real estate: Real Estate Brokering Vrs./AND Business Brokering - 02/27/11 02:18 AM
Perhaps you are one of the majority who are part of, real estate professionals.  I have a real estate license that is used for referral purposes and I meet all of the requirements to renew that license, every three years in New Mexico.  However, because I don't practice the profession, I never claim to know the best of practices and do not represent real estate, residential or commercial.  No doubt every state has its own regulations to follow.  However, it is beyond regulation and more about knowledge.
What I do know is the brokering of businesses.  There is a difference.  … (0 comments)

real estate: Working with Business Brokers - 01/24/11 02:04 AM
I do have a real estate license but merely use it for referral purposes.  This because I don't know real estate as well as I do business brokering.  However, the real estate regulations are good ones to have as guidelines for what I do.  In the State of New Mexico, at least, real estate professionals are perhibited from paying for referrals except to other real estate professionals.  Business Brokers (BB) are not licensed in NM.  What follows may not apply everywhere.
Business brokering has its own nuances, ones that many real estate professionals (RE) don't know.  Thus a perfect partnership … (0 comments)

real estate: Garage Sale Or Charity - 01/22/11 02:59 AM
Dallas Chambers just wrote a blog entry about garage sales. His Entry  There were great tips about how to manage one.
If you find that holding a garage sale does not make sense in your busy life, explore the various non-profits that are conducting retail or auction business.  They might really appreciate your quality gifts and give you a charitable donation slip for your tax return.  And, it is a nice tip for a real estate professional to have on their client-tip list.  So many people moving have a need to down size quickly without the hassel of a garage sale.

real estate: Fitting in the Land of Enchantment - New Mexico Real Estate - 01/21/11 01:37 AM
In the New Oxford American Dictionary on my computer the word enchantment, noun form of enchant,  is defined as  “fill (someone) with great delight; charm,” e.g.  Enchantment is what we experience living in New Mexico.
While having never worked with real estate professionals in other states, other than as buyer or seller of a home or land, I imagine the professional’s life is as challenging no matter what state.
What could make the profession in New Mexico enchanting, as our moniker implies, is the great diversity of land, people, and home styles.  
As long ago  as 800 AD multi-tiered adobe … (2 comments)

real estate: Work mantra - 01/18/11 11:05 AM
I was at a breakfast meeting this AM and heard someone suggest the following:
We ought to just stop saying "in this economy" and get on with a bright future.
This is right on!
My mantra is "I am terrific and work is good."  This can certainly apply to my work in New Mexico in the real estate community.
What is your mantra?

real estate: The e-business of real estate - 01/15/11 10:35 AM
Why e-brokering
Market Study
Real Estate
January, 2011
The real estate environment has not just changed over night but certainly within the past 10 years it is has turned on its ear, particularly for those brokers who do not work entirely on the referrals of past buyers and sellers.  New Mexico is no different.
A late-2010 survey of real estate professionals in Albuquerque said that  35 percent were going to increase the money they put into Internet advertising.  A number said that they were going to add QR codes, text messaging, and many more features now on … (5 comments)

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