeowners - 10/02/13 07:51 PM
Many homeowners assert that it is better to own a house than to rent because of the tax deductions. If a homeowner would itemize his taxes, it is possible to deduct in full the cost of the mortgage interest as well as the property taxes from his income tax returns.
During the tax season, it is important for homeowners across the Dayton real estate market to know what they are entitled to. Here are things that they should know about home-related income taxes.

Itemize claims for possible tax deductions
Up to 40% of homeowners tend to lose out on … (1 comments)

realtor in dayton: Demand For a Home Inspection Right Before You Flip a Home - 10/02/13 04:01 PM
House flipping is the act of purchasing, renovating as well as reselling a home in order to gain profit. It has been desirable in the real estate market as it generates fast profit in just a short period of time. Nevertheless, we cannot assume that all house flippings are successful. If you remember an episode of “Property Ladder” that was shown on television a few years back, a new house flipper bought a 1940’s property as an attempt to flip the house. The buyer went for a home inspection but only just for a pest inspection and not the complete package … (0 comments)

realtor in dayton: Simple Ways to Control Infestation of Cockroaches in Dayton Homes - 09/30/13 08:19 PM
Cockroaches are among the most disgusting and vile insects that may infest homes in Dayton. Presence of such insects may be an indication that there are areas in the house that need special attention.
How should households eliminate the unnecessary problem? Cockroaches may not be eliminated overnight. First, there is a need to identify where they come from, where they enter, and where they go inside the house. The moment its presence is detected, homeowners should immediately take measures to get rid of those roaches. Here are simple but effective ways.

Killing the roaches
There are several effective ways … (0 comments)

realtor in dayton: Fixed Rate Mortgage As Opposed To Adjustable Rate Mortgage - 09/25/13 01:14 PM
For people who are interested in refinancing their home loans, there would be two options to choose from, the fixed interest rate mortgage and the adjustable rate mortgage. Both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, if you are a homeowner in the vicinity of Dayton, Ohio and you are planning to refinance your Dayton property, consider first the following factors before plunging into it. After weighing all your options, then that would be the time to decide.
Your decision would largely depend on your own financial situation as well as the expectation you may have on your refinanced … (1 comments)

realtor in dayton: Factors to Keep in Mind When Investing in a New Property - 09/25/13 01:11 PM
Planning to invest in a new home? Particularly, a new Dayton property? Why don’t you check out a number of Open Houses. These Open Houses could actually present you with a brilliant opportunity to discover what properties are available for sale, view the various designs, converge with real estate brokers or agents, as well as find out new strategies for home improvements. Most of the time, these open house listings are bought in your local newspaper.

On the other hand, if in case you want to sell your present home and try to find another property all at the same … (1 comments)

realtor in dayton: Primary Benefits of a Home Inspection - 09/24/13 08:22 PM
The majority of homes being purchased and sold in the real estate market are well-maintained and in tip top condition. This is so, because all these properties went through an in-depth and comprehensive home inspection. This is similarly done on a Dayton property whether new or foreclosed.
The inspection is usually carried out by the sellers to make sure that their homes are void of any unforeseen issues that will cause the buyer to back out of the deal, and at the same time a plus factor since they will be able to show the report in case the buyer … (0 comments)

realtor in dayton: Termite Inspection – Necessary for All Dayton Home Buyers - 09/24/13 08:18 PM
Dayton is considered the 6th biggest city in Ohio, USA and features a diversified economy which basically consist of services such as insurance, healthcare, government sectors and even the legal field. The city offers countless prospects for expansion because of its active research developments, export related industry, aviation and healthcare organizations.

Since the housing market is currently improving, it is likewise motivating Dayton homeowners to sell their homes at a higher price. But then again, it is still the buyer who would have the final decision if the price is right. The climate in this city is somewhat humid … (0 comments)

realtor in dayton: How to Make Your Dayton Home Kid-friendly - 09/23/13 05:22 PM
Your Dayton home would always be an exciting environment or place for kids to explore and roam around. Homeowners may not be fully aware of it, but there are lots of dangers that may be present inside the house. That is why it is important to make the property safe for kids at all times.
Here are some effective tips that could guide homeowners when making sure their homes are child-friendly. These measures should be immediately observed and implemented.

Set aside small and loose objects
Pick up all small and loose objects inside the house. Those could be choking … (0 comments)

realtor in dayton: How to Advertise Properties for Sale at Dayton - 09/19/13 06:25 PM
There is more to just selling a home, that is more importantly, to let the next homeowners truly appreciate and really enjoy your home. In so doing, your property will most likely sell at a higher price in the market.  Before putting it up for sale, you have to understand a few things. Getting your property advertised is one way of displaying it to the public and showcasing the whole package. If you are living within the locality of Dayton, Ohio you should see a diverse mix of communities living in that area. A Dayton property can be a classic, modernized … (0 comments)

realtor in dayton: Finding Dayton Home Insurance - 09/19/13 06:23 PM
Homeowners across the Dayton property market should always make sure their houses are insured. These days, an insurance policy serves as a blanket of protection against possible calamities or bad occurrences that may affect the structure and overall condition of any house.

