When is a dining room not a dining room? That's easy - when there's a grand piano in the middle of it! My daughter, Erica, placed a gleaming grand piano where most people would have a dining room table. This makes sense because she's a professional accompanist  and need...
 7000+ Real Estate Agents now on Active Rain                         7000 +                                                   7000+7000 +          000                                7000+                           7000+                          7000+                                               ...
You might call them potholes or bumps in the road or detours; I call them turbulence. All those things that can happen between the time you sign a contract to buy or sell a house, and the day the keys change hands at settlement.While talking on the Radio show this past Sunday, I started talking ...
 Sunday December 24th   12noon   ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE   Radio Show Call In 410-922-6680 or listen  East coast time!Yep, I am doing it again, I will be hosting the Radio show LIVE in Baltimore.   The show is always fun and I never know who is going to call in or what topic wi...
I was MEMED by Bryant Tutas!1. And I have just come home, 1:00 am, from a wonderful holiday party. They were serving wonderful cocktails made with champagne, triple sec, and cranberry juice. Every time I drank some, a magic hand refilled the glass. What a nice party!!2. I am doing the radio show ...
   Sunday December 17th   12noon   ALL ABOUT REAL ESTATE   Radio Show Call In 410-922-6680 or listen  East coast time!The call came in today: "Can you come on the radio program Sunday as a guest?"  Well sure I can, of course I can and I would love to:  OK, So I had to change ...
In Boston there is a fantastic lady - Realtor® and friend -  named Mollie Wasserman. She's written a new book with a title that Mary McKnight would love:  Ripping the Roof Off Real Estate:  It's Not What You Save, It's What You Keep. Mollie also worked with her partner, Paula Bean, to create a n...
Last weekend I went to  look at some land with a potential seller. Little did I know that looking at building lots could be such a cold and thrilling adventure!A few years ago I sold "Big Daddy" his 6 bedroom, 5 bath house. It's a wonderful place that he made even better by adding a gorgeous in-g...
I received this from a friend and wanted to share with everyone. We ALL  need to be careful around the holidays.The crooks have found a way to rob you of your gift card balance.If you buy Gift Cards from a display rack that has various store cards you may become a victim of theft. Crooks are now ...
What a fabulous morning! We drove to Worcester, MA because the marvelous Nelson Zide invited me to speak about technology at his office. I figured maybe there would be a handful of agents, but I was wrong - the room was packed! I showed them my tech tools and talked about how using them helps wit...

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