home inspection: Home Inspectors from all over North America converge in Vegas! - 10/04/11 07:11 PM
Maybe you regular Home Inspector has been hard to get a hold of the last couple of days and your wondering why? Inspectors like myself that are serious about keeping up on educationconverge at the Flamingo for the annual Inspection Conference. Inspectors from all over North America are in attendance. The conference not only allows exchanging of war stories and product vendors, it provides me 5 days of valuable education and CEU's. The organizers of this event hire top notch presenters that provide valuable infomration that allows me to provide a better service. If the inspector you've been using didin't go they should … (2 comments)

home inspection: Can hiring a Home Inspector give you peace of mind? This article says it will. - 09/17/11 03:32 PM
This is a good article about hiring a home inspector. Here is Reno I have to follow rules set by the real Estate division. But many of us in regulated and non regulated states choose to join a home inspector association. I'm a member of NACHI the largest and most prestigious association in the world. Nick Gromicko, founder of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors was once a top producing real estate agent and is quoted in this article. A spokes person for the National Association of Realtors is also quoted and shares some good advice. There are some good … (0 comments)

home inspection: The EPA lead law. Is your contractor using lead safe practices? - 04/01/11 05:24 AM
As many are aware the EPA and HUD both now require workers that disturb surfaces with lead based paint to be trained and follow the new lead safe work practices. This came about due to the health risks of lead dust primarily to children under 6 and pregnant women. Lead also caused harm to adults but children absorb lead much faster. An adult absorbs about 10% in ingested lead where children under 6 absorb 50% of the lead ingested. At the minimal level of of lead allowed to be called lead based paint, it takes only a sweetener packet amount of lead … (3 comments)

home inspection: It's time for Spring Maintenance - 03/22/11 02:11 AM
Its spring time and soon the good weather will be here.  Over the next couple of months the signs of winter will disappear and the signs of what winter did to your home will appear. As I always mention one of the most damaging things to a structure is moisture and winter brings lots of it.  So as the weather warms up get around the house and check a few things out.
Check for damage to driveways, walkways, and stairs. Repair any damage or tripping hazards.
Check your roof & flashings for damage, also go into the attic and look for … (0 comments)

home inspection: The "M" word. Mold where to start for agents. - 03/20/11 12:00 PM
Mold is something that is found everywhere. It floats in the air around us and there is no escaping it. Mold grows when the spores land on something wet and organic. The problem with in our homes happens when there are more Mold spores in our homes then there is outside the home. Mold has been known for thousands of years as something we didn't want in our homes. It was even discussed in the Bible.  Mold is known to cause Allergic reactions in people and with the tighter homes of today comes more concerns over mold.
As an agent you … (1 comments)

home inspection: What is a Home Inspection? An Inspectors Opinion - 03/13/11 03:24 PM
I'm a Inspector in Sparks, Nevada and as a Home Inspector I think many of my clients and many Real Estate professionals would have a hard time describing exactly what a Home Inspection is. There is more to this than the standard description: To determine the property condition.
First off a Home Inspection is technical and complex. What the inspector finds is his opinion based on his training and knowledge so education is important in this field, but the Inspection is not done by an expert it's done by a generalist. Some items needing an expert opinion should be stated as such … (4 comments)

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