There is a great demand for home insurance across the market. This is positive news because the product is considered as a necessity. First-time homebuyers should invest in one. Existing ones should keep track of their policies to make sure those are always updated. Buyers of second-hand homes should ensure there is an existing insurance that could be … (0 comments)

realtor in dayton: Dayton Home Sales Hit Five-Year Record High - 09/19/13 06:21 PM
The Dayton real estate market is getting stronger. The housing market in the city posted another record high in June, the highest within the last five years. The sales figure for that month was also the highest for the month of June ever since the economic downturn started in 2007.

The Dayton Area Board of Realtors has issued a report about home sales in the area. According to that document, sales of homes jumped 24% last June compared to the figure in June 2012. The analysts from the group clarified that June is typically a strong month for sales of … (0 comments)

realtor in dayton: Making Investments on Dayton Properties Through Foreclosures - 09/18/13 11:59 PM
People from all walks of life wanted to own a house of their own. But let’s face it, not everybody could afford buying one since acquiring a home at this point in time is quite expensive. Nevertheless, there are alternative options wherein we could find a few great deals in the real estate market, particularly those houses that are foreclosed.  Just like in the locality of Dayton, Ohio, a city rich in diverse cultures, architectural mastery and showcasing a myriad of exquisite homes and properties offered up for sale in the market.  As the economy is now on its way to … (0 comments)

realtor in dayton: Selling Strategies that Buyers Sometimes Forget - 09/18/13 11:57 PM
Some few years after the housing prices have collapsed, it has slowly begun to climb out of its hole. As the real estate sector is making its grand return, realtors are up to their game of reaching their sales target once again while buyers are excitedly scouting the market for the best property buy.  The art of bidding and the war on price negotiation has commenced in home buying.  
Property owners, along with the help and advise of their real estate agents, have been putting their best selling strategy forward for a successful property sale.  On the other hand, … (1 comments)

realtor in dayton: Mistakes Made during Short Sale - 09/18/13 11:51 PM
Slowly recovering.  This is generally how the situation would be best described after the mortgage meltdown that shook the entire nation and shocked the whole world. However leaning to recovery, there are still some who have not pulled through quite well from the crisis.

Sadly enough, there are those who remain to be underwater.  These property owners ultimately resort to entering a short sale than letting their properties be foreclosed by banks.  By definition, a short sales is when the property owner sells the house lower than what it actually cost to pay off debts incurred from the house mortgage.  … (0 comments)

realtor in dayton: Mistakes You Might Make With Short Sales - 09/18/13 11:42 PM
You want to buy a home in Dayton. A short sale home seemed like a good option. You did all the necessary procedures depending on your best abilities. You did a home inspection as well. You bought the home and started living in it. Now what? You realize that the minor problems the home inspector pointed out were really serious. What was described as a small termite problem turned out to be something you had to spend thousands of dollars as repairs. You had to remove walls of your house, remove the clogs in the kitchen drains and clean the mold … (0 comments)

realtor in dayton: Short Sales Investing - How To Gain From It - 09/11/13 04:04 PM
Question: I would like to buy a short sale home in Dayton because I have heard that you get to buy houses at reduced prices. A new set of rules released by The Federal Housing Finance Agency claims to speed up the process making the purchase faster and quicker for the buyer. Is it true?
Answer: It is true that short sales used to happen slowly, but they were always better than foreclosures. In a short sales, the lender agrees to the proposal (of the current owner and seller) to sell the house to recover some of the money that is … (0 comments)

realtor in dayton: Dayton Real Estate Market Update - 09/10/13 10:56 PM
Is it wise to buy a property now?
This may be a common question asked by many people.   Still hunted by the fear gained over the last few years, consumers are now wondering if the market has gained stability already for one to consider buying a house.  As it seems, the answer would be a yes.

In Dayton, in particular, the real estate market is doing pretty well.  If one is seriously considering buying, now is the time to buy a property in Dayton.  Residential homes show minimal changes and it has been showing signs of market stabilization.  What … (1 comments)

realtor in dayton: Negotiation Tips in Buying Homes in Dayton - 09/09/13 11:52 PM
Buying a property, especially those for first time home owners, can be exciting.  Since the real estate market is still recovering from the hit it severely suffered from the housing crisis, the buyers are in a more favorable position to acquire homes in Dayton at such a good price.
However, negotiation can be tricky.  Just as in any merchandise being sold, negotiation is a test of how much you are willing to give up for something you really would like to have.  And this is where some sellers strike the buyers. 

So to ensure that you will be getting … (26 comments)

realtor in dayton: 5 Ways to Save on your Utility Bills at your Homes in Dayton - 09/09/13 09:53 PM
Electricity is considered the staple utility especially by households.  Similarly, the industrial and business sector has grown dependent of power supplies to support their regular function.  Naturally, a high cost of greatly creates a big and painful dent both in the pockets of consumers and businesses.

For the past five years, Ohio’s average electricity cost has increased by 33%, a figure that is significantly higher than the previous decades when electric bills have remained stable and affordable.  And this holds true in every homes in Dayton as well.  This increase directly translates to higher electric bills for local consumers.  Perhaps … (0 comments)