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If you haven't heard the lunch truck has evolved from the gross greasy food that normally comes off trucks often called"Roach Coach". These lunch trucks are becoming popular all over the country. Reno is no exception. My favorite at the moment is the GourMelt lunch truck. The truck is run by two...
For many years I drove around the Bordertown/Cold Springs part of Reno and never stopped in to the Bordertown Casino. This place has been around since Virginia Street was the way to Reno. Recently that changed and I went in for dinner. The Kafana is the cafe located inside the small casino. It's ...
There are often choices in business one of them is Franchise or Independent. As a business person the choice to save some money and start up yourself is the way most Home Inspectors go. The franchise offers a promise of support, safety in numbers, and an already established brand but at a big cos...
I regularly make trips down to Las Vegas and over the years one of my favorite things to go see is the fountains at the Bellagio. I've watched them from the room, the strip and the driveway. This time I watched them from a new location. Olives Restaurant which over looks the famous Bellagio fount...
As a home inspector I'm mostly hired to tell people what is wrong with the property they are buying. They take this to the seller and negotiations often take place. Wouldn't it be great to eliminate the extra time and effort of the back and forth of negotiations. There is also the possibility of ...
Hopefully the title got you thinking. What I'm referring to is a Home Inspection. I'm often hired to give out the bad news. No one ever wants to hear the good in a home from the Home Inspector, right? Let's face it the inspector is there to find defects and report on them to the client. A Home In...
I was unlucky enough to be witness one of those people that give others a bad name. I had to vent and share my experience. I'm posting this down south and not sharing names to protect the innocent and to keep the possibly guilty from being lynched. On this day a unnamed broker was dealing with a ...
When the cold moves in we all know it's winter. Here in the Reno area we have seen the thermometer drop below 32 degrees and makes the term "it's freezing outside' a true statement. Is your house ready for winter? When was the last time you had it checked out? As a home inspector I'm experienced ...
How far do you travel? Well your reputation may travel further than you think. I recently found out that mine traveled 300 miles. Being a home inspector in the Reno means that you work in a pretty small area. We are surrounded by high desert and not cities. There are some smaller communities arou...


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