kitchen design: Refrigerators and what kind to buy - 08/18/12 08:18 AM
Remember as mentioned in my previous article cooking ,preparation,storage or cleanup is the primary goal of any kitchen.
This article is about storing perishables.
 The reason for having one is to cool food and slow bacteria or freeze it and stop bacteria all together.The best temperature for a refrigerator is between 35 and 38 degrees
Once you order a fridge the delivery guys will need to get it into your kitchen so measure your door frames.Make sure you have enough room between counters,under cabinets and allow for door swing plus leave at least one inch space for air to circulate from the rear where … (1 comments)

kitchen design: Cooking Appliances "what kind to buy" How to decide - 05/21/12 10:09 AM
Decide which Cooking appliances to buy.
Should you have stove and oven in one unit ?
Cooktop separate from oven ?
Which one you choose depends on several factors.
You should consider space and budget Fuel choice Preference  
Bear in mind that the main goal of a kitchen and reason for its existence is to cook and Whether it is a Range,Cooktop or Wall Oven every other appliance revolves around cooking preparation,storage or cleanup.
Any space after that can be used for dining or social activity,etc.
Starting with the first deciding factor lets … (4 comments)

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