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Guy's Blog is a collection of what I hope will be insightful, educational and even humorous short stories.



Some years back, I listed a property near the lake and explained to the sellers (an African American couple), who were still readying their house for sale, that there was no need to start looking at a replacement home until we had their current home under contract.  It was highly improbable that ...
(A recent post by Jim Crawford-Atlanta Real Estate, inspired me to expand on this topic...I hope you will let me know your thoughts). How many of you know what success really is?  I'm not talking about someone else's definition of success...I mean YOUR definition of success.  If not, you're not ...
I had an opportunity to fly to Houston recently (Southwest Airlines) for a one day business trip and boy was it a pain.  It's been a couple of years since I've flown on a major airline so I'd forgotten just how cumbersome it is to get from point A to point B on a commercial carrier in our post 9-...
I've seen several posts regarding the importance, or lack of importance on what an agent drives.  Many of the postings describe the importance of "looking" successful.  I understand the importance of looking the part, but should that be the overall focus?  Here's a lesson I learned years ago abou...
About 9 years ago, I was referred to and received a great listing that offered a fantastic view of Lake Travis.  I knew this would be a "hot" listing....but what I didn't know at the time was just how low a veteran broker would stoop to keep her client in the running for this home.The house was v...
                                                                                                                                                                       I just had two closings, neither of which closed on time.      On these particular closings, I followed up regularly with the agen...
I'm sure there will be valid arguments on both sides of this issue, but this a growing problem for me and a number of other agents I've talked to recently.   I'm sure we all get plenty of spam daily and my inbox is certainly no different.  Spammer's nationwide will continue to load our inboxes ab...
Here is yet one more installment of my most bizarre transactions.  An elderly, but cash heavy buyer, contracted to purchase a small home on the north side of town.  Being retired, and in less than great health, he fell in love with the large corner lot with all the flower beds and the 5' tall, mu...
A while back, just prior to my family and I leaving for a vacation. a referral called me to list an home from his mother's estate.  He was was still doing final repairs on it so we decided to wait until the repairs were complete before starting our marketing.  This was going to be a very hot list...
What we experience can often be considered a cruel teacher, but a teacher nonetheless.  I had a listing that was under contract and and failed to close per the contract as scheduled due to buyer/lender issues.  I knew the buyer agent was out looking for her next victim...I mean client, so this tr...

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