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Hi to all...I am find that a substantial percentage of my inspection business is coming from the condo market and believe it or not you guys are an extremely important part of my job.I pride myself on going out of my way to do the best job possible which can sometimes cost me money (read as time ...
With the foundation wall up it is time for the start of what it will be supporting.This is a wood frame platform style construction so in order to begin they need to attach it to the foundation wall.This is accomplished by bolting the bottom of the frame, to the cemented in place anchor bolts.Thi...
Looking into the now in place window well we can see the drain at the bottom.
Every once in a while I throw in a helpful link that may help some one, and do not give a second thought about the amazing tecnology behind what helps me organise the ever growing number of sites that must be accessed for me to do my job as an inspector.I have never disscused with anyone what sor...
I would just like to express gratitude to all women out there who have chosen the most difficult task in the world.That is taking on the job of bearing and raising children.If you have a photo of you with your mother ,let the world see it today so you can show her how proud you are of her.I Love ...
Here are a few more pics and note that the vehicle is called a cement truck yet what it pours is called concrete HMMMMMMM.  Yes I (mis spelled)  
Making a little head way.Don't forget if you would like to see all photos at once you can click to the Home Site and back.(but that's cheating)Build A House  Do you notice the outside piece that locks it all together?
Sorry it took so long but here are qa few more pics for your viewing pleasure.   Remember it is easier to plan ahead,rather than try to cut thick cement later. 


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