A few years ago I was asked to help a family sell their home – bright, educated, professional people with a couple of kids. Sounds great, right? But their home was a refuge for "strays" both human and four legged. The place was a disastrous, dirty, cluttered, smelly, mess.Now this was a real chal...
Sixteen years ago as a real estate newcomer, I signed up for the "Fast Start" training course and met Anne Hruby, one of the finest trainers in the business. Over the years, we've remained good friends and mentors for each other. So when she invited me to speak to a GRI class about Marketing not ...
The Clay Connection About a week ago I decided to take some rare time away from real estate and reconnect with my inner artist. The Baltimore Clayworks  was hosting a panel discussion with international artists in connection with a gallery exhibi...
You remember what I just said about luck?  Well Friday the 13th was another lucky day – and I got to spend time with a good friend.  The dynamo from Arizona, Joeann Fossland, was in Baltimore for a school reunion.  When I found out she was coming to town, I said "You have to come speak at my Cold...
AR Members Invited to Call In Sunday 12noon Sunday September 15th 12noon Radio Show Call In 410-922-6680 or listen  East coast time!An Invitation to AR members to call Sunday 10/15/2006  at NOON 410-922-6680 I am,again, going to be a guest on a radio show " All About Real Est...
My friend Toby Davis in Charleston, SC, sent me a story that really hit home - gave me one of those "Ah Ha!" moments. At the same time, it reminded me about what it means to be lucky in real estate or in anything you do in life.A teacher told his class of pottery students that he would grade half...
 When real estate professionals get together, you know that numbers and statistics will come up. At a meeting in Scottsdale, John Featherston, President and CEO of RISMedia,Inc., said that 500,000 – that's more than 1/3 - of the 1.3 million Realtors® have never done even one transaction! Small wo...
A couple of months ago Joeann Fossland asked me some questions about what part technology plays in my business. The answer is…Huge!One of the advantages of working solo is that I only have to plan for my own needs. This way I can react to not only what's happening in my market but also in the ver...

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