certified structure inspector: Things your Home Inspector might not tell you, But I will. - 03/05/13 09:49 AM
Most Home Inspectors are out to do the best job they can. I think a Home Inspection is one of the best investments one can make when owning a home. But as utility prices rise and consumers are getting more concerned about wasting energy does the Home Inspector address much of this. They do to a point, The inspector comments on insulation and ventilation of the structure. But there can be more to it and that's where the building science training kicks in.
I’m a Home Inspector and a Energy Auditor in the Reno area. I spend allot of time on … (7 comments)

certified structure inspector: Come on Reno. Have you change your furnace filter lately? - 01/30/13 02:17 AM
When someone like me looks at homes all the time you start to see where some of the common areas Home Owners fails to do maintenance. One of these areas is furnace filters. When was the last time you changed yours? A dirty filter can slow the air movement down and reduce comfort in your home and put wear on your system.
I prefer to buy the washable ones myself. I keep a disposable one handy for when the washable one is drying. During some of my Energy Audit testing I have to remove the filter. As a courtesy I will … (2 comments)

certified structure inspector: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas to finish 3000 seat Auditorium. - 01/23/13 01:14 PM
One thing I love about Nevada especially Las Vegas is that there is always something new going on. City Center is back in the news. This time it’s not about windows melting stuff or a building that can’t be used. This time the news is an auditorium that has sat unfinished for 3 years is now going to be completed.
The 3000 seat 65,000 sqft. venue at the Cosmopolitan should be open by the end of the year.  It will be called Chelsea, which is the name being used for the current Ballroom that will be renamed.
Is there a … (2 comments)

certified structure inspector: Vermiculite Insulation an Asbestos containing material in Reno? - 01/23/13 04:59 AM
While performing Home Inspections and Energy Audits in the Reno area I do come across Vermiculite insulation on occasion. Vermiculite insulation around here is usually found in the attics of older homes. Vermiculite was sold in bags which made it easy to pour into the attic, even by home owners.  It’s R Value is about R-2 per inch.
Used for many different purposes it is a naturally occurring material that is mined. The large majority of the Vermiculite came from the Libby Mine in Montana until the mine closed in 1990. The EPA states that unless it is tested you should … (0 comments)

certified structure inspector: Icicles might be beautiful to some, but I see big problems. - 01/19/13 11:00 AM
Images of snow covered roofs with icicles depict the typical winter scene. While many see the icicles as a thing of beauty they are the sign of a problem
The formation of icicles is part of what’s called an ice dam. Ice damming occurs when the roof is covered with snow and the underside of the roof gets warm enough to melt the snow. The water under the snow runs down the roof and when it gets out to the cold air it freezes again and turns in to icicles. When the water can’t get to the roof edge it can … (0 comments)

certified structure inspector: 2009 IECC testing now required in Reno for new homes. - 01/08/13 01:20 PM
Nevada has adopted the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) for all new homes built. The various jurisdictions have decided how they are going to enforce it. The difference between this code and others is that it focuses solely on Energy Efficiency.
In the Reno area most home builders have been building the homes to the newly adopted code. The benefit of the 2009 IECC is that buyers will be getting a home that is more efficient but also more comfortable. The focus on air sealing will reduce drafts. It also focuses on making sure that duct systems, which are … (6 comments)

certified structure inspector: Realtor Resource Brunch & Learn Seminar Series presents EEM Loans - 01/02/13 05:12 AM
Energy Efficiency is one of the most important things a buyer is concerned about when buying a home but they don’t know where to turn for help. I have stated in my previous posts one of the most underutilized programs in Real Estate is the Energy Efficient Mortgage. Many Agents and Lenders are not aware of the FHA EEM loan. It allows buyers to finance energy improvements at the time of purchase. From day one the buyers get a more comfortable, efficient, healthier, and durable home all at a rate that can’t be beat by other loans. The EEM is an … (0 comments)

certified structure inspector: Directing your buyers to Free Money is Guaranteed to get referrals - 12/03/12 01:57 PM
If you’re in Real Estate in Reno you have probably heard of the FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage. This is FHA option has been on the loan docs for a while now but is very underutilized in Northern Nevada. With budgets tighter and the movement to be more environmentally responsible about 92% of buyers are concerned with energy costs. Homes with oil, propane, or electric heat are even more expensive to heat. This is where the EEM comes in.
A buyer can finance the energy improvements at the time of purchase. The additional cost of the loan is offset by the energy … (3 comments)

certified structure inspector: Are your ready for Slotzilla Zipline at Fremont Street? - 11/29/12 02:28 AM
The Vegas tradition of taking something and making it bigger, better or over the top has come to zip lines. The Fremont street zip line that started in late 2010 with a temporary 30 day permit will now get bigger and better.
In January the construction of a permanent 11 million and 120 foot tall zip line will begin. The riders will take off from a giant slot machine and fly over Fremont Street.
The world’s biggest slot machine is being called Slotzilla. Riders will leave from two different levels one with a powered launching system that will allow … (0 comments)

certified structure inspector: Realty Executives in Gardnerville now know Energy Efficient Mortgages - 11/29/12 01:07 AM
I was fortunate enough to be able to speak to the agents at Realty Executives in Gardnerville about Energy Efficiency and especially how the Energy Efficient Mortgage program can help their clients. FHA’s EEM program allows buyers or refinancers the option to finance energy efficient repairs. This program has been around a while but is underutilized. Homeowners that want a more efficient, comfortable, healthier, and more durable home are the perfect candidates for this program. 
The agents at Realty Executives are not armed with the knowledge to assist clients in the Carson Valley with taking advantage of this easy option to … (0 comments)

