energy audits reno: Directing your buyers to Free Money is Guaranteed to get referrals - 12/03/12 01:57 PM
If you’re in Real Estate in Reno you have probably heard of the FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage. This is FHA option has been on the loan docs for a while now but is very underutilized in Northern Nevada. With budgets tighter and the movement to be more environmentally responsible about 92% of buyers are concerned with energy costs. Homes with oil, propane, or electric heat are even more expensive to heat. This is where the EEM comes in.
A buyer can finance the energy improvements at the time of purchase. The additional cost of the loan is offset by the energy … (3 comments)

energy audits reno: Your Reno home can become an older home with Maintenance Inspections - 10/01/12 11:51 AM
Older homes are all over the Reno area. With preventative maintenance every home will be an older home someday. The key word is “preventative”. Putting repairs off or not even knowing repairs are needed can allow damage to get past being a minor fix and end up costing lots more money in the long run. As a Reno Home Inspector and Energy Auditor I get to look at allot of older homes and know firsthand what deferred maintenance and shoddy repairs can do to a home.
With such a large investment in their hands it’s shocking how homes can … (1 comments)

energy audits reno: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign - 09/03/12 01:50 PM
Sparked by a picture of Vegas Bob
Even if you haven’t been to Las Vegas your probably aware of the famous Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.
The sign was put up by Western Neon in 1959 and is lucky to not have been blown up with the rest of old Vegas. The iconic sign and was never copyrighted and is public domain. This makes it able to be used by everyone and might have added to it's fame.
Did you know there are 89 yellow light bulbs that run the around the edge of the sign?  Did you know … (2 comments)

energy audits reno: Your Reno Home Might Need an Energy Audit If? Part 2-Duct System - 08/27/12 05:39 AM
The duct system is an area where allot of houses are deficient. Ducts that look in good shape can still be leaky and duct tape is pretty much useless after a while. According to the EPA on average 20% of the air in your ducts leaks out. That’s air that you paid to heat or cool that is lost to the outside. But wait there’s more. The fan in the furnace is going to suck the same amount of air in that it pushed out. That means the 20% you lost to your crawl space or attic is going to be … (2 comments)

energy audits reno: Is your Reno deck safe? Today Show segment focuses on Unsafe Decks. - 08/15/12 07:58 AM
Recently on the Today Show a segment about deck collapses aired. It shows a brief look in to the dangers of a deck collapsing.
As a Home Inspector in the Reno area I’ve seen my share of unsafe decks.  Some are poorly maintained but many are just poorly constructed. Most of the time decks are built by the homeowner as a DIY project and often without a permit or even plans.
If you have ever witnessed me inspecting a deck I take it very seriously. I’ve taken additional training in proper deck construction so I can inform buyers and … (0 comments)

energy audits reno: Reno Energy Auditor Rob Ernst Interviewed by Reno News and Review - 08/11/12 01:46 PM
Being “Green” is a popular topic right now. One of the best ways to make a difference in your impact on the planet and save money is by reducing consumption or resources. One of the best ways to go about this is to get your home Energy Audited and perform Energy Retrofits. There are so many benefits to going green at home so why aren’t more people doing it? As an Energy Auditor and Home Inspector in Reno I get to see firsthand the potential in these home and the results of the people who do take the pledge and do … (0 comments)

energy audits reno: August Monthly Maintenance Tip - 08/01/12 01:49 PM
It’s August here in Reno and this month’s Maintenance Tips are about Child Safety. Children are active and curious and you can keep them safe with some minor preventative measures. Many of these tips are easy and simple to do and involve little cost of effort but can make a big difference.
Maintenance is important with any home so get your Reno home inspection on a regular basis. A annual Home Inspection can save on costly issues that may go unnoticed. 
Read July's Tip here.

energy audits reno: Reno Mobile Home Inspections are not your average home inspection. - 06/27/12 01:40 AM
We have many areas here in Reno with Mobile Homes. Mobile or Manufactured homes are an economical option for many home buyers. When a home is manufactured in a factory it allows for less costly construction methods and those savings are passed on the buyer. Manufactured homes are sold all over the country so they are not built to building codes like a locally built home. Since June, 15 1976 manufactured homes have been built under HUD standards.
Since the home has to travel the home is built on a chassis. The construction includes lighter weight materials and techniques that … (2 comments)

energy audits reno: Sustainability Training for Accredited Real Estate Professionals - 06/21/12 06:41 AM
I just completed my Sustainability Training for Accredited Real Estate Professionals (S.T.A.R) class in Reno this week. There was lots of good information about saving energy, sustainability, and marketing towards people interested in energy efficiency, sustainability, and their impact on the planet. This includes the 80% of buyer that are concerned about utility bills. Less than 20% of people are not concerned with conservation. So why aren’t more agents and lenders marketing toward those buyers?
This class is open to Agents, Lenders, Appraiser, and Home Inspectors. It also is a source of CEU’s for real estate agents. The best part about is … (0 comments)

energy audits reno: The RSAR mixer at the Montage in Reno was a packed house. - 06/17/12 10:03 AM

The RSAR mixer at the Montage in Reno was a packed house, literally. The mixer was divided between two available units on the 7th floor. The modern styling and layouts are not typical for Reno. The large windows and balcony let you take in the views. The mixer included a tour of one of the Penthouse suites. The two story penthouse unit had a great South West view which included the pool, the Truckee River and Wingfield Park. The highlight of the night was going to the Aces game with the other RSAR members and watching the Reno Aces win.

