new mexico: How do you shower? - 03/08/11 03:14 AM
Perhaps your showering habits depend on where you live.
In New Mexico, living where there is little water, taking a shower and doing the dishes can take on a different meaning and perhaps not happen quite as often. 
Shortly after I moved here there was an article in the paper written by a high school student who had moved here from the Midwest.  She was writing about learning to conserve water and how important it is.  Her references included dish washing and brushing her teeth.  She spoke to the need to turn the water off while brushing her teeth rather than … (0 comments)

new mexico: Rugs of Chimayo, New Mexico - 03/07/11 02:37 AM
If you appreciate rugs as an art form, you will appreciate the many rug artists, historic and current-day, of New Mexico, and specifically Chimayo, New Mexico.
Chimayo is located on the High Road to Taos.  It is famous for the local, historic church, El Santuario de Chimayo, a place where the earth of the floor has been found to heal, a place where each spring there is a pilgrimage, some traveling a hundred miles or more.
It is no wonder then that there are artists creating beautiful art pieces including rugs of all sizes, coats, mats and more.  Often this is … (0 comments)

new mexico: NM Hometown - Espanola (Fourth in Series) - 03/07/11 02:14 AM
When was the last time you saw a parade of low riders (cars?)  Been awhile?

The most likely place in New Mexico for such a parade, formal or informal, is Espanola, New Mexico.  The folks here say it is the low rider capital of the world. Check here!  This city with a population of approximately 10,000 is close to a number of other activities, mostly outdoors.  These include hiking, biking, rafting, and skiing.  Espanola's central northern New Mexico location permits day trips to many surrounding cities and small communities.  Santa Fe, Taos, Los Alamos, Farmington are larger cities close by.  … (0 comments)

new mexico: Fiery Food - 03/03/11 11:57 AM
New Mexico residents enjoy fabulous food and much can be had very very hot!
This weekend in Albuquerque the Fiery Foods and BBQ Show, 23rd annual, is sold out for vendors.  They expect 15,000 attendees.  This part I know is true. FIERY  I have never been but what is reported to me is that the samples of sauces and foods are so hot, after the first few the heat of others may be a bit lessened as your tongue and taste buds have acclimated.
What I can report is that my personal tolerance for heat in my food has adjusted since … (1 comments)

new mexico: New Mexico Legislature - 03/02/11 02:25 AM
They control the real estate practices, the water, and more.  At least in New Mexico, this is the time of year when our legislature is in session.
This legislature meets every year, in alternate years for a month or two months.  This year it is a two month session where more than the budget is decided.  In years past, things such as bans on cock fighting, medical use of marijuana, drilling for oil, and beyond have been decided.
I sat in on the beginning of a session last week, representing the board of the Espanola Valley Humane Society.  The Society was … (0 comments)

new mexico: Space Station, Aliens and More - 02/28/11 03:54 PM
Have a hankering to go into space?
About 30 miles from True or Consequences, NM is the new space station.  It is being created with tax money from citizens of NM, particularly those of Dona Ana County, NM.  Their (our) hope is that the space station will bring tourist and other business income to benefit the county as a whole.
The major private party involved is Virgin Galactic, a company of Richard Branson.  He has now 400 individuals who have signed up to take a 'tourist trip' into space.  As of this writing, he has two reservations for scientists, sponsored by … (1 comments)

new mexico: Real Estate Brokering Vrs./AND Business Brokering - 02/27/11 02:18 AM
Perhaps you are one of the majority who are part of, real estate professionals.  I have a real estate license that is used for referral purposes and I meet all of the requirements to renew that license, every three years in New Mexico.  However, because I don't practice the profession, I never claim to know the best of practices and do not represent real estate, residential or commercial.  No doubt every state has its own regulations to follow.  However, it is beyond regulation and more about knowledge.
What I do know is the brokering of businesses.  There is a difference.  … (0 comments)

new mexico: NM Hometown - Hatch (Third in Series) - 02/26/11 12:48 AM
Do you know the difference between chili and chile? 
In New Mexico, particularly in Hatch, it makes a huge difference.
While growning up in PA, moving many times throughout the country, and landing eventually in Michigan for 20+ years, the word chili, was spelled with an 'i.' Then, I moved to New Mexico.  The 'i' was changed to an 'e.' and meant something entirely different.
Chili was defined in my mind as a mixture of ground meat, red beans, and red sauce.  We might say Texas style chili.  In NM chile is the name of the green or other colored vegetables … (0 comments)

new mexico: NM Hometown - Las Cruses (Second in the Series) - 02/23/11 01:30 AM
Perhaps once you have moved someplace new.  It might have been merely a new neighborhood, a town, a city, a country.  Perspective on first arrival is different than for those who have been there years or decades.
Bill and Joan recently moved to Las Cruses from NYC, making a new hometown.  Now there is a change.  She is a retired non-profit exec and he a French Horn player. Note I did not say retired for him as musicians go on forever, it seems.  He continues to play now and she is volunteering for SCORE in the non-profit sector.  They are active … (1 comments)

new mexico: You know it is spring when.... - 02/22/11 11:34 AM
You probably have one sure sign of spring, one that you can count on every year.  This is the one that is not dictated by what the calendar or moon says.
Out my northern New Mexico window right now there is a bird feeder.  It is a sure sign that we are getting much closer to spring.  It is the feeder that just a couple of weeks (or perhaps days) ago was being emptied every 36 hours or so.  Now, it has been several days and there remains feed in the trough.  The birds are finding their fill on the ground … (0 comments)