certified structure inspector: Do you know there are Vampires in your home? - 10/29/12 02:40 PM
While it might be Halloween time and when you think of Vampires the ones that suck your blood might be the first thing that comes to mind. But there is another Vampire that sucks your electricity and costs you some money.
With energy efficiency becoming a bigger topic of conversation many people have heard that newer appliances, computers, and TV’s are using less power now than ever. One way this is accomplished is the reduction of phantom or vampire loads.
Vampire loads suck power even when the power button is off. This costs the average house $100 a year. … (3 comments)

certified structure inspector: 92% of Home Buyers consider Energy Efficiency Important. - 10/19/12 06:42 AM
According to the National Association of Realtors  “Ninety-two percent of all home buyers consider energy efficiency at least somewhat important with 46 percent of all home buyers ranking energy efficiency as very important when considering a home for purchase. Increasingly, consumers’ preferences for products and services reflect awareness in energy efficiency, even extending to those looking to purchase a home.”
This statement can possibly be the reason we are seeing more Energy Efficient Mortgages for Reno Home Buyers. Buyers that know of this great program are seeking Reno Real Estate professionals that are able to assist them in getting an EEM. … (0 comments)

certified structure inspector: Your Reno home can become an older home with Maintenance Inspections - 10/01/12 11:51 AM
Older homes are all over the Reno area. With preventative maintenance every home will be an older home someday. The key word is “preventative”. Putting repairs off or not even knowing repairs are needed can allow damage to get past being a minor fix and end up costing lots more money in the long run. As a Reno Home Inspector and Energy Auditor I get to look at allot of older homes and know firsthand what deferred maintenance and shoddy repairs can do to a home.
With such a large investment in their hands it’s shocking how homes can … (1 comments)

certified structure inspector: The Imperial Palace Las Vegas gets saved from the customary implosion - 09/17/12 03:12 PM
In a town that is constantly evolving there is little that stays the same. One of the oldest names on the Las Vegas Strip will soon be gone. The good news is while the name and look will change the building will remain the same. The Imperial Palace will soon be known as The Quad.
Before it became the Imperial Palace  and had all the additions to the property bringing it up to 2640 rooms, there was a small hotel called the Flamingo Capri from 1959-1979.
The good news is that there will not be another strip implosion. They building … (2 comments)

certified structure inspector: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign - 09/03/12 01:50 PM
Sparked by a picture of Vegas Bob http://actvra.in/Hgv.
Even if you haven’t been to Las Vegas your probably aware of the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.
The sign was put up by Western Neon in 1959 and is lucky to not have been blown up with the rest of old Vegas. The iconic sign and was never copyrighted and is public domain. This makes it able to be used by everyone and might have added to it's fame.
Did you know there are 89 yellow light bulbs that run the around the edge of the sign?  Did you know … (2 comments)

certified structure inspector: Faster trip to those Home Inspections in Carson City and Lake Tahoe - 08/28/12 07:16 AM
As someone that has to drive all over for work I have to say that I’m pretty happy to see the new 580 open. I often travel to Carson City and around Lake Tahoe for Home Inspections and Energy Audits. Anything that makes the commute faster for me is welcomed. I was able to drive on the new portion on my way to an inspection the first day it opened. I believe it was quite a bit faster. I’m not sure how much faster but the next time I drive on it I’m going to try and figure out how much of a … (3 comments)

certified structure inspector: Your Reno Home Might Need an Energy Audit If? Part 2-Duct System - 08/27/12 05:39 AM
The duct system is an area where allot of houses are deficient. Ducts that look in good shape can still be leaky and duct tape is pretty much useless after a while. According to the EPA on average 20% of the air in your ducts leaks out. That’s air that you paid to heat or cool that is lost to the outside. But wait there’s more. The fan in the furnace is going to suck the same amount of air in that it pushed out. That means the 20% you lost to your crawl space or attic is going to be … (2 comments)

certified structure inspector: Is your Reno deck safe? Today Show segment focuses on Unsafe Decks. - 08/15/12 07:58 AM
Recently on the Today Show a segment about deck collapses aired. It shows a brief look in to the dangers of a deck collapsing. http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/48647770/ns/today-today_rossen_reports/
As a Home Inspector in the Reno area I’ve seen my share of unsafe decks.  Some are poorly maintained but many are just poorly constructed. Most of the time decks are built by the homeowner as a DIY project and often without a permit or even plans.
If you have ever witnessed me inspecting a deck I take it very seriously. I’ve taken additional training in proper deck construction so I can inform buyers and … (0 comments)

certified structure inspector: Reno Energy Auditor Rob Ernst Interviewed by Reno News and Review - 08/11/12 01:46 PM
Being “Green” is a popular topic right now. One of the best ways to make a difference in your impact on the planet and save money is by reducing consumption or resources. One of the best ways to go about this is to get your home Energy Audited and perform Energy Retrofits. There are so many benefits to going green at home so why aren’t more people doing it? As an Energy Auditor and Home Inspector in Reno I get to see firsthand the potential in these home and the results of the people who do take the pledge and do … (0 comments)

certified structure inspector: Reno Realtor Alexandra Cleary Volunteers at the Reno-Tahoe Open - 08/09/12 02:22 PM
I recently attended the Reno-Tahoe Open at Montreux Golf and Country Club in Reno. The PGA tour stop is Reno’s biggest golf event with  a $3,000,000 purse. The event not only brings Golfers and Tourists to Reno but it also in a non-profit that has donated over 2 million to local charities. http://www.pgatour.com/tournaments/r472/charity.html
To run this large of an event the Reno-Tahoe Open Foundation relies on sponsors, donations, and  the help of volunteers. The volunteers are called “Forecaddies” and are essential to the operation of this 5 day event. These hard working people not only have to give their time … (0 comments)

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