You might call this taking time off – I call it a different way of working. Spending quality time with a best friend, both of us artists, wandering around and feasting our eyes on the finest in American handcrafts. Hundreds of the best of the best come to Baltimore each February for the American ...
NOT a Pretty Picture ..This is my smashed Treo! It began a couple of weeks ago. The world of technology seemed to be turning against me. First my trusty Treo started having an identity crisis, some of the features not working, so I began looking for a backup on eBay just in case. That was before ...
Anna and Jack were being very civil about the whole thing. They came to an agreement about how they would divide the belongings. Now it was time for them to go their separate ways. Anna spent the first day packing her belongings into boxes, crates, and suitcases.On the second day, she had the mov...
   She was one of those little girls who is all sugar and spice, but when the spice came out it was no longer nice. Any time someone or something bothered her she lashed out with harsh words. It was a problem at school and at home, and her parents knew that they needed to do more than just tell h...
The Power of One          By now just about everyone has received an email that ended with these three lines: Work like you don't need money.  Love like you've never been hurt.    Dance like no one's watching. Sure, it's good advice even if it's pretty hard to follow. But did you know that those ...
The Power of Compounding Rain                                                                                                                              10,000 real estate agents! I've said it before - Active Rain's growth is phenomenal. From starting just last year, this community has grown bi...
Clients Who Have Disabilities - What Do You Say?  How Do You Say It?                                                                                    A few days I spoke about making my own appointments, and one of the many comments on  that post came from a lady named Nancy who pointed out some...
What a beautiful way to wake up in Baltimore. Yes it is snowing.... Fresh pretty snow that just covers the shrubs, grass and trees a bit. Just real beauty... leaving the streets clear and safe, at least for the moment. Temperatures are dropping and they are calling for ice.  Appointments have bee...
  The weather called for snow and ice and rain etc. Most of the schools are closed but it is a most beautiful morning in Baltimore. Yes, it's still snowing and it will probably freeze. But right now it is so pretty. A light snow that is covering the trees and grass but the streets are clean and s...
No not that that kind of "I Do"!                                                                                             But as a listing agent I do make my own appointments!                                                       Every once in a while, when I'm talking with another real estate...

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