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As an Energy Auditor and Home Inspector here is Reno I know when it comes to having a comfortable and healthy home, what you can’t see matters just as much as what you can. Take air quality – even though you can’t see a layer of smog inside your home, indoor air can actually be much more polluted...
Insulation is what comes to mind for many people when they think about reducing energy bills. Insulation is a major component in the homes ability to be comfortable. Poorly installed, missing, or low levels of insulation will not only cost the home owner in energy but will also reduce the comfort...
The future of batteries might be changing as we know it. The Spray On Battery could change the future. Can you imagine if the paint on your car or even your house becomes a battery? For homes I see that renewables would now be able to charge the paint on the house and eliminate the huge and expen...
In my recent blog post spoke about the odds of running into Vegas Bob while I was in Las Vegas. Well just like most of the time in Vegas the house won. No sighting on Vegas Bob. I traveled high and low. From Summerlin to Henderson, no Vegas Bob. From Downtown to the Strip, s...
Want to get information on "Green Homes" and sustainablility? Want to know what consumers are looking for green features? You'll be surprised by the answer. I have taken this class and so have other people involved with real estate. Don't be the one left out of the Energy Fitness movement. These ...
It’s a new month with new maintenance tips. It’s summer time and we have kept the list short so you still have time to relax or go out and enjoy all the events Summer in Reno brings. There is always something that needs to be done around the house. Checking your house regularly keeps things from ...


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