energy audits reno: You could almost watch the light bulb turn on at the EEM workshop. - 06/15/12 01:49 AM
At yesterday’s EEM (Energy Efficient Mortgage) work shop you could almost watch the light bulbs turn on in the agenst minds as they realized the benefits and savings buyer can get with this underutilized program. The FHA EEM program allows buyers to finance energy efficient upgrades at the time of the purchase with no additional qualifying. The agents attending learned that the process is easy and gives buyers huge benefits. The process uses third party verification and will not hold up the closing of a property so everyone wins. There is absolutely no reason a buyer of an older home should … (0 comments)

energy audits reno: Energy Efficient Mortgage Workshop at the RSAR June 14th. - 06/10/12 03:20 PM
One of the hottest up and coming things is going green. One of the best ways to do this is to address the biggest energy waster you can own, your house. Energy Efficiency is on people’s minds more than ever. Recent information shows that 80% of home buyers are concerned with energy costs. Here in Reno we are behind in energy improvements. The people that have made improvements are saving money and living in a more comfortable and healthier home. As an agent or a lender one of the best things you can do is get your buyers to take advantage … (0 comments)

energy audits reno: RSAR Renown Mixer. Reno Real Estate Networking and VIP access. - 06/01/12 03:30 AM
Last night Reno/Sparks association of Realtors mixer held at Renown in Reno was not your average mixer. Yes there was food, drinks, and networking but there was more. Renown staff had Zorro attending. He's a therapy Poodle with a great haircut. Zorro was a star and the Realtors were like Paparazzi snapping pictures. 
One of the best things about the mixer was the tours. The three tours available were Children’s, Trauma, or Cancer Ward. I took two of the tours. Trauma and Cancer ward. With the addition on the new tower and remodel on Renown  in Reno it was amazing to see the thought and … (2 comments)

energy audits reno: Agents don't let buyers get cheap inspections. - 05/25/12 03:09 PM
I pride myself in doing a quality Home Inspection or Energy Audit. I invest in my education and always looking to advance my skills. I feel I provide a good value and offer benefits to the agents and clients that use my services. Recently I had someone ask me to perform a Home Inspection for half of my normal rate. I know everything is negotiable but half? I declined and gave some free advice. I wasn’t offended because I think people might not be aware of what it takes to be a good inspector and provide a good inspection. But just … (4 comments)

energy audits reno: Is your deck safe? Bet these people though theirs was. - 05/23/12 10:30 AM
With the warm weather here we will start spending more time outdoors. One popular feature to a home can be a deck. While a deck might be a great space to enjoy the outdoors or entertain, it can be deadly.
It is estimated that at least 20 million decks are in need of repair of replacement and out of the 2 million decks built a year only 40% of those are built safely. These structures seem easy to build but they need to be structurally sound and able to support large amounts of weight and resist uplift from wind.
Even … (2 comments)

energy audits reno: May is National Electrical Safety Month. Are you being safe with electricity? - 05/09/12 09:27 AM
A recent blog post here on ActiveRain by Paula McDonald brings up the importance about electrical work being done by skilled professionals only.  As a home inspector I see sub-par electrical on a regular basis. In February I posted some electrical safety tips but May is National Electrical Safety Month so let’s talk about electrical safety. Approximately 450 people die each year due to electrical fires and thousands are injured. 
If installed and maintained properly an electrical system should last a lifetime. Things like overloading, damage, and safety upgrades are compelling factor for electrical upgrade.
When using electricity you should use caution.  Always … (3 comments)

energy audits reno: Range Anti-Tip Bracket. A small solution for a Big problem. - 04/27/12 09:05 AM
As a Home Inspector I’m called in to give my opinion of a properties condition but there is also a need to educate buyers about safety upgrades that might be needed. One thing that is often over looked by home owners and home inspectors is the range anti-tip bracket.

If you haven’t heard about this you’re not alone. At one time Sears estimated that only about 5% of these brackets were being installed. The purpose of the bracket is to prevent your range from tipping over. Opening the oven door and placing a heavy Thanksgiving Turkey on it or a … (0 comments)

energy audits reno: Earth Day is almost here. What's your act of Green? I have an idea for you and your buyers. - 04/20/12 04:00 AM
Earth Day started in 1970 and continues on every April 22nd.  What is your act of Green going to be? Changing out light bulbs, planting gardens, and recycling are all a good place to start.
But how about going big?
This is your chance to make a difference. An Energy Audit can guide you towards reducing your energy consumption. Every day some energy you pay for in your home is wasted.  Not only does this cost money but it adds pollution to the environment. Some studies have proven that by performing Energy Retrofits on your home can make a bigger … (2 comments)

energy audits reno: April -Spring Maintenance Tips - 04/04/12 02:35 PM
April’s Monthly Maintenance Tips are here.  This month focuses on Spring Maintenance.  Hopefully the rain and snow are on the way out so you use these tips to get started on exterior maintenance.  While you’re outside this spring take a look around. A quick glimpse around the property can reveal things that need work.
Now is also a good time of year to have a Home Inspector like myself come out and do an Inspection. We can point out maintenance items and proved a report that you can organize your repairs from.

energy audits reno: March Tips better late than never. 15 Tools Every Homeowner Needs - 03/28/12 09:53 AM
This months tips are 15 Tools That Every Homeowner Needs. This basic set can help you perform tasks from hanging pictures to minor repairs. Maybe this could be the perfect house warming gift.

I will be posting a set of Homeowner tips each month so check back each month and feel free to share them. Please take a look at February's tips on Electrical here. 

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