My publisher asked if I had any real estate New Year's Resolutions…she should know better by now than to ask a Type E such a question! Ask for a solution and the Type E brain answers with a jumble of possibilities as if to say, "Here! Try these!"  Here's what came out of mine. Yes, I know they ...
  There are two featured posts that have caused a lot of conversation. One is When marketing flies in the face of convention, the noise can be deafening! and the other is Are you Cheating your Sellers by using a Lockbox? This illustrates exactly why I wrote Real Estate the Rome Way. Look how thes...
There still are golden love stories in the world…here is one of them.                                      Anne and Milo were high school sweethearts, stars of their own classic love story. They wed on December 27, and have now been married for 18,264 days. (That's 50 years if you don't have a ca...
It all started when I read Jeff Belonger's post, Annapolis Maryland Gathering on 12/22/09. I'm wonderfully busy, but absolutely had to change my schedule a bit because I wanted to meet some of the wonderful Rainers who live in my computer. Then a light bulb went off when I saw "The FHA Expert." ...
Some people just have the knack to create a magical party; Alice is one of those people. The house was perfect, warm, and inviting, and everywhere you looked were tasteful Christmas decorations. The flowers were perfect, long stem white roses, poinsettias and five very different Christmas trees. ...
  Just about the time my books arrived I also received a note from some special clients. I worked with them twice over the years they were in the Baltimore area, once to buy and fix up a home, and then again when they sold it and moved to Texas. It was nice to hear from the Richardsons again, esp...
They arrived!  Cartons of beautiful books – my book! Fresh from the printer, everything I hoped for and more. Can't help it – I'm very proud of the end result of all those months of planning and writing and revising. Of course, we had to celebrate with a signing/packing/shipping session. And wha...
I have been tagged for this Christmas meme by Randy L. Prothero - Hawaii REALTOR®. For the meme, you have to name one gift you would like to have on Christmas. It has to be an object, something you can touch and hold. Then you are supposed to name five people or more and send this to them for the...
Marti was fantastic to work with for my book cover...and now I can almost touch it! The books are being shipped from the printer soon and we hope to have them for signing and shipping just in time for the holiday rush. .     A few months ago, one of the rock stars of real estate asked me to do t...
The place was packed. Real estate people wall to wall at Chestnut Hill Country Club for a three-hour CE seminar on Code of Ethics. Sure, it's the end of the year and agents need to get their credits. Plus, the price was right - bring hats, gloves, scarves - presents for children. Thanks to Martha...

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