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The old incandescent light bulbs that we have been using for over 100 years are starting to get phased out. The standard incandescent bulb is actually a heater with light being a byproduct. In fact 80% of the electricity used goes to heat. This is where compact fluorescent (CFL) and light emittin...
Gas fireplaces give all the benefits of a fireplace with out the maintenance right? NO! A gas fireplace requires maintenance to keep it operating safely. If you haven't had yours serviced lately it might be a good time to do that. Below are some tips to look for that might alert your to a possibl...
A new study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York confirms that flippers and investors had a big role in the inflating and popping of the housing bubble in several states including here is Nevada. Ah I remember those days where you couldn't find a decent home in Reno for under 200k. When houses...
This great youtube video shares some of the highlights about Reno beyond the Casinos downtown. Reno is a great place for outdoor activities and summertime events. I love the wide open spaces just miles outside town. Watch the video and you might discover something about Reno you didn't know about...
Buyers can benifit from Energy Efficient Mortgages or Green Mortgages. These mortgages are only a small part of the current mortgages but things are changing in Reno. Set yourself apart and get yourself involed with saving buyers money. Don't wait for them to ask you about it. It will not make al...
I was fortunate enough to be invited to the holiday open house this evening at Nevada Premier Properties in Carson City to night by a contact at Western Title. They had drinks, food, and desert out for all. There was also a raffle where one lucky person got a Home Inspection courtesy of myself. A...
With this time of year bring the Holiday party. Many businesses have their company get together. Real Estate is no different. There might be a Holiday office party or a sit down dinner at a local restaurant. Selling or buying property includes a whole group of people. The buyers and sellers of co...
About this time last year the cold had rolled in to town, the wind was blowing and snow was about to fall so seeing smoke coming from rooftops was not an unusual sight. I was driving in a part of town where you can see far distances. I noticed one house had a wood stove chimney that was putting ...
It's December so bring out the holiday spirit but keep it safe. The Holidays are a joyous time of year and the last thing anyone wants is to have something like a fire ruin their holiday season or worse injure someone. According to the National Fire Protection Agency in 2004 fire departments resp...


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