energy audit reno: Realtor Resource Brunch & Learn Seminar Series presents EEM Loans - 01/02/13 05:12 AM
Energy Efficiency is one of the most important things a buyer is concerned about when buying a home but they don’t know where to turn for help. I have stated in my previous posts one of the most underutilized programs in Real Estate is the Energy Efficient Mortgage. Many Agents and Lenders are not aware of the FHA EEM loan. It allows buyers to finance energy improvements at the time of purchase. From day one the buyers get a more comfortable, efficient, healthier, and durable home all at a rate that can’t be beat by other loans. The EEM is an … (0 comments)

energy audit reno: June Monthly Maintenance Tip - 06/03/12 07:15 AM
Now that winter is gone and the sun is out here in Reno it is time to get your annual home maintenance inspection. Especially in a climate like Reno where we have all four seasons a home can take a beating. There is a life span to all building materials but doing regular maintenance can help extend the life. Getting to these items before it’s too late or knowing what is in need of repair or replacement is key to keeping a home up. This is where an annual inspection comes in. As a Home Inspector I can come in and … (2 comments)

energy audit reno: Why I add value to my inspections with RecallChek. - 05/30/12 11:40 AM
I believe in doing an Inspection the way I would want it done for myself. So a couple years back I started including free with my inspection a service call RecallChek, a $30 value. While at the inspection I take down the model numbers from the built in appliances, furnace, A/C, garage door opener, ect. As long as I can pull the model number I submit it to this service.
One benefits of the service is that buyers are buying used homes and are usually getting used appliances. If you don’t register the appliance with the manufacture you will never … (0 comments)

energy audit reno: RSAR EdExpo 2012. Are you Attending? - 05/16/12 02:48 AM
If you’re attending the EDEXPO 2012 at the Peppermill in Reno than your probably not reading this but if you do come say hello and vote for my booth. If you’re not attending you’re missing out on some great education but also my great booth. We are here promoting our Home Inspection services as well as our Energy Audit services. Agents and Lenders alike are excited to learn about the Energy Efficient Mortgages and finding an Energy Auditor that can help their clients have a more affordable, more comfortable, and healthier home.

energy audit reno: Green the new Granite? - 05/14/12 04:33 AM
According to the National Association of Realtors the green housing market is expected to increase 5 fold by 2016. These houses are selling quicker and for more money. I also know that FHA is considering factoring in the cost of energy when qualifying buyers for a home. Energy costs are often more than insurance and taxes which they already take into consideration.  The Appraisal Institute is also setting their appraisers up for factoring in energy improvements when appraising a home. They already recognize the HERS score which is something that is generated when a home is rated following the RESNET standards. … (2 comments)

energy audit reno: New Home Expo @ The Cottages in South East Reno. March 31st 11am-4pm - 03/30/12 03:24 AM
An Agent friend of mine Pam Franzen from Coldwell Banker Select is hosting a New Home Expo at The Cottages in south Reno Saturday March 31st from 11am-4pm.
These Silverwing Developments DUET homes range from 1,076 to 1,737 sqft. You can tour the 2&3 bedroom units and attend a Home Buyers Seminar at 12pm and 2pm. Of course no open house event would be complete without refreshments and door prizes. I plan on stopping by myself to take a look at this community and you should too.
*Remember that just because a property is new doesn't mean … (2 comments)

energy audit reno: Are you ready to Discover Your Nevada? - 03/29/12 07:58 AM is holding a contest called Discover Your Nevada. 
The contest is divided up in 6 regions. You can vote for your favorite Nomination or Treasures. This is round 1 and you can vote once a day so log on and vote for your favorites today. In three days round 2 will begin and starte narrowing the field. You can click on the link below and cast your vote.
After casting your vote make sure you click on the Nevada Magazine link at the bottom for more information about Nevada and Events. I’m a subscriber and … (0 comments)

energy audit reno: HomeFree Nevada program helps ease the pain of high Energy Bills. - 03/21/12 02:47 PM
Have you been thinking about getting an Energy Audit on you home? If not you should be. Nevada imports 6-8 Billion a year in Energy. When you save on energy you keep money locally.
There is a program right now called HomeFree Nevada that is willing to help pay for some of those energy upgrades. If you make a 20% improvement the program will give $1000 towards those upgrades.  Any home over 15 years old is a good candidate. It’s surprising how easily a twenty percent improvement can be made, especially in an older home. The program only uses properly … (0 comments)