new mexico: Lizard - Whats to Love? - 02/21/11 11:29 AM
You must have a favorite pet. Perhaps it is your dog, cat, goat.
In some recent survey I took, one person named their lizard.  They did not specify what type, just as initially one might not say "my pet collie dog."  I guess that some kids have lizards for pets as well.
This got me thinking of a story I was told about a visitor to the National Monument Chaco Canyon, New Mexico.  The canyon is right in the center of the state and a great place to visit.  The location was built in the 700 - 800 AD period.  Many … (1 comments)

new mexico: Why some fires work: - 02/20/11 02:56 PM
Do you love the warmth and vision of a fire…the ones in fireplaces?
I really don’t understand the physics of it but it does work.  In New Mexico and perhaps other places, a kiva fireplace is the norm.  We have two in our house.  They are typically in a corner of the room.  They have a rounded front facing rather than a flat surface.  Of course there is a chimney and a flue.  The chimney is not typically clad with metal but instead clay brick.  The brick is thick and thus retains the heat, hours beyond the norm of … (0 comments)

new mexico: More birds than you can count! - 02/17/11 12:22 PM
These snow geese are taking off in the morning at Bosque Del Apache, a National Wildlife Refuge, south of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  This protected wetlands is active all winter with birds that have migrated to NM, waiting out the weather north.  The preserve is home to thousands of birds, representing many species.  Just to name a few, there are Canada Geese, Bald Eagles, Sandhill Cranes, swans, and ducks.
For a sense of the numbers this year, they are counting 53,000 ducks and 11,000 Sandhill Cranes.
The Bosque is adjacent to the small town of San Antonio, 85 miles south of Albuquerque.  … (0 comments)

new mexico: The fox is out of his den! - 02/10/11 01:30 AM
Who lives at your house?
This beautiful kit fox is one of several fox we have seen around our house in Lamy, NM.  The first sighting sent us to our computers to determine what type of fox and its habits.  The short story of the kit fox is that they either make or take over dens underground.  There can be as many as twenty entrances:  I guess to ensure there is a way out and there are plenty of avenues in when emergencies arise.  They have their pups and raise them in the den, at least for a period of time.  … (5 comments)

new mexico: Out to eat in Eldorado, NM - 02/08/11 07:32 AM
Last week our hiking group, most hail from the Eldorado area of New Mexico, took a drive to La Plancha, a restaurant in a local strip mall.  Why hike before a great meal?  It would ruin the absorbtion of calories.
La Plancha, relatively new, is a Salvadoran restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Their food is over the top good, primarily local fresh ingredients, and inexpensive.  They have a beer and wine license.
My meal was a shrimp stuffed chili relleno, so big that I took 1/2 home.  They have other suffings for their rellenos as well.  My favorite at … (0 comments)

new mexico: Two cats and the coyote - 02/06/11 03:03 AM
In New Mexico having a pet is challenging, in part.  There may be more pets per capita than other areas.  Many of my friends have more than three.
Our household has two cats, shelter types.  Ms.  Kat (named after the first Native American canonized as a Saint, Kateri) is a tortoishell.  Gray (named after Dorian Gray) is just grey.  They want to be outside so much but the animals of prey are too anxious to have one for their own, their own eating.
Even in heavy residential areas, small pets are at high risk for hawks, coyotes, mountain lions, and other … (3 comments)

new mexico: Land of no basements: New Mexico - 02/05/11 05:04 AM
Do you have storage issues?
The first fifty years of my life I lived in places like Pennsylvania and Michigan where many homes had a basement.  Not so in New Mexico.  I did not understand this before moving here and, diligent as a good mover should be, not enough was given to charity and friends or thrown out.  Therefore, moving into the not-so-very-small New Mexico house became a nightmare of hiding things.
Forgive me to the closet experts but, frankly, I had no clue as to why you were necessary.  Now I do.
Becoming expert in storage and use of small … (2 comments)

new mexico: New Mexico and Winter / Frozen Pipes Tips - 02/03/11 11:19 AM
Last night, the second in a multiple night storm and fridgid weather found my New Mexico house, suffering the February storm of 2011.  New Mexico along with some 30 other states was hit with the mother of all storms.  Our Santa Fe low last night was -18 a new February record and just shy of the all time low of -19.
We were careful but then I wasn't.  We knew there was a freezing issue, in, get this, the inside wall of the first floor hot water heater and one shower.  This interior shower had frozen before.  So, carefully we started … (0 comments)

new mexico: Living in New Mexico - State and National Day Trips - 01/30/11 09:31 AM
One of the things I like most about living in New Mexico is that I don't feel big vacations are as important as they once were.
In any given weekend, or even day trip right from my house, one might visit these National and State Parks, Monuments, and other recreation areas:
Aztec Ruins Monument : Bandelier National Monument : Capulin Volcano National Monument : Carlsbad Caverns National Park : Chaco Culture National Historical Park : El Malpais National Monument : El Morro National Monument : Gila cliff Dwellings National Monument : Petroglyph National Monument : Salinas Publo Missions National Monument : … (0 comments)

new mexico: What good a goat? - 01/28/11 01:43 PM
On the news tonight (1/28/11) they reported that Las Cruses New Mexico has just hired 60 goats to trim the vegetation around (whatever) in a very inaccessible place.  Las Cruses is to pay, per day for this trimming $250.  They did not mention how many days.
But, this is not news to me.  From our home we hear in the morning horses, chickens, and over the hill we have met the goats.  Our (almost) neighbor takes her goats various places to trim the vegetation.
In our neighborhood, in New Mexico, the acres we have are not green with grass.  The acres … (2 comments)

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