energy audit reno: NV Energy Refrigerator Recycling Program. Save Money,Make Money and Environmentally Responsible - 03/21/12 02:05 PM
Do you have an old Refrigerator hanging around? Maybe one in the garage that sits mostly empty? It’s time to dump it and save energy and money. A refrigerator that is over 10 years old can use twice the electricity as a new Energy Star Refrigerator.  With the model number you can look up your old refrigerators energy consumption and compare it to a new one. If you can’t find it you can ask an Energy Auditor like me to help you find that information.
You can look at the Energy Star web site for an idea of how much … (0 comments)

energy audit reno: I'm now a double license holder with the Nevada Real Estate Division. - 03/06/12 09:04 AM
It’s Official, after several months the call came in today from the Nevada Real Estate Division that my Energy Auditors License was being put in the mail. Up until now I was able to perform audits since my license application was submitted. Last year when the Nevada Legislator passed AB423 it required Energy Auditors to be Licensed by the Nevada Real Estate Division. The Energy Auditor will fall under NRS 645D just like the Inspector of Structures (Home Inspector). There is quite a bit of training that is required and several difficult tests that have to be passed.  Currently there are … (2 comments)

energy audit reno: Some projects are DIY but Energy Retrofits are best left to the Professionals. - 02/22/12 09:14 AM
After I perform an Energy Audit I offer to pass the information gathered and the finding over to a BPI or Resnet Certified Weatherization Contractor. They can provide recommendations and repairs to maximize the energy savings and comfort of the home. A BPI or Resnet Certified Contractor uses the home as a system approach when doing Energy retrofits. This approach ensures not only energy savings but ensure the good indoor air quality is maintained.
While the temptation to do the work yourself or hire a cheaper contractor that has not been trained and certified to do this type of repair can … (1 comments)

energy audit reno: Architect Arrested for Manslaughter in Fire Fighters death. - 02/17/12 01:32 AM
A Los Angeles Architect has been arrested after a year of investigation for involuntary Manslaughter after his home caught fire and a Firefighter was killed while fighting the fire. The owner who was the Architect on the home apparently made changed to the home after inspections and did follow safety recommendations. The fire started from an outdoor fire feature that was placed inside and installed after the final inspection. The materials that were constructed around it were not fire resistant. According to the building department the owner was a constant problem and not receptive to the codes and procedures in place … (0 comments)

energy audit reno: International Women's Day - March 8, 2012 - 02/10/12 10:14 AM
I know I'm not a woman but a good Broker friend of mine is a member of the Zonta Club of Greater Reno and they are hosting these years International Women's Day here in Reno. I am attending as an exhibitor and will be on hand with Home Inspection and Energy Audit information.
This year’s event will be held at the National Automobile Museum in Reno on March 8th. The cost is $65 and includes entertainment, food and a drink. The proceeds go towards scholarships for women.
While this event is about International Women's Day Men are encouraged to attend, after all it … (4 comments)

energy audit reno: Missing Insulation. It happens and costs you money. - 02/06/12 01:56 PM
During some recent Energy Audits I discovered several areas in a home that were missing insulation. It is common to discover that there is no insulation on the attic access but that 2x2 area was pretty minor to some of the larger areas I’ve found recently.
On occasion insulation can fall out of place or may have been removed during a renovation. There are also times where it was never installed in the first place. You may wonder how that happens, I wonder the same thing. Some of these areas are discovered during a visual inspection but there are areas … (3 comments)

energy audit reno: How “Green” of an agent are you, and are you helping your clients save Energy? - 01/26/12 05:48 AM
The Real Estate Agent is the go to person for many buyers. The agent helps line everything up from a lender to the title company. I see more agents using the term Green and more people wanting to be Green. Electronic signing of documents saves paper and ink but is this really all that big of a deal?
One of the best ways to be Green is to save energy. I’m talking about more than just new light bulbs. I’m talking about 10%-30% energy savings. I know this sounds expensive, and it is expensive. Energy improvements are the only home improvement you … (0 comments